This Week's Barks

The Yoko Factor

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw The Yoko Factor, and a bunch of dingo action players. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery I can't believe:

   I never noticed the Buffy/Angel chemistry before.
   That Giles and Joyce share a sauce addiction.
   That this episode was so riveting.
   That Buffy still finds time to curl her hair.
   That Giles hadn't tossed that bag o' blood.
   They killed Forrest! Bastards!

The Winner: That Buffy still finds time to curl her hair.

I'm undecided on this one..chemistry, sauce,, yuck.

The gang:

   Is easily manipulated.
   Isn't easily manipulated.
   Should bond over those little powdered donuts.
   Is in that Sgt. Pepper phase.
   Will never have a reunion tour either.

The Winner: Is easily manipulated.

Wow, I can't believe that only one person chose "isn't easily manipulated."


   Could have followed Buffy out of the cave.
   Looks more roboty every week.
   Thinks he's all that and a bag of chips.
   Thinks he's all that and Spike's a bag of chips.

The Winner: A tie!! "Could have followed Buffy out of the cave." and "Thinks he's all that and Spike's a bag of chips."

Well..Adam doesn't seem to be the kind of guy with an ego problem. Much.

I wonder if:

   Spike will become the Dr. Laura of the show.
   Percy will show up soon.
   Graham will be offed next.
   Giles will be hawking Sounds of the Seventies CDs soon.

The Winner: Giles will be hawking Sounds of the Seventies CDs soon.

It reminds me of that ad for sixties music, the one that had two know the one I mean: "Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock?" "Yeah, man" "Well, turn it up, man!!"


   Is back to the fun-loving guy we knew in first season.
   Was probably looking for Mr. Gordo.
   Is like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man (on so many levels)
   Never stays in town long.
   Knows nothing about Adam?

The Winner: Knows nothing about Adam?

Probably also knows nothing about the Sta-Puft Man, but hey. You do what you can when you used to be known as the Stink Guy.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

My favorite constant or continuity is:

   That the bathroom seems to be the hotspot in Giles's place.
   The whole vampire/invitation right of passage. (sic)(heh)
   Xander's interesting shirts and pants.
   Deaths of characters I used to like.

The Winner: Xander's interesting shirts and pants.

Next year I bet that:

   Sex will be less of an issue.
   People might actually go to class.
   Giles will be gainfully employed.
   We see where Anya lives.

The Winner: Giles will be gainfully employed.

Of the ones listed, Spike's favorite Beatles song could be:

   You Can't Do That.
   I Will.
   With A Little Help From My Friends.
   Here Comes the Sun.
   In My Life.

The Winner: Here Comes the Sun.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Lots of comments about the death of Forrest, Xander's clothing, how the theme of the year was the gang's growing apart, and of course, how Riley pales in comparison to Angel. (Pales, ha, get it?) Um, moving on.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a decent amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

FurryRabbits said:

I had already been planning to yell, "And just where is Mr. Gordo in all of this craziness???" but then you brought Mr. Gordo up.

From jupiter lust:

Spike is so great. I can't believe the scoobys are actually stupid enough to fall for his lies. HELLO?! He always says he hates you. GET A CLUE!!

And two words before I end this: MORE GILES!!! His singing is such a turn on! It gets a librarian fantasy rolling around in my head ;-) [I'm changing your handle to librarian lust, k?]

From Seesa:

Hysterical! Especially when Giles and Xander found out about Willow's girlfriend.

pg said:

Well this had some of the best interaction between Buffy and the slayerettes since Revelations from last year. At last, Xander lets loose some of his feelings about being left behind. The little slings seen all season about this (particularly in Fear Itself) manifest themselves. People sometimes forget that even the best of friends change and occasionally fall out in a really bad way. Liked the witch allegory and how their own insecurities blinded them to Spike's manipulation. Cannot wait for next week and depending on that resolution I may have to agree with Angel- Riley I don't like him.

Lucille said:

If Buffy was so worried about Angel that she felt she had to leave Riley in the hideout to go to LA, why did she take time to crimp her hair and put that cute outfit on? Also, how did she get to LA? Rent a car? Take a bus? Plus, if the gang had decided to split up to avoid the Initiative, why by the end of the show, were they all hanging at Giles' place again? But, hey, all of the loose ends were worth it to see Angel beat up Riley.

