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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we were in double reruns, so I offered up some things to think about and ponder and..stuff. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: The most outstanding moment in Season 2 was:

   Xander's "undercover" scene in Go Fish.
   Seeing Spike stand up at the end of I Only Have Eyes For You.
   Learning that Kendra was also a slayer.
   Jenny Calendar's death scene.

The Winner: Jenny Calendar's death scene. would have been had I not 'heard' about I'm gonna say "Spike."

Art gallery, Buffy, there's gotta be more in the 'dale for her...

Given the pickings around Sunnydale, Joyce should:

   Seriously consider moving.
   See if Detective Stein is available.
   Get used to the vcr.
   See if Ripper wants to order pay-per-view after all.

The Winner: See if Ripper wants to order pay-per-view after all.

W-ell...she does know how to order it...

Reality, here and now, yada yada yada.

If substituting a person in a scene were possible, I'd like to see:

   Angelus snap Faith's neck. (Instead of Ms. Calendar's, Passion.)
   Willow pour acid on her arm to remove the Mark of Eyghon. (instead of Ethan, The Dark Age.)
   Cordelia eat the Box of Gavrok spiders. (Instead of the Mayor, Graduation part 1.)
   Jonathan come out to Xander. (Instead of Larry, Phases.)

The Winner: Angelus snap Faith's neck.

I exhibit no surprise. And hey, he never gets tired of doing that...

He's a broody kinda guy, standing at the precipice of indecision??

Angel should:

   Reconsider leaving Sunnydale.
   Try a new look with his hair.
   Get mirrors, just for looks.
   Invite himself to play darts. Hey, it could happen, in a Doppelgangland type of instance.

The Winner: Invite himself to play darts. Hey, it could happen, in a Doppelgangland type of instance.

Did I mention I'm easily amused?

Out of sight, out of mind? Hardly.

When he was a mortal, Spike probably::

   Had really dark hair.
   Enjoyed reading the Sunday paper.
   Went to the dog track more often.
   Didn't wear dungarees.

The Winner: Went to the dog track more often.

That or collected big rocks, perhaps?

NO EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Of the choices here, this person gets the best lines:


The Winner: Xander. Well, it could be worse. He could have gangrene on his face.

Willow's mom:

   Must have decided that Oz was okay.
   Should get the name of Joyce's hairdresser.
   Might freak if she knew that Willow "did that thing" with Oz.
   May run a tight ship, but she knows how to play with fire.

The Winner: Freak out! Might freak if she knew that Willow "did that thing" with Oz.

Egads, I almost quoted that line about black naughty evil.

A burning question I'll ponder this summer is:

   Will they change the show's theme song any?
   Will Cordy and Angel still appear in the opening credits montage?
   What will Buffy's hair look like when the season starts?
   Will Willow's thing with Oz distance her from Buffy any?

The Winner: What will Buffy's hair look like when the season starts?

Face it, we're all a little obsessed with her hair...heh.

What Is Your Least Favorite Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode you've liked the least in the show's history. Interesting what you guys picked. Many went for Anne, or Go Fish, or Killed By Death to name a few. Some of you misread and told me your faves. Snicker.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all. But since we were all denied an episode this week, I'm posting LOTS more than usual. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Let's start from Season 1...

sarah said: The Pack-just didn't have the right ending. Xander should have had to face what he had done.

So much for season one. Now on to season 2.

Little Willow said: My least favorite episode is Inca Mummy Girl - Too many inconsistencies and an all too abundant lack of intelligence/logic on the part of our beloved Slayerettes.

But the twinkies! Just're not alone in that thought, though. Read on.

Danielle (drugal97) agreed: My least favorite episode would have to be "Inca Mummy Girl". It simply bored me and gave me an intense feeling of deja vu (didn't Xander already fall for someone that wasn't human??)

Hey. She-mantises have feelings, too. Heh.

(someone who didn't leave a name) said: Go Fish. There have been a few other episodes that I thought were weak or that seemed to betray character continuity in a way that severely bugged me, but Go Fish was the only episode that left me so bored I thought my head might fall off and roll across the room just to create some excitement.

So I broke my rule...but gosh, I won't again! Leave a name, folks. Please? It doesn't have to be the one your folks gave you...heh.

Catspaw concurred: That one where the swim team turns into those horrible costumes. Oops. I mean those sea creatures. Aside from that gratuitous scene with Xander in his speedos, of course.

Snicker. You know, they DID sort of look like Hefty garbage bag material, sorta...

