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Cordelia & Angel!

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we were in double reruns, and Angel and Cordy thought they'd stop by on their way to L.A. Thanks, I forgot again who suggested I invite them. But thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Cordy: "If there's one thing I've learned in high school, it's:

   "You can dry clean till Judgement Day, you're living with those stains."
   A tomato's a fruit.
   Frat guys are WAY overrated.
   It's all about me. Me. ME!

The Winner: It's all about me. Me. ME!

Well, duh!

Angel: "The one thing I'll miss about Sunnydale is:"

   Its sewer system.
   My profits from the Bronze.
   The Sun Cinema.

The Winner: Its sewer system.

We really do jam on 'em.

Cordy: "The worst time of my life was:"

   When Jesse made me dance with him in public.
   When my best friend, Emma, died.
   When someone had the nerve to wear a cheap knockoff of my Todd Oldham dress.
   When I saw Xander in his army outfit on Halloween.
   Duh! When Buffy Summers moved here!

The Winner: When someone had the nerve to wear a cheap knockoff of my Todd Oldham dress.

"We think we have problems.."

Angel: "I get jealous because:"

   No one else has to brood all the time.
   I can't take Buffy into the light.
   Dammit, I really used to love a good sunbath.
   Look, I'm old. What the hell else would you have me do?

The Winner: Look, I'm old. What the hell else would you have me do?

I dunno...maybe play darts?

Cordy: "The best thing about me is:"

   "When it comes to dating, I'm the slayer."
   "My hair."
   "Unlike Buffy, I don't have this thing on my face."
   "My singing ability."
   "Like I could choose one thing! Geez!"

The Winner: "Like I could choose one thing! Geez!"

That pretty much sums it up...

RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Would have dumped Owen right away.
   Wouldn't have gone out with Scott Hope.
   Would have dissed Darla's schoolgirl outfit.
   Likes to get sugared up on mochas, too.

The Winner: Would have dissed Darla's schoolgirl outfit.

School uniforms are so passe.

Angel's favorite movie might be:

   Night of the Living Dead.
   Harold and Maude.
   The Night of the Hunter.
   Ordinary People.

The Winner:Harold and Maude.

Heh. No one voted for The Night of the Hunter..shame! Good flickage, you should rent.

Cordelia's favorite movie might be:

   Pretty Baby.
   Taxi Driver.
   Can't Buy Me Love.

The Winner:Can't Buy Me Love.

Cordelia & Angel

This week, I asked you two questions, you could answer either or both. Question 1: Considering seasons 1 through 3, do you think Cordelia is a believable character? Why or why not? Question 2: Would you rather see more of Angel or Angelus? Why?

The majority found Cordy to be a believable character, seems like lots of you guys go/went to school with a primo Cordy figure..Heh. And the majority was also in favor of Angelus...I couldn't believe how many people mentioned the leather thing, heh. Lots of really amusing answers this time of course I have to put up a million of them...or okay, some. So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise. As usual, it'll be pretty simple to see which one(s) folks answered.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a lot. Well, I mean, hey..they're leaving the show, you know? Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Meg said:

Of course Cordelia isn't believable. It really bothers me that such a revolutionary show has such an overused cliche. It's way worse now that she's supposedly got depth. And even if a person that rich and shallow as she was in Seasons 1 and 2 did exist, no way, no how would she go out with Xander.

StephanieJane said:

How can someone whose hair looks as good as Cordelia's does all the time be considered a believable character?

From MadHatter:

Um, Cordy believable? Speaking as someone who survived 6 years of an all girls school FILLED with Cordys, I can say a resounding YES. In FACT, I find Cordy mild sometimes next to the chicks I once knew. No WONDER I'm a MAD hatter, huh?

theyoung1 said:

Honestly, I used to teach high school and well, I think that Cordelia's ATTITUDE is right on. I taught at one of the wealthier high school districts and yes, there are kids (both boys and girls) who do think it is all about them.

From Principal Flutie:

Let's see, a smart chick who rarely lets the world see how savvy she really is; an adolescent who measured herself by her looks, her popularity and her money--and acted out bitchily when deprived of the last two...yup, seems believable to me. Sure, there's exaggeration for comic effect, but that's part of the fun.

Bri said:

Cordy is believable, because there are lots of people who are snobbish beyond belief and don't care about anyone besides themselves. However, many of them are capable of becoming actual human beings, as Cordy has demonstrated.

From Sunny:

Hey, she's dip! And she does all the shopping and the carrying plus the opening and the stirring. How [much] more believable can a girl get?

Will-Freak said:

I don't think Cordy is believable. I have never met anyone who was THAT mean to so many people. I mean, there must be a limit to her b*tchiness, no one can be that mean for that long and still be slightly sane. If it is a possibility that someone could be that mean, I don't see them turning around so quickly for a "loser" (her words, not mine) guy who is so uncool. But that doesn't mean we don't love her!

sarah said:

I'd have to say that Cordelia is quite a believable character, having had the misfortune of knowing someone a lot like her (and being on their bad side-something about my sarcastic tendencies). She is by no means too self-centered to be real. In season 1, she was fairly one-dimensional, but as the series progressed, her character grew (slightly). While she may still be Evita-like, she's also shown that when the chips are down, she's ready and willing to help. Poor girl, she doesn't deserve to be sentenced to a doomed show like Angel (maybe she got the short straw).