Deb said:

Enjoyed the show this week. It's about time they started dealing with the 'wrongness' that's been happening between them all. That's the only excuse I can find for them not realizing what Spike was doing. Why, oh why, do they persist in trusting him and what he says?? Loved the various cultural references -- the Godfather and, my personal favorite, the Wizard of Oz. <AIEE! Oz is gone! Sob!!> ahem, sorry about that. Funny how I hadn't noticed just how little chemistry there is between Buffy and Riley until Angel showed up.

DJ said:

Deja vu... I can't believe we are being treated to another episode where the gang has a big misunderstanding, fights, and, presumably, makes up later. However, the fact that Spike watches Tony Robbins infomercials is hysterical. And it was nice to see Angel being even more of a jerk... the little smirk he gave Riley on the way out of Buffy's room was amusing. Boo to the death of Forrest. Riley is an Adam-bot, oh well, just as I got used to him. [Heh. I liked the Tony Robbins thing too. Didn't Buffy say Giles was on a Tony Robbins kick back in WML I? Heh.]

Ula said:

How come when Angel is on another show he finally cracks a smile and he and Buffy actually LAUGH over something?? I wish wardrobe would give Xander better sweaters. Buffy is officially the superbitch this week after both displays of superbitchiness last week on Angel and this week.

From CandRach2:

Reason why I loved this episode:

1. Giles' singing.
2. Angel smirking at Riley and his whole,"He started it!"
3. Drunk Giles.
4. The Bathroom scene.

Colleen said:

What was that? Only 8 minutes of Angel appearance? And the WB worked it up to be this big thing. Ok so he and Buffy live in two different worlds, but I'm sure that he would get wind if a perfect weapon made of man, demons and computers, aka Adam, was in a little town like Sunnydale. I thought word traveled underground about things like that. Maybe Buffy should have mentioned something, but then he might have stuck around. [Okay by me. (There's something I never thought I'd say.)]

Sooooo glad that Spike did something relatively evil. He is much more fun that way. If only Dru could come back, I'd love to see his reaction.

I never knew that Willow had so much drama in her. I bet she would go all Oedipus-scene again in front of a large crowd. YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY MORE CATNIP!

From Maggie:

The best line of the show goes (once again) to Xander: "Tara's your girlfriend?!"

From Tacy:

The whole "the gang has a big fight" idea feels recycled. But the Angel and Riley snarliness was a hoot, especially the way Buffy and Angel ditched Riley in her room. I hope Spike isn't so busy having fun plotting Buffy's downfall that he fails to be properly suspicious of Adam. Even though he has been acting like a Grade A jerk, I was sorry to see Forrest get killed. He was nearly my favorite character this season.

From baronessp:

Ha! I knew Forrest would die. Leaving us with that pesky question: If a Forrest falls and no one hears him, is he really dead? heh heh! Okay, bad, bad joke, but I just had to amuse myself, okay?

aj said:

Jeez, one black guy in all of Sunnydale and they kill him!

Re the sex thing- I heard that in tv shows about high school The Censors only allow one couple at a time to have sex. Once a show moves out of high school all bets are off, they can all go at it. Now, I haven't actually WATCHED many shows about high school, but doesn't it seem like that's how it happened here?

From Laura A.:

Well, interesting ep. Not great, but damn well worth the price of admission (if there were one) just to see Angel kick Riley's corn-fed, soy pickin' rear across the screen. Ahh, I long for the day that Riley goes back to Iowa and paints some covered bridges.

Jen said:

Nice continuation with the whole Giles singing thing. Plus, seeing him drunk was the funniest thing about the entire episode. Anyone else feel Angel being there was kinda . . . gimped? He was there for like twenty minutes (less?) and for what? I'm sorry about punching you in the face and telling you to go back to Sunnydale, and now I'm gonna go. Whoopie. I think he needs to get out and play darts more often or something.

Rachel R. said:

Um. I never realized how dumb the Scooby Gang was... to let Spike pull the wool over their eyes so easily! Didn't it ever occur to any of them that, hey, I never actually said that? Hmmmm...

I liked this episode though... Angel! I'm sorry I insulted your caveman brow! I love it now! Please come back and kill Riley, oh please, please PLEASE!!

