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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw The I in Team, and a bunch of dingo action players were good enough to resend in their barks after my e-mail was eaten! Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery I was surprised that:

   Giles bought a Boost bar. (Band Candy, anyone?)
   There was so much skin in this ep.
   Twinkies lead to a form of punishment.
   We actually saw what was in room 314.

The Winner: Giles bought a Boost bar. (Band Candy, anyone?)

Those who forget the past..are condemned to repeat it? Or something like that.

Professor Walsh:

   Wasn't kidding about the bitch monster of death title.
   Probably liked the movie Sliver.
   Is into biblical names.
   Was dumb to spill the beans about Buffy's death.

The Winner: Wasn't kidding about the bitch monster of death title.

Yeah..she's not really a jokey kind of person, is she...


   Enjoys the Yahoo Serious look sometimes.
   Probably likes to rock the casbah.
   Gave a little too much info about the spanking thing.
   Should invite Tara over to Stevenson sometime.

The Winner: Gave a little too much info about the spanking thing.



   Should cut his losses and leave town.
   Probably hates irony.
   Would never buy Boost bars.
   Would buy a Boost bar just for the texture.

The Winner:Would buy a Boost bar just for the texture.

But he wouldn't buy it from Xander...


   Could possibly survive the season.
   Won't have to resent Buffy anymore.
   Will be reinstated on Alpha team.
   Could become Buffy's ally.

The Winner: Could possibly survive the season.

Anything's possible.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The Initiative:

   Might not know about Walsh's side project.
   Totally knows about room 314.
   Doles out vitamins for Amway.
   Won't be a threat much longer.

The Winner: Might not know about Walsh's side project.

This week's "arm" demon:

   Has no use for bayonettes.
   Enjoys barbecuing on the weekends.
   Would be mortified if he knew what happened to his arms.
   Enjoyed the cutaway type shots to the Buffy/Riley sex scene.

The Winner: Enjoyed the cutaway type shots to the Buffy/Riley sex scene.


   Considers Spike a friend.
   Is starting to remind me of a Fuller brush man.
   Still seems like he's on the fringe of stuff.
   Wouldn't mind hearing about Tara.

The Winner: Wouldn't mind hearing about Tara.

A little lagniappe cos the D.A. was late this week...

Regarding the use of the Boost name, did you think that:

   The Boost manufacturers would be mad.
   The Boost manufacturers were glad for this kind of (unintentional?) publicity.
   Hey, I didn't think about it at all, okay?

The Winner: Hey, I didn't think about it at all, okay?

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Many comments about the Buffy/Riley sex scene, Buffy's morals (or lack thereof), the recurring red satin sheets, and the death of Walsh. A couple of you wrote tomes on the ep. (Gosh thanks.) Well..enough recap, let's just get on with your comments, 'kay?

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a big massively huge amount. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Lydia said:

If they're going to ripoff Frankenstein then Joss and co. might as well make it funny, ala Mel Brooks. (Riley yells "My mentor's work vas doo-doo!!!)

From sugarushed:

Buffy + Riley = Yow!
Willow + Tara = hmm
Walsh + Camera = *shudder*

From Mary:

When did Joss become Larry Flynt? And what was that look on Riley's face??

Mabel said:

Lucky for Buffy the demon guy stood in a puddle of water long enough for her to throw her shorted-out gun-thingie into it to electrocute him. Otherwise she would have had to wrench that loose metal bar off the cage, smack him in the face with it, use those few precious seconds to bang the bar against the floor to hone it to a razor's edge, then slice his head off. Sorry, just a little cynical today.

Holly said:

Loved the episode, but couldn't understand the flashes of fighting with the demons and Buffy and Riley sharing an intimate moment. Loved the chewing out that Buffy gave Walsh about setting her up. Walsh got her just desserts in the end.

DJ said:

I found the scene interspersing violence with Buffy and Riley hitting the sheets fairly repellant.

Dr. Walsh ---- evil coffee-swilling murderer. I enjoyed Buffy setting her straight via video.

Redbeard said:

"Yes, we have enjoyed spanking." ROTFL!! Bless Anya, ya gotta love 'er!

That's the great thing about Buffy--even the boring, predictable episodes have wonderful character moments. Nice final scene, though.

Angry Rabbits said:

"Oh my god, they killed the evil bitch monster of death! Those bastards!" - not anywhere near original, but it actually ran through my head at the end of the episode!