From BizRodian: Probably Bad Eggs... if not just because my parents were watching it with me and all those kissing scenes made me feel weird with them in the room..

Yaaaaa! Turning on the empathy for you!

Carrie said: I really, really hated The Zeppo. I'm well aware that it was supposed to be humorous but I just did not find it amusing. Let's bring up the Hellmouth again. (It wasn't funny.) The whole episode just pissed me off.

But it did mention doughnuts a lot! But okay, you're not alone...check the next comment.

Serendipity said: The Zeppo. It shoulda been renamed 'El Sucko' I *know* what they were going for: that disjointed-type random whacked out humor...unfortunately the mix of drama and humor was just downright weird and kinda annoying. Not even in a fun way.

    Like, Willow telling Xander she loves him and then him sleeping with Faith? Not funny. Maybe it's just me. The drama was too...dramatic and the humor just couldn't compensate. I liked it when Oz ate that kid in the end...although I think you can get diseases from doing stuff like that.

Connan said: Gingerbread - I admit it threw me at first on whether Willow, etc. were responsible for the kids' death, but then it just got stupid. That all these (seemed like adults only) people were taking directions from a couple of dead kids, with stupid dialogue. Plus Joyce gives this stirring speech about what's wrong with the town and at the end of the episode everyone forgets everything. At least the students acknowledged something is going on in "The Prom". On top of all this we get the Amy-rat, and I can't understand why the show continues with this dead plotline. Which should have been solved by Giles reasonably quickly SINCE HE ALREADY DID IT ONCE!!

Okay, yelling on the Prairie..very SCARY. Heh. But yeah about the Amyrat/Giles thing. Unless no one ever told Giles about it in the first place..I don't think he knows but hey maybe I forgot that they told him or something.

From Satan's Bunny: Probably "Dead Man's Party". Hey, you lay all this heavy dialogue on us and then it's "Stop... Zombie Time!" (Wow, a Hammer reference!) Although the scenes of Giles and his car were excellent. I hope Joyce had excellent home owners insurance.

From SuperG: My least favorite, I think, is Amends, where Angel is tormented (when isn't he?). Don't get me wrong--I LOVE him--he has no idea what a great couple we'd make, but this episode was just a little too cheesy and melodramatic. And silly. In general, I haven't much liked Season 3 since Faith came on board. Amends abused my willingness to believe in some of the stuff that happens on this show.

Huyana said: Homecoming. Thought the whole competition between Cordy and Buffy was lame. And on a superficial note, Willow should burn the pink shirt Buffy was wearing when Scott broke up with her in one of her rituals.

~Jen~ said: The episode I liked least was the Bad Girls/Consequences dual episode thingy. To semi-quote Xander, "Mix in a little rectal surgery and they're the best episodes ever!"

Lydia said: I would now like to ask you a philosophical question about Angel playing darts with himself- would it be the one from Wish (in which case he'd win) or Angelus (in which case he'd lose) And would they tack up a picture of Xander for motivation?

From Duchess of Buffonia: Anne. Ugh! That episode was a) the most awful Buffy ever b)a sorry excuse for a season premere c)doesn't even count as an episode. It was a prequel to Dead Man's Party.

MadHatter said: I'd have to say (with all respect to such duds as "Killed By Death," "Bad Eggs," and "Go Fish" --blah, season two,) I must say that the eppy that I liked the least was "Dead Man's Party" for the simple reason that the turning of the Scooby Gang against Buffy, not to mention her mom, was really disturbing to me. It wasn't the worst ep, and didn't have any gross errors, writing lapses, etc, but I LIKED it the least. It made me uncomfortable and sad. You can give the badly written ep's credit for being laughable, the wretchedly sad ones for being emotional, but this one just bothered me.

kathgs said: ....I guess it's a tie between "Ted" and "Dead Man's Party". Don't like John Ritter...and how come there's never been any mention of Joyce dating (or even having a life) before? As for DMP, everyone was just too mean to Buffy. I know they didn't know the whole story about Angel's death, but they should have cut her some more slack, esp. Xander. And what the heck was up with Pat? Why can't Joyce have any normal friends?

felicia said: The episode I like the least is Passion. I like this one the least because this is the ep where Giles gets left all alone with no girlfriend. And we almost lose him as well. I hate that Ms. Calendar is dead. Now giles has no one who thinks he is hot.

Steph said: I'll have to go with Lovers Walk...But only because they messed up the best relationships ever! I kind of forgave them, though, because they brought us Spike back.

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