PS How does Buffy's hair always keep that perfect little wave??? [4 hours + 1 makeup chair = oh yeah. Heh. jk, I know what you meant.]

Redbeard said:

Spike's back, and he's baaad! Suddenly Blondie is interesting again.

It always amazes me how this show can feel like it's coasting along, and then Wham!--it hits you from five different places at once and you see how all the "coasting" led straight to where things are at the moment. Buffy's interesting again--woo hoo!

Randie-Scarlett said:

Wow, I never knew I could love Angel so much until he came and kicked Riley's arse! Yeah! I may not like Angel, but I like Riley even less. Angel was cute. Riley was lame and pukey... All in all, a super-duper episode! (Gag)

Cd'A Chick said:

Having Angel and Bufy say the things they did to each other merely points up (regrettably) who much better they are together than she is with Riley. Oh well, he may be alive and all that, but Angel has such Presence! and really seems like an "old soul" who is worth hanging with. Phoeey with the angst... re-unite B&A somehow.

Mabel said:

"You sleep with this guy?" Yes, Angel, we're all wondering about that ourselves.

And when will the gang learn that they shouldn't jump to conclusions about each other? This has happened before. Get a clue.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

But I don't want Spike to stop being the funny, whiney bastard that he is! He needs that chip! And Adam will probably betray him anyway.

I knew Forrest was gonna die before the season was out. Actually, I thought Graham would, too--well, there's still next week.

I'd love to make a comment on the ending, but alas, a tornado hit and I had to go down to my basement. How dare nature work against Buffy and the almighty Joss? That storm will pay. [Aiee! Sorry!! I feel your pain. Hope you were able to get a copy of the show from someone. Or..reruns?]

From Fnord:

I expected either Tara or Anya, while they were (hiding) in Giles' bathroom to utter the phrase "men are evil." Just to get the conversation going.

Miss Kitty Fantastico seems to be too small to pose the Amy-rat any worries, for now. Willow seems to be on top of Miss Kitty Fantastico's substance abuse problem.

They put out the soundtrack album too soon, now they need another one so they can include Giles singing the songs of the seventies.

Jonathan M. said:

Giles, I appreciate that he'd sing THE WHO'S "Behind Blue Eyes" in 'New Moon' (the lyrics of which actually mirror some aspects of a Slayer or Watcher's life) but this week, him singing L. Skynyrd's "Freebird" -Oy Vey, lack of musical taste!!!...unless, this is a hint that Giles is thinking of becoming a freebird and leaving town....don't think of it!

Kyla said:

Everyone is *so* easily manipulated! I think they just keep on forgetting that Spike is *evil*. Xander's sweaters/lack of fashion sense are annoying me. They killed Forest--are they trying to teach us that black characters only live if they're British? [Heh!]

On the up side, Willow and Tara are really cute. And the kitten scene was great.

Oh! But if Angel needed to be invited in to Buffy's room, then how did Sunday's stuff-stealing vampires get into people's rooms in "The Freshman"? Huh? [Hm. Good point..unless..what if they were former students? Would they be allowed in then sans invite? Hm.]

kathgs said:

So is Tara the Yoko? I'm starting to like her a little bit better, but when will she get a personality?

How come we've never seen Giles singing before, and now he's doing it every ep? Were he and Ethan in a band together back in the day? Is that why he can live in such a nice apartment without a job? [Probably. Residuals from his old days w/the band. Actually yeh, didn't we see a pic of him as "rock star" in The Dark Age?]

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

Can I get a Woo-Hoo for Iago? I mean, Spike? How much did he rule from on high? Just the thing to remind us that a.) he's still of the bad, and b.) he knows the Scoobies like the back of his fist. Watching him play the lot of them was pure pleasure.

But still, I'm irked that Forrest got aced. I liked Forrest. He was all sorts of cool, professional, and I'm certain he loved Riley more than Buffy did. Now he'll never be able to let Riley know. *sniff*

Speaking of the traitor, wasn't it cool seeing Clark and Bruce finally coming to blows? Utterly guylike, exceptionally cool.

I found the episode as a whole all spiffy. Well, not the Forrest-kebab part. But everything else. [Just sayin' hi! Haven't seen you around here in a while I don't think.]

