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So welcome to the place where you can find the past Bark Bytes! -- yeah, you know, they're just going by answers to previous Dingo Actions. This section of The Prairie was developed after the episode The Zeppo, so right now, that's as far back as we go. (And they're in order of appearance, (usually) so that's why reruns don't appear first or anything.)

Don't forget, there's a new Dingo Action! every Tuesday nite, even during rerun weeks/summer. Some are past episode-based, others are theme-based or something, but they're all fun and they're just waiting for your barks!

Click on an episode to view the reactions/answers for that particular Dingo Action!

Season 5 Actions

Season 3/Summer Actions  Season 4 Actions

Season 3/Summer Actions

The Zeppo
Bad Girls

All Men Are Beasts
Lovers Walk


Guest Dingo Action! (Starring Xander, Cordy, Spike, Angel, & more!)
Theme Dingo Action! (A-one and a-two and a-Oz? Seasons one & two, plus Oz!)
The Prom

Band Candy
Faith, Hope & Trick
Graduation part I

Theme Dingo Action! 2 (Speculations & Season 2)
Theme Dingo Action! 3 (Marketing, Movie Ideas, and Plot Ideas!)
Theme Dingo Action! 4 (Kids Aplenty & Inventing the Rosenbergs!)
Graduation part II

Theme Dingo Action! 5 (Graduation 2 Changes & Reviving the Dead!)
Theme Dingo Action! 6 (Xander, Xander, Xander!)
Theme Dingo Action! 7 (One-Timer Faves & Offing the Regulars!)
Theme Dingo Action! 8 (Odd Couples?)

Theme Dingo Action! 9 (Giles, Giles, Giles!)
Theme Dingo Action! 10 (Kendra, Messrs. Pointy & Gordo!)
Theme Dingo Action! 11 (Cordelia & Angel!)
Theme Dingo Action! 12 (Music to Watch By?)

Theme Dingo Action! 13 (Mentos & Joyce!)

Season 4 Actions

The Freshman (Includes special Angel premiere action!)
Living Conditions
The Harsh Light of Day
Fear, Itself
Beer Bad
Wild at Heart
The Initiative
Pangs (and Angel's I Will Remember You) *taken a few weeks after airdate
Something Blue

Theme Dingo Action! 14 (Oz, Oz, Oz!)
Theme Dingo Action! 15 (Spike, Spike, Spike!)

Note: My e-mail was eaten, so dingo actions for A New Man & any Theme Actions were lost. Bummer much. Perhaps during reruns I'll make a new one for that episode.

The I in Team
This Year's Girl
Who Are You?
New Moon Rising (& Sanctuary)
The Yoko Factor

Season 5 Actions

Real Me 

a dingo welcome

Dingo Action!

The 411/Mythology

The 511/Relationships

The 611/Slayerships

The ABCs of Sunnydale

The Episodes


Main Entrance

Missing Lynx

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