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Odd Couples?

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we were in double reruns so I opted to do a random theme-based action, and let you decide which face-offs might have been cool, and other such nonsense. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: It's entirely likely that:

   We'll see Buffy and Willow shopping next year.
   Xander will have a job next year.
   No one misses Principal Snyder.
   Amy will live out her days as Rattus rattus.
   Oz will become evil.

The Winner: No one misses Principal Snyder.

Oh, everybody loves somebody sometime!

Speaking of Snyder, what about his predecessor?

Principal Flutie:

   Didn't really care about drug problems on campus.
   Wouldn't have forced Willow to tutor Percy.
   Wouldn't have eaten bacon, had he survived the pack's attack.

The Winner: Wouldn't have eaten bacon, had he survived the pack's attack.

Or...maybe he just dressed his bacon up and called it his stomach's mascot? Okay, sorry.

Buffy's dad, Hank,:

   Is not helping her complex any.
   Probably sucks at making mini-pizzas.
   Probably sucks at making cookies.
   Probably lets Buffy get away with cheating at mini-golf.
   Reminds of me Michael Landon.

The Winner: Probably lets Buffy get away with cheating at mini-golf.

Cos of the guilt from bagging on her ice show, I bet.

I would be floored to find out that:

   Willow has an older brother.
   Faith's mom is really Pia Zadora.
   Oz has a last name.
   Angel's secret passion involves playing darts.

The Winner: Angel's secret passion involves playing darts.

Okay, but I would have gone with the Oz option.

Of the ones here, my favorite setting is:

   The Bronze.
   Angel's first apartment.
   Any mausoleum.
   The library.

The Winner: The library.


RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Probably comprise about 85% of Xander's being.
   Just slipped by the Food and Drug Administration.
   Are the key to unlocking the Amyrat.

The Winner: Probably comprise about 85% of Xander's being.

But only beat out the Amyrat option by one!

Of the ones here, my favorite vamp would have to be:

   Pork 'n' Beans Vamp.

The Winner: Darla.

Heh. Larry...*sob*!

An interesting matchup might have been:

   Ted vs. Moloch.
   Darla vs. Dru.
   Kralik vs. Dru.
   Sid vs. Owen Thurman.

The Winner: Darla vs. Dru.

This was my favorite question this week..ooh the possibilities. But Kralik..too funny. Ted vs. Kralik...? Hm..

I prefer this use of the word or variant of salt:

   Hello, salty goodness.
   Back to the salt mines.

The Winner: Hello, salty goodness.

Odd Couples?

This week, I asked you two questions. Which grosses you out more, the thought of Giles and Joyce together or Wesley and Cordelia? Why? You could also answer: Which of the two leaves you more cold: Angel or Oz? And why? Um, I think I mean, which one do you like less, and why. Some of you answered both. The gross couple question was mostly Cordy/Wesley, due to the basic age difference mostly. Though a few of you picked Bookman and Mom, due to the age factor. Oy. Some of you said you liked Giles/Joyce coupling!

As for the second one...a toss-up. Most of you didn't dig Angel that much, I guess. Also, many of you wrote in wondering what was up with the anti-Oz vibe on this dingo action. Heh. There wasn't one, but hey.. So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise. You'll pretty much be able to tell which answer goes with which question.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a lot. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

Giles and Joyce. They share an age bracket, a Slayer, and a hood of a police car, and that's it. And the police car I so could have done without. They are two different parts of the Buffy world, and really need to stay that way.

Wendy said:

I LIKE the thought of Giles and Joyce together. Everyone knows librarians are sexy and I thought Joyce was kind of cute when she was tagging after Ripper.

From BA bitca:

...Wesley and Cordy together would just make me go "ugh". Wesley's character is just not a romantic kinda guy. He probably has a book called "The Council's Guide to Love" and follows it to the letter. He's Rule Guy. And that's just not fun.

Wyatt said:

W and C, two incompetent self-absorbed thoughtless people together is like mixing red wine and beer. Tasty by themselves (in the proper time), together they result in violent headaches and uncontrollable stomach cramps. eww.

From jennifer:

Wesley and Cordelia. Wesley acts more in the closet than Xander does!

GraveFlwr said:

...Wesley and Cordelia really gross me out!!! When they were kissing the looked like those birds that have to do the mating dance thingy...

From mlejane:

Wesley and Cordelia were really nasty. When they finally kissed, I was so glad that Cordelia dissed him after. She was wiping the spit off her mouth--UGH. Not that ANYONE and Joyce is much better, but still.

Trick chick said:

Wesley needs to go back to the mother country and become a drag queen and change his name to Princess Margaret. Cordy needs to find a rich sugar daddy in LA, move into a spacious mansion, and invite the Scooby Gang (maybe Angel too) to play darts. Oh, and she could serve mochas!

Bri said:

...Wes and Cordy, because Wes, although cute, is a certified geek. And he's not even a fun geek, like Xander. He's the one everyone makes fun of. And that's just sad.

Most of the rest are your views on the Oz/Angel leaving you cold thing.

From Kristin:

Angel, because brooding becomes whining when done in excess.

Pixie said:

Angel leaves me the most cold. Could be my Oz obsession, but I thought I might have thrown something if I heard him do one more "I love you but I can't have you" scene with Buffy.

Paul said:

Angel. Definitely. He's just foul and irritating in every way imaginable. I know I should feel some kind of sympathy for him, but to me he's just another dead vampire. <g> I'm glad beyond words that he is leaving for his (hopefully ill-fated) spinoff. May he never return to bother us with poorly acted angst...

No, really, Paul, tell us how you really feel, k? Heh. JK!

From Skatie:

Angel totally leaves me cold. For pete's sake _lighten up_! If I want brooding and dark I'll watch some TV show on the WB....

Dodge said:

Angel leaves me in icicle country. There was zero tension in the Buffy/Angel relationship after Lovers Walk (their togetherness just died a see-saw, lackluster death). In season 3, I liked him best in Amends: a desperate, self-acknowledged lamer struggling with a demand that he be more than what he is.

Rachel R. said:

The thought of Angel leaves me shaking in a cold, frightening sweat, and a feeling in my stomach so brutally sickening, I want to hurl my guts everywhere. ^_^; I think maybe it's that heavy brow. I wonder how strong his forehead is, having to hold up that droopy, brooding, cro-magnon man brow all day...

Heh. Say. That reminds me of those ape fossils they just found in Kenya...precursor to Angel, perhaps? Heh.

From Principal Flutie:

I know this puts me way in the minority, but I don't really care about Angel. It's like Kendra said, "He's a vampire--he should die." much for being in the minority, eh? Heh.

And lastly, some food for thought...

From Jane, the Frog on the Wall:

Angel and Oz...they don't know how to talk at all. It's just...Hi. Oh, yeah, hi. Somebody should do a fic with them...the shortest fanfic in the history of the world...two lines or less...not a bad idea actually...

Wait, something else. Sid versus Owen, can't you just see it! Oh, priceless! "Jeez. That dummy just tried to stab me. Wh-what a s-sissy. Uhh, but I can take him. Oh yeah, I'm tough, I'm - aaah!"

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