KeepingFaith said:

Never put Riley and Angel in the same scene. Brood Boy just suddenly looks that much more appealing.

And I don't think Willow should ever bring Miss Kitty Fantastico to her room. Poor Amy-rat. If she wasn't traumatized by having to watch Willow/Oz sex, she'd definitely be traumatized by a cat!

Disjointed One said:

The episode was classic in the sense that

1. Angel and Buffy are at least on semi-friendly terms.

2. Comedy, between Spike manipulating the Scooby gang and Riley's thoughts on Angel, this was great, BUT NOTHING BEATS GILES' "LEAVING LAS VEGAS" BIT. When he hears about Willow's new girlfriend, his offscreen comment of "Bloody Hell" was the funniest!

Nexus said:

Wow! Spike is evil again! It was great to see him stop the self-pity and starting scheming again. If only Adam had as much personality as Spike, he'd be an amazing villain.

sugarushed said:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Angel was great in this episode. From his little smartass comments (you actually sleep with this guy?) to his smirk at Riley, to his actually being sociable with Buffy, well, cool. If Angel was like this more often, I wouldn't be so happy he left. But why the hell would Buffy ask him to leave if she was so desperate for help with Adam? Angel's strong, fast, and Adam wouldn't be expecting him. Okay, so that would have led to major problems with Riley, but they could have put that aside long enough to save the world, you'd think...

On another note, how could the gang have not known that Willow and Tara were together? (although Giles' "Bloody Hell!" was priceless)

Rachel (Cicely) said:

I'm proud to say, I wrote a fic about Spike and his Beatles obsession years ago, back in season 2. Can I call it or what? ::pats self on back:: It was about here comes the sun too! [Cool, you evil mastermind! Now, where is it archived? E-me so I can check it out, okay?]

Other than that, it was good to see the gang fighting. Buffy deserved it, "someone she can trust?" Hello! She's known Riley for what, a few months? The gang has been with her for 4 years, and they're still with her. She's a bitch, and she should get totally beaten in the next episode and beg for forgiveness. Or killed. "Faith the Vampire Slayer" is like a more and more exciting prospect every episode. But only if Buffy would guest star and get beaten up every episode. It's time to watch a tape of "School Hard" and see the show before it was about sex.

MadHatter said:

I was disturbed and pleased with this ep. It gave me that ick feeling, but it was a good ick feeling. Love the strength of Willow and Tara. A healthy relationship?!?!?! I love it!!!! Also loved the Tara/Anya scene in the bathroom, loved the Giles drunken stupor but I was a little upset, like I was watching my dad be drunk or something, you know? Eep. But the much-missed Buffy/Angel angst was the best. I really wanted him to kick Riley's ass. Really. And then for him to take off his shirt. Hee.

Natrad said:

Having read all available spoilers for this episode and seen 'Sanctuary', I was fully expecting our heroine to shower Angel with a barrage of catty remarks and low digs. It sure was a pleasant change to see the two of them behave like adults and get beyond their petty jealousies. I felt a swell of (freakishly) maternal pride when Buffy reacted to Angel's "I came here to make things better" with laughing rather than the anticipated sarcasm. And Angel's "I don't like him" - nice touch ;)

This mature approach was, however, after Buffy was forced to step in and mediate a kindergarten brawl! I mean, "He started it" and "I'm not moving a muscle"? LOL - commence raspberry blowing and tongue poking, boys! It's always cute to see Angel, chronologically enhanced as he is, behaving with the mentality of a school boy. Heh heh ... ;)

Phantom Dennis said:

Acck! They kill Forrest and put Tara in relationship with Willow! They kill the show's first black male recurring character who wasn't a vampire, then have the nerve to say that anyone who complains about the icky Willow/Tara pairing is "homophobic". Why does Yoko always get the blame? I saw the Rutles movie, and it's quite evident that the band was already self-destructing before Nasty met Chastity. Too bad, Angel didn't bring Cordelia and Wesley with him, the three of them could probably take Adam all by themselves. I don't think Adam could survive being frozen with Liquid Nitrogen.

It really bothers me that what looked suspiciously like bad writing, the fact that the gang didn't seem gel anymore, is being palmed off as a set-up for the finale.

