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The Zeppo

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself. This past week, or okay, it was only a few days, you told me what you thought about The Zeppo...Thanks a lot for playing....Now, here's what y'all said:

Dingo Chick: The best thing about Xander is?

His hair
His winning personality
He's smart enough not to play chess with death.

The Winner: What do you know? It was a two-way tie between His winning personality and He's smart enough not to play chess with death.

Y'know, personally, I would've gone with option 3. But I didn't get to vote.

Then we went a step further..What do you think Cordy did after Xander ignored her taunts?

She made a hair appointment.
It entirely threw her off; she's still in hiding.
She took more pictures of Xander just so she could burn them. *My personal fave.

The Winner: She made a hair appointment.

We asked for more insight into Xander's character, and we got some. So now we had to deal with one of the tough questions:

Judging from this episode, Xander probably enjoys reading: (Color me surprised when folks checked more than one box. Overachievers! She joked.)

How to Win Friends & Influence People
Reading is a foreign concept to Xander.

The Winner: Reading is a foreign concept to Xander. Placing Second? Playboy. Although someone did point out to me that not everyone really reads Playboy. Ick. Thanks.

Then, what good would Buffy be if it had no comic violence? So....which method of Xander's kills/maims did you enjoy the most?

Mailbox Decapitation
Vending Machine Topple
Car Slam to the Jhe

The Winner: By a head -- literally -- Mailbox Decapitation.

Then finally, your non-dingo guided opinion about the episode. No one hated it (though one person thought it was a let-down after all the hype) but a few folks weren't comfy with the Xander/Faith liaison.

Here are two of the answers that cracked me up, so I'm sharing. I hope the authors don't mind..I didn't exactly ask if I could use your all's names or anything.

Daltrey said: It made me glad that Xander got a chance to show that he's not just a bargain basement wise-ass version of Chandler. Plus, he got to grow up a little and form a personality outside of the Scooby Gang. Co-dependent no more!

And my pal Tracy said: loved it. It awoke the demented part of my brain that secretly jives on mayhem.

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