From Dodge:

A weird little thing was my fave moment: Buffy asking Riley if she should get Professor Walsh a present. It was so naive and vulnerable of her that it flashed me back to season one.

The intercutting sex/fight thing would've worked better for me if the conversation prior to the fight had been related to Buffy and Riley's relationship. The transition was too abrupt.

pg said:

Suprised that the Initiative tipped its hand so early and of course disappointed that Giles did not get to say to the uberevil Walsh "You have no idea of the forces you are dealing with," (which they don't). This disappointment [was] in part soothe[d] over by the great Buffy line at the end "You have no idea what a slayer is. Trust me when I say you're going to find out!"

From Goddess Diana:

Jeez, Buffy and Riley were...graphic. Especially the humping. I felt like I was intruding on someone--a feeling Prof. Walsh apparently didn't have. (Ew!)

From Talula:

An overall okay episode. I like the whole Willow/Tara thing, but I have the odd, creeping feeling that Tara will get obsessed with Willow, and ultimatly turn evil. Sigh.

I'm also getting a tad sick of the whole "Buffy has sex, and things go wrong" theme. Yes, we get it, Joss doesn't want young people having sex. Yay.

I am extremely sick of Anya. Maybe Faith should come out of her coma, team up with Spike, and kick a little used-to-be-a-demon ass. Then Xander and Willow can be together.

On to Riley. I hate his character. BORING. At least Parker had substance. (?)

Oh, and the Adam thing? Haven't they done this already? I know that they might not be renewing the show after the fifth season, but come on, time for more eps in the league of "Hush" and the"Becoming" two-parter, not "Bad Eggs"!

Jane, the Frog on the Wall said:

The whole episode I was sitting there, staring at Prof. Walsh, saying "She's a demon! She's a demon!" And all this time she was just a conniving, obsessive bitch who's into making icky things out of demon parts so they can kill Slayers. I was so wrong.

All in all, this episode sucked. Too much sex, bad gags aplenty, and the Willow/Tara was so obvious, it left me wondering whether she *did* go without spankings. (j/k) I liked the camera gag, where Walsh was telling Riley "Oh, I'm crushed" and then Buffy came on the screen, but the whole scene got ruined because whoever plays Prof. Walsh can't act to save her life!

And by the way, the whole "We're turned on by fighting" thing is sooo Faith's idea first, and turned out really dumb because I'm kind of grossed by the idea of Buffy/Riley sex, and because I wasn't sure if they were having sex during the fight, or after the fight, or Buffy was reminiscing about having sex, or Buffy had a premonition about having sex, or what. It was just dumb. Joss needs to lay off the porn. So does Professor Walsh. And yes, I know I've been bitingly harsh and long-winded this week, but I've had a *really* bad day.

From Malabud:

When Dr. Engleman said, "She could have been a powerful ally," couldn't you just hear the breathing from Darth Vader's breath mask echo through the room at that comment?

Too much skin! What happened to going slow? Did Buffy learn nothing from the Parker experience? Prof. Walsh's voyeuristic tendenacies are freaky. Of course, as soon as Buffy mentions 314 the next morning, the phone rings. Someone was listening in....

Tacy said:

I am really enjoying the secondary characters more and more. I loved the briefing, with the facial expressions of Graham and Forrest. Plus the disgruntled way that Forrest glared at Buffy after she kicked him in the ribs during the training exercise was very funny. I hope these two hang around and don't get killed.

The jealous, murderous Dr. Walsh was unpleasant... glad she's a goner...

Why is Willow hiding her new friend Tara? She carefully lies and avoids mentioning her. Is this voluntary, or is it it some spell by Tara?

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

It had a Polgara demon and ended with Angleman most likely in charge. As a Bronzer, I have to give that a woo-hoo!...

Madame X said:

This ep was ok I guess. Why do they always show the Buffy sex scenes and poor Will and Oz just got an "after-love-making, just laying there" scene (Grad.) It's adorable and all but not the least bit fair. And where is the Oz-missage in this ep? And why hasn't Tara been shot to death yet? Geez!

Furry Rabbits said:

Uhm - I did mightily enjoy the quick, chronological cutting between fight scene and sex scene (and boy do I always love that slow-mo), but I was surprised by how steamy it was. After all, they are doomed...

Fangirl said:

Y'know, I actually sorta liked Professor Walsh, up until they gave her that wack-ass Evil Dictator complex. I kinda wished TPTB had left her alive and bitchin', instead of having her go off on a Villain Rant ("You will pay for your insolence, Buffy! YOU WILL PAY!!!").