Jane, the Frog on the Wall said:

Hey, here's a really cool idea. What if, while they were stuck in the bathroom, Tara taught Anya to be human, and she was normal! Wouldn't that be *cool?* Or...or maybe they could KILL RILEY! I swear, he gets more like third season Angel every time I see him. I just want to wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze until he turns chartreuse.

Saay...anybody else think Miss Kitty Fantastico should've had more screen time? She was the coolest part of the episode! And Willow + Tara + Miss Kitty Fantastico + Course Selection = Awww (plus one helluva long math problem)

Ohh, and about that last Beatles Song question: did you arrange it on purpose so that the first two songs say "You can't do that!" "I will." Or is that just me? [Heh. You caught me. Actually I arranged it so they all sort of make sense if read one right after the other. I do have cable, but I still have to make my own fun, okay?]

Princess (aka Joy) said:

Well, ANYWAY, Just because Buffy said that Forrest was dead, doens't mean he is. I mean, they never actually showed him die, maybe he's just extremely badly injured. Or maybe I'm just in denial. Come on! I can't help it! I mean, first they take away Oz, & then they take away Forrest? Who's next? Spike? Oh Sweet Jesus, please say no!!!!

Aly said:

Willow and Tara are a hundred times cuter together than Buffy/Riley. By the way, it was completely unfair to the actor portraying Riley (not sure of his name, guess i don't care [Sigh. It's Marc Blucas, btw. Heh.]...I think Hilary grows weary of my Riley bashing =) ) to show him right next to ANGEL. Kinda like making poor David Spade stand next to Bruce Willis and asking the ladies to choose... Now I'm really gonna get it, insulting people left and right! Sorry (maybe a little bit). =) [Sigh. The important thing is *you* believe that. Heh.]

The chemistry between B/A was electric; I even forgave Buffy for being such a self-involved bitca cuz of Angel being there with her...not exactly logical, but it totally makes sense to me. Everything with Angel is GOOD except the vampire thing, unless that sorta thing does it for ya. Well, I'm off to pop Yoko Factor back into the VCR, pause the tape at Angel's adorable smiling face and use the image as a permanent picture for my room...I can keep the TV on forever, right? [Sure, Aly...better make that appt. with the eye doctor though...or the tv repairman. :D]

Satan's Bunny said:

Is Anthony Stewart Head looking for a record deal? What's with all the panning shots of him moodily playing the guitar? I could enjoy "Behind Blue Eyes," but "Freebird?" Maybe next time he could be singing "Don't Fear the Reaper" or "Dust in the Wind." (Ok, I hadn't even thought of how well those two songs fit into the show, but they do! They do!)

Cadence wrote:

Grrr. Am I the only one who is really starting to hate Buffy? She's getting so self-centered AND idiotic. Its sad because I used to really like her and now she just seems to be taking up time when I could be watching a Spike or Xander scene (not that there are many of those anyway). What's worse is that she makes just enough intelligent points, as seen in the explosive X/W/B argument, to give me hope for her. Then she blows it by saying something not only ridiculously self-involved but also condescending and stupid. "Now I know why there are no ancient prophecies about a Chosen One and her friends." !!!! Excuse me! If it weren't for her friends a prophecy would have killed her! I also have to disagree with Will and Xand's given dates as to when things went wrong. Things have been wrong since she ran away to LA after Becoming and left them to die.

Other than sparking my fantastically choleric rant, I loved the ep. Riley v. Angel! Fight! I love the bitterness 'twixt Buffy and Angel! No way is she going back to him, thus preserving my beloved non-Buffy whipped Angel. <grin> That's it, I'm done now.

belle said:

Aside from the regrettable and annoying fact that his death reduces Sunnydale's minority population by, oh, 100%, I can't say that I mourn Forrest much. Sure, he wears a mean turtleneck, [Thanks for noticing that!] but other than that, he's just...mean. El super-mas-macho, and he died *without* even coming close to revealing his true feelings about Riley, which is just plain sad.

I was pleased that Riley and Xander got to bond a bit. Also Tara and Anya! That was a great little scenelet, in the bathroom (but hadn't Anya ever seen Giles' tiles before?) Actually, that whole last scene was a little masterpiece of structure and timing--it's hard to write a group wrangle!

