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Graduation Part II
(Season Finale)

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

Woo hoo, finally! A new episode, the season ender, to boot. This past week, we got to see Graduation part 2, and do an accompanying Dingo Action! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: The coolest thing about this episode was:

   The musical score.
   The blood gurgling sound when Angel drank from Buffy.
   Snyder's demise.
   Well, gosh!

The Winner: Well, gosh!

But...the music!

It's not all about drama...

The most hysterical moment hands down was:

   Cordy's whole Ebola scenario.
   The Mayor's "visit to the woodshed" quip.
   Buffy's "scream like a woman" quip regarding Wesley.
   Angel's "What fun," quip.
   When Buffy and Willow realized the Mayor wasn't just gonna ascend already.

The Winner: When Buffy and Willow realized the Mayor wasn't just gonna ascend already.

I never thought I'd say Ebola is hysterical, but....

This show really makes me think...

Now that I think about it,

   Percy's kinda a looker.
   Larry's death is bumming me out too much.
   The demon Mayor was kinda cute.
   Fire bad, tree pretty.

The Winner: Fire bad, tree pretty.

I'm sure Larry would have agreed.'s all about education.

The literary work I was most reminded of was:

   Romeo and Juliet (happy dagger much?).
   Alice in Wonderland (drink me!).
   The Gift of the Magi.
   Darts, okay? Darts, darts, darts!

The Winner: Darts, okay? Darts, darts, darts!

Reading, darts...they both have points. (Yeesh.)

At least we weren't making gestures...?

During the ceremony, I wondered:

   About civic pride.
   If Sheila Rosenberg was in the audience.
   Why Buffy is so darned good at riddles.
   Why the eclipse wouldn't have been mentioned in the paper.

The Winner: If Sheila Rosenberg was in the audience.

Ooh...does this mean Willow might have warned her? Heh.

SEASON FINALE EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

You have to wonder:

   If next year's finale will have a hospital scene, too.
   About the symbolism of that cat. And if its name was Patches.
   What gesture Snyder was referring to.
   If Larry's death has some kind of closeted meaning.
   Why all the VW ads are filmed in Louisiana.

The Winner: What gesture Snyder was referring to. I'd show you, but...

The Mayor:

   Reminds me of a bible thumper.
   Probably used Purell a lot.
   Was so not caring about his polls when he almost killed Buffy.
   Is probably a damn good tap dancer.

The Winner: Was so not caring about his polls when he almost killed Buffy.

No one listens to polls anyway...

I don't really get:

   The Pythagorean Theorem.
   Why the hummus wouldn't have worked.
   Why they killed Larry.
   Why Cordy didn't go for Oz before.

The Winner: Why they killed Larry.

I ...can' about it right now.

This episode:

   Made my graduation seem all the more boring.
   Made me wonder who won the cross-town body count competition this year.

The Winner: How fitting..a tie!

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then, your non-dingo-guided opinion about this episode. Many of you mocked the fact that the ep. had been delayed for so long. And others thought that it was a pretty good end to the season, though not as good as last year's (Becoming) episodes. And we were about 50-50 on the issue of the blood suckage. Half of you were all, "It's way erotic!" and the rest were like, "I know you meant to say 'gross' and 'disturbing.'" Plenty of interesting responses for this week and I want to use a lot of them, because hey..I feel like it. Okay well let's see what we've got this week.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Krafty Witch said:

Well, I guess they no longer have the lowest mortality rate ever...

sean. said:

Good much? Definite absence of ubersuck. Nice way to tie it up. Angel's goodbye and the Faith dream sequence were brilliant.

From BTVSFreak1:

What I think is the funny part is that in the end of the very first episode, Buffy said "I could always blow [up] the school" and she did!

sarah said:

...I'm still wondering about the inside joke behind Faith's 7-3-0 line.

From Isis:

...My fave part was when Buffy said everyone now! And everyone took off their robes and had some kind of nasty weapon strapped on. Oh, and we mustn't forget Angel. When that vamp was rivaling Jackie Chan in moves, he was a work of art! Gotta say, I hate to have him leave, but destiny is destiny!

