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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about Doppelgangland...Thanks bunches!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: If vamp Willow had met up with Faith:

   We'd maybe be buying ashtrays for vamp Willow.
   They'd need to come up with a new storyline for the rest of the season.
   They would have snuggled.

The Winner: They would have snuggled.

Y'know, personally, I would've gone with, no, actually I would've gone with that one myself.

We see Devon from time to time, but who knows, there could be more to him than just..chicks and rock bands. So, I thought we could make his fate. Sorta.

After seeing "Willow," Devon probably:

   Is trying to learn a few more chords, even if he does mostly just sing.
   Understands the "feather boa" thing a whole lot better!
   Will be seen in the library a lot more often now.

The Winner: Will be seen in the library a lot more often now. Okay, I admit it...I would've gone with feather boa. And I love the Theme to "A Summer Place."

She's a chick who makes a statement. Usually a long one..?

Judging from this episode, Cordelia:

   Goes in for closure.
   Probably wears a ball gown to the grocery store.
   Thinks Giles is hotter than Wesley..she did say his name first, after all.
   Never takes advantage of any situation.

The Winner:Probably wears a ball gown to the grocery store.

Hm. Color me surprised that the last option got any votes at all. And I would've gone with option 3, I think. Or maybe 2...

Amy's been out of sight. But not out of mind! (And lest you think I'm kidding, check out some of the bytes below.)

Amy could have easily been in this episode, but:

   She's still a rat.
   Hey! If Willow can do a temporal fold, why is Amy still a rat?

The Winner: Hey! If Willow can do a temporal fold, why is Amy still a rat?

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo guided opinion about the episode. There were so many interesting responses, I sort of went overboard here. And I still didn't include all that I wanted to...Most everyone loved this episode, loved the 2 Willows, the lines...and everyone applauded Alyson H. for her outstanding acting job! Here's where I'm sharing some of the answers that made me go..hmm. Or snicker. Hope the authors don't mind. Some are abridged so I could put a few more up! Apologies! But hey, that's the Bytes for you.

Erin said: Sucks to be a demon who lost her necklace.

Violet said: Awesome! How cool was it to see Vamp Willow kick ass in the land where normal Willow wished she could stop being the reliable one? Kudos to Alyson for her awesome portrayal of both Willows!!

From Ari: Did anyone else cringe when Faith called the mayor her sugardaddy? Talk about nightmarish images.

And what would the Bytes be without a comment about hair?

Thanks to Rob for the following:
Anyone else notice that Buffy's hair went from bad, to ok, to pretty good, but Willow's was great! It's like the hairstylists gave up on SMG's hair and were like "Oh well, we can do prettier things with Alyson's."

I mentioned Amy, the episode didn't, so check out some of the interesting "Amy" observations, too.

Mike noted: Amy could have appeared in the episode as a rat. How's that for a compromise. Also, if you could use a temporal fold to cure Amy and the only side-effect is that you could have to deal with an evil version of yourself all over again, would you do it? Besides, Amy looks so cute, running around on her little wheel.

Hey! I haven't seen Amy in her wheel!! (Heh).

Colleen said: In response to Amy the rat, Willow better get working on her unless Amy is going on the show Angel as a rat. Maybe Angel will need a pet or something.

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