Oh, yes, and they really do need to get the cat a better name; the cutesy-wootsy factor is even deadlier than the Yoko Factor when it scomes to relationships. Or perhaps they're setting up for an arc next season, where Willow and Tara are threatened by the ancient terror known as Lesbian Bed Death?

From Sunny:

...the episode proved, once again, that Buffy and Angel will always be the best. I get that Riley had ample reason to behave like the gun-toting jerk that he is, but it's irrelevant. Ten minutes with Angel yielded more chemistry, more intimacy, and more substance than a whole season with Riley has managed to do so far. This whole "he can make love to me and therefore I must love him" thing is not convincing one bit.

And I've said it for months now, give Angel and Riley two minutes alone and two things will happen. Riley will behave like a jerk and Angel will wipe the floor with him. Of course, it's been pointed out to me that Angel has a minor supernatural advantage, but Riley was wielding a bunch of arms.

And Angel is a great, a fantastic, ex! That little snicker at Riley before leaving the room with Buffy!!! And the smile, the laughter, and the understanding. I almost wish he wasn't so understanding. Because that means they're accepting the being apart thing way easier than I am... And that's no fair:o)

Malabud wrote:

I wonder if Spike will actually get his chip out. Adam kept putting him off and getting him to do something more before the "chipectomy." It would really be too bad if he went to all that trouble for nothing. (Please note the sarcastic tone of that last line.)

Isn't it odd that despite constant reminders from the vampire himself, the group still sees Spike as a slightly evil creature who is not at all a threat to them? They have grown numb to his protestations of evilness. They are accustomed to his biting, (oops!) I mean cutting, and sardonic remarks. They see him as simply Spike, the fangless vampire. They have pity on his situation and have helped him numerous times. Because of this, they expect their benevolence to be repaid in kind. Spike is a demon and thus knows not the meaning of gratitude.

As to the Riley/Angel clash, they are both fools. Angel could have at least tried to explain himself, and Riley majorly overreacted to a situation he did not understand. Testosterone poisoning indeed!

SNeaker wrote:

I LOVED the big verbal fight at the end. I've always liked big scooby fights (Dead Man's party, Revelations...)I especially like that Spike's manipulations didn't focus only on alienating Buffy, but that the lack of Xander/Willow friendship this season was also addressed, since that bothered me to no end.

....Buffy was in fine form this episode. After the emotional rollercoaster she went through with Faith, Angel, and Riley, she was totally unprepared for the final attack from her friends. And to be fair, while Buffy has been somewhat self-absorbed this season, so has everyone else. I mean, in the past the second someone started acting out of character everyone thought "possessed!" but no one noticed that Buffy wasn't Buffy in Who Are You? (not even Spike!) This just proves how wrapped up EVERYONE is in their own lives. Loved the tiny little Buffy shoving those 2 huge guys across the room. That's what btvs is all about!

On a more serious note though, I think Buffy's last line defines not only this season but the whole series "now I know why there's no prophecy about the slayer...and her friends." No, Buffy, because most of the slayers past who didn't have friends died before the age of 18. We all know that the difference bt. Buffy and all the other slayers is that she has friends and family to keep her grounded, safe, and sane. There coul not have been a "Kendra the Vampire Slayer" for the simple reason that she would have died in the second episode. Buffy's friends and family are what keep her from getting killed, if not physically then mentally. She has more to live for than those other slayers, and the will to live can truly help you stay alive. We've seen what Buffy would have been like had she not had that, (the Wish) and look how easily The Master killed her. Perceptive Man (aka Spike) knew that after his first confrontation with Buffy way back in School Hard ("a slayer with friends and family, that wasn't in the brochure") This is the strength of btvs, and it's the strength of the Scoobies. Here's hoping they don't take the route the Beatles did.

Lydia said:

Does anyone think the Primeval promo is Joss's way of saying "Buffy's bigger than Jesus"

Special Beatles Section!

Okay, I figured this would happen, and it did. Here's what some of you thought Spike's fave Beatles song would be (i.e., ones I didn't list). Heh.

ash: "I Am the Walrus."
Freedom's Bitch: "I Am the Walrus." I think he'd go for the whole "pornographic priestess" bit.

Mimi: "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". No question about it.

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