And a spinoff is a spinoff...Heh.

Slate said:

The ending with the emergency lights flashing on Angel's face as he stares at Buffy with such anguish in his eyes..... Buffy returning the look... so much love and so much emotion without a single word... ok I am getting a little veklempt! (Is that how you spell veklempt???)

Hm. I should know that. But I don't.

From Paul:

I was more grossed out by that hideous Buffy and Angel scene. Yeah, it's SO erotic to have holes torn in your neck and your blood drained by a demon. Thank God Angel is leaving!
All in all, though, a nice wrap-up to the season. And I'm glad Faith is still alive (for future appearances, maybe, and to get around calling yet ANOTHER Slayer).

Skatie said:

I'm wondering about the whole Faith thing though. Are we gonna do dream stuff with her next season? Will she come out of her coma at some point? And if she does come out of the coma will she be a kinder gentler skank?

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

...I'm gonna miss everyone that got dead. Larry, Harmony, Snyder, Mayor Wilkins, that third vamp from the right; all of them will be missed. Especially Wilkins. Anyone who tries to finish a speech while transforming into a giant @$$ demon snake gets mad props.

belle said:

"Oh my God! The WB killed Larry! You bastards!" Maybe he could be the recurring character who dies *every* ep, a la Kenny... --Hey, if Faith could survive a fall off the top of a building, why can't Larry stage a comeback? He's an athlete, hard head...Anyhoo, it sucks that they killed off the only gay character before he even got any screentime romance...

t. said:

Good episode, but I wonder....who is going to be in trouble for blowing up the school? Smoking mice?

From beegle:

I was starting to get ill from the slurping sound. Buffy's face during the entire drinking scene was priceless.

althea wrote:

Death bad, show good.

From Violet:

Is anyone else disgusted at how fast Willow and Oz went from "sweet" to "horny little freaks?"

From RicT:

Oh, one more eensy-weensy complaint - can they spend more $$ on the special effects next time. The MayorDemon looked sort of cheesy (especially when crashing through the school) and the exploding school was very lame.

Yes, I'm Putting More Quotes Up, Can Y'blame Me? Well, Gosh!

From Faline13:

It was great! I've waited since the 1st season to see Angel drink Buffy's blood. Way sexy. In a sick and twisted kind of way.

Mabel said:

Loved it! Though I am sad that now Buffy and Angel will never get to play darts.

FurryRabbits said:

...the most hysterical part of the eppy was when OZ said, "You, too?" about Angel thinking she was Buffy. THAT was funny.

Rob said:

...the blood-drinking scene was a little, uh, much. Did we really need that gurgling sound? That was so eww... and as much as I love the work of Optic Nerve on the show, I thought SnakeMayor looked like a friggen' cardboard cutout!

Catspaw said:

The parents! There were 30 parents in all there at the ceremony. Do they have a higher death rate than their kids?

Rachel (Cicely) said:

I *did* like the Frost reference (miles to go) and the entire amazing Buffy-Faith dream sequence. I've always kinda liked Faith a little (us bad girls need to stick together)

My expectations were raised far too high, and I happen to have a killer imagination, so I didn't get what I wanted (you call *that* a snake demon! Puh-lease! I could do better CG. And they use snake demons too often, i.e., Reptile Boy, Band Candy.)

Say. Did I mention I'm going to go back to putting up, like, 5 comments? I bet I will...when the season starts up again. Yep. Um..

Debbi said:

Liked Xander being "in charge".

Jenn said:

I can boil this down to a few words: Larry's death bad, Faith/Buffy scene pretty.

(Also: cable service crappiness bad, and there's no accompanying pretty. Why TCI had to screw up and drown half the episode in crackles and loud, obnoxious buzzing is beyond me. sigh.)

Eeks. I feel your pain. Well, not with TCI, but, you see what I'm sayin'.

And last, but definitely not least...well, what a summation!

The Mattmantis said:

Sn...Sn... Sny...Snyder...Snyder...ddd..d...dddeead...d..dead....DEAD! *THUD!*

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