Queen C said:

Ok number one, does Riley know there's a camera in his room? Ick. Second, Hostile 17 is not a threat anymore, geniuses. Leave the poor demon alone fer cryin out loud, he can't hurt anyone. Number 3, can Xander just not hold a job or what? And hey, Professor Walsh did die. I've been hopin for that, she was mean to my man Giles after all. And why on earth would she underestimate Buffy the way she did? The girl has been slaying since she was 15 and 2 demons is not exactly a huge deal for her ya know?

Erin said:

Whoa, what's with the skin - Buffy should know better: when you wear one of those backless tops she gets lucky...unfortunately we got to watch. As for Willow's little friend, could somebody PLEASE fix those streaks - something about her just can't be right.

From slothgirl:

Whoa...was this like "big brother is watching you" or what? The whole thing with Professor Walsh going like, "I'm watching the equivalent of a porn flick starring two of my students and I'm just going to jadedly sip my coffee," made it look like that thing happens all the time. It's like "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" isn't it?

Funny thing about the halter "I go patrolling in it all the time"? Funny how Buffy never seems to wear anything twice.

Sophie said:

Okay red sheets for Angel, Parker and now Riley. Joss, we get the symbolism, don't have to SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT!!!

CalliAnn said:

Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon of when Buffy has sex, it's in maroon sheets? ...what, no? I mean, I haven't either. I'm not sex-obsessed. Really. That's Xander's thing.

(Do you think I convinced them?)

Sally said:

Is it just me, or does every guy Buffy sleeps with have red sheets or a red blanket or something? Eww!

Louise said:

I liked the episode because it featured Mr Clean Cut America aka Riley. They could stand still for 4 hours in front of a white wall and I would be entertained. So the fact I thought the episode was good really does not say much. :-D

belle said:

It's a tribute to Lindsay Crouse's acting that that last scene worked as well as it did...because the dialogue, if you just look at it, is complete mad-scientist movie cliche from start to finish. And yes, I'm glad the bitch took it in the neck...what a maroon. Pride goeth before a bone-dagger up the strap, I guess. "Mommy." D'you think, if she'd lived to bond with Adam, there would've been dialogue like: "No wire hangers! It's for your *own good,* you'll short-circuit yourself..."

Oh, yes, and didn't we just *know* that Xander would be into spanking? Three guesses as to who spanks whom...Dug the little Willow grin on it too (and her "everyone's getting spanked but me", later, which Buffy did *not* tweak, apparently): maybe there's hope for X/W at some point after all...

Best line: "Please leave my home now." (with a mouthful of disgusting maple-walnut) Giles *likes* his home, doesn't he? I don't blame him. I *covet* those lamps, I tell you!

Satan's Bunny said:

It's too bad Professor Walsh had to die. I was looking forward to seeing a weird Buffy-Ange--er, Riley-Professor Walsh triangle. The scene where Buffy looks into the the little earphone/camera thing and tells off Walsh? Classic.

Plus, the whole thing between Giles and Professor Walsh never came to fruitition. Isn't there some unwritten rule on BtVS that Giles has to gleep with every woman over the age of 25 that's on the show for more than one ep? If not there should be.

Buffy almost got killed in this ep, but that's not as bad as losing your e-mail folders and having your tv station take Buffy off the air for a basketball game. My thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow Dingo Chick. Why, thank you! (And to everyone else who commiserated, too.)

Nykolai said:

I liked this episode. I liked Willow's hair-spell and her prayer during the poker game. Plus the look on Willow's face when Anya said "Yes, we've enjoyed spanking" was amusing. Oh, and can I say that so far I really, really like Adam for killing the evil-bitch-monster-of-death! It was also nice to see Spike drinking again!

CandRach2 said:

This was a good-but-average episode. I may just be saying this because I read a summary of this eppie before it aired, but still. It had some good moments, for instance when Spike was all "don't come crying to me for help" (loved the teen witch and Xander cutting a new tooth references by the way) and then rushed over to Giles' for that exact reason but all-in-all, not my favorite episode. And I know I might get slapped by all you Riley-happy people but, I was so not loving Buffy and Riley getting it on! How many times has she done that this season? Saturn to Buffy? Come in? I admit it was a very well done scene, the fighting and the fleshyness of the Buffster and her commando compadre but come on! You must work up to that! Plus Professor Walsh witnessing the whole thing just completely disturbed me. Be honest. We were all incredibly happy that she was offed. At least I was. And I think her little project, Adam, is same-old-same-old but, who knows what Joss has up his sleeve?

Aly said:

....This ep really clinched it: This season's Buffy is completely different. I know that they're in college and their lives are different now, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Save it for someone who cares. I just started college, and <GASP!> I'm still the same person. Just because someone is a freshman in college and has been seeing a boyfriend for what couldn't have been more than 3 weeks tops (and if it were more, then this should have been made clear!), doesn't give her the right to sleep with that person (not that much sleeping was involved).

Oh, and the red bed sheets? Barfing. Their "passionate" night reminded me more of an X-rated film than any of the true love she shared with Angel.

I don't know if it's the writers or Joss himself who has all this kinky bed action planned for Buffy, but stop! She used to be human, not some sex-crazed monster that can't get enough (anyone picturing Faith?) and who ignores her best friend. Likeable people don't do that. Buffy used to be likeable and now I find myself passing judgment on her every episode which I never did before, not even in When She Was Bad (she was hurting then and that gave her appeal). Where did Buffy go? I miss her. Bring her back Joss, please! Ok, sorry, out of breath now...END RANT.

Fnord said:

....The evil bitch monster of death can provide some useful parts to make a real EVIL BITCH MONSTER OF DEATH (her head seemed ro be undammaged). Did Adam contain parts of her actual son? It called her mommy.

Sunny said:

I'm back to disliking Riley. First of all, way too much skin on that love scene. I'm not a prude. I'm not a peeping Tom either. Secondly, can the man be any dumber? He's taking medicine he doesn't know. He has no idea what he's taking. At least I hope he doesn't. Because, if he does and still takes it (and unless it's been prescribed by an actual [doctor], which I doubt, this being the Hellmouth and all), he's even dumber. Finally, that little scene at the end where he's trying to look all sad and shocked (trying being the optimal word here) and then does his little walking out sulking like a big baby was incredibly lame.

I still maintain this relationship is doomed. They believe in totally different things, as exemplified by Buffy's questioning during the prep scene for that monster, which will ultimately lead them to have a big fight. He still doesn't get that this isn't just a gig for Buffy. As lame as the line sounded, it is a question of destiny for her. She has tried to escape from it on numerous occasions and failed.

I'm getting sick of Riley. He's bland. He has no personality. Alright, so he was cute, said all the right things and was occasionally funny. That's long gone. These days, he's all pseudo-brooding. It's like he's trying to become Angel (boyfriend on the job who broods a lot)... and, of course, failing miserably.

On the good side of things, Spike was awesome, as usual. Probably saved the episode. Well, him and Forrest:o) And Graham... how do I love his smile, let me count the ways...

Of all the commando guys she could've fallen for, I can't believe Buffy went for Dufus-guy...

Joy said:

Ok, let me get this off my chest. I used to really like Forrest, but now, I don't. Why is he so jealous of Buffy? So what if he didn't get to be Riley's second in command? He got to be the TEAM LEADER of the second team. I think that that is actually the better job....

mlejane said:

I know the point of the episode was "Buffy joins the Initiaive and neglects her friends", and maybe "love is blind" cause Buffy isn't thinking about things like what the Initiative's ultimate purpose might be (questions raised by Willow), but it was kind of irritating to watch. I mean, how clueless would she have to be to bring the whole commando gang to the Bronze on old-friend night? It just seemed like the ultimate sign of an annoying relationship, when your friend can't tell the guy to go away so she can hang out with you and have it be fun.

Also, the whole Willow-Tara potential relationship is interesting, and I trust the writers to present whatever situation they decide on sensitively; but Tara was acting kind of freaky. I mean, if there weren't so much gossip about what's up, you might've thought she was going to turn evil or be possessed or something.

My final complaint is the whole sex issue. When Riley and Buffy are about to go to the lab for the first time, and he's all like, "Are you sure you're ready? We can wait..." you KNEW they weren't talking about sex, because they have pulled that so many times already, so that just bugged me. (What was funny though, was that once they got down to the lab, the sexual metaphor continued. Buffy: "It's huge!! You said it was big, but I never imagined!!" and then something about "Is this just a one-night kind of deal?" Was THAT intentional?)

But also, Cinnamon (fellow Buffy watcher) and I agreed that we just don't want to watch a bunch of sex. There was something sweet about it the first time around, but now it's just kind of gross, especially when you tell people how awesome BtVS is and drag them over to watch it