From skatie:

Cordy believable? Of course! I personally base all my major life decisions on the pearls of wisdom that fall from her perfectly shaped and made-up mouth!

From buffyfan2:

...Cordy is a very believable character because in all high schools there is that one high on her self bitchy girl who wants to put you down.

From Wyatt:

Cordelia has become a more believable character as the show has progressed. She is still very self-absorbed...but she does believe herself to be part of the gang. The scene in Helpless when she immediately agreed to give Buffy a ride home, but still told Giles that she'd need a note if the world didn't end was so in character and totally believable.

From Jessica:

Did anyone notice the dart playing scene in the Union Bay commercial?

From Rachel (Cicely):

No, Cordy is not. Why? I go to high school, and despite what all those teen movies and shows are spouting, there is *never* an undisputed 'Queen'of a highschool who everybody hates, but wishes they could be. It just doesn't happen. There's an entire clique everybody hates, yet wishes they could be part of, but not one person. But I love Cordy for her wit, so, it's all good.

From Althea:

I believe Cordelia. But I've known people that shallow. And you know what? Like Cordelia they weren't all bad. Mostly bad, lots of bad, much baddness there but ... wait what was my point?

From Redbeard:

I think the real question is: Is it believable to have Charisma Carpenter playing a high-school student? She's a fine actress, but c'mon...

Pigs    Pigs    Pigs    Pigs    Pigs

Paul said:

This is like picking between Mephistopheles or Beelzebub as Mr. Hell, but...I'll go with Angelus, if only because that part gives Mr. Boreanaz a bit more to do than mope and brood a lot. He's far more interesting playing an evil beast that needs to be killed than playing a boring 'hero' that needs to be killed... <g>

From Kristin:

Angelus, definitely...One: He doesn't brood. Two: He's delightfully twisted. Three: Leather pants. Four: If he wanted someone to play darts with him, he'd make them play darts with him....though they'd probably end up the target...

From karinne:

Angelus! So much less broody than Angel-the-shadow-magnet. So much more fun and just an all around snazzier dresser. The downside is that there's no nickname... Angel just doesn't work... 'lus sounds goofy... Angus maybe. Yes, Angus. Hey, he wears leather... Angus fits in a weird way.

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

Let me think for a min-Angelus. Hands down. There something about way malicious evil that just beats the everliving snot out of brooding all the damn time. And it was even a fun malicious evil. To this day I can't watch Passion without giggling like a schoolgirl. From the *snap* to the opera and the petals to the looking outside when Giles calls...*sigh* Happy times...

Dodge said:

I would like to see more of Angel (or Angelus, doesn't matter) in the form of a dust pile. With a dart on top.

From ula:

I would rather see more of Angel than Angelus because that was the whole point of the character, that he was a vampire with a soul! That's what made him cool! That's what made Buffy and Angel's romance so, well, romantic...

From Jane, the Frog on the Wall:

Angelus. Angel is a whiny pathetic loser who spent the entire season brooding in preparation for breaking up with Buffy and getting a spinoff. He's so useless as Angel that I actually cheered when he hit Faith over the head with the baseball bat. Not because I don't like Faith, he just got to do something. But then he went right back to feeling sorry for himself. Aw, shucks. Ain't that cute. NO! And then, he made The Prom a pointless episode because we'd already heard of the spinoff, oh, maybe, two years ago.

Angelus, however, was cool. Plus the scenes with him and Spike were just great. I loved it! But, no more witty banter for Angelus. Not even in Lover's Walk. He just moped along after Spike. What a lapdog. I mean, jeez. Could you have a character more pointless that Angel?!!

From Jeff:

Hmmm.. which is worse, a dark brooding guy who never does anything but argue with Buffy about their "relationship" or a personality.. tough question.

Tacy said:

I guess I'd prefer a Jekyll/Hyde sort of scenario, in which Angel/Angelus switch off control of the body in an unpredictable manner. We could then balance the moping and brooding with some nasty antics.

Satan's Bunny said:

More Angelus. Sure he was hell spawn, but he didn't mope. Face it, Angel is the Morrisey of vampires...

Queen C said:

...Angelus....Ok, maybe he was supposed to be a bad guy, but he had so much more fun than Angel. I mean Angel with the brooding "I'm so dark, mysterious, and tortured" thing. It's just a cry for attention in my book. It's basically just a "look at me, I'm special." kinda deal. Angelus just had so much evil glee, he had vitality, ya know?

From Jen:

...Angelus 'cause he has so many great lines and uses funky words like "spiffy"....there'd also be a greater chance that someone might go and play darts with him . . . although it'd probably be 'cause he forced them to, but hey. It'd be worth it.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

Angelus. He got better dialogue and a better wardrobe, and he wasn't as whiny and brooding as Angel is. Plus he had that cool, twisted, "Ethan Frome-esque" threesome thing going on with Spike and Dru. I didn't like him stalking Buffy and trying to kill everyone, but it sure made season 2 a lot more interesting.

Nitebird06 said:

I would like to see Angel's goodness w/Angelus' sense of humor - who says being good is brooding (or boring for that matter)? Angel needs to lighten up - it's amazing he convinced Buffy to date him.

*Beep* said:

Oooh...definitely goin' with the whole "more of Angelus" deal. Come on, who is really more likely to play darts? (*g*)

From Goddess Minerva:

Angelus... he was a fun, crazy, blow up the world kinda guy. Not a brooding, Buffy-whipped poof like Angel. And everyone seems to love the leather-pants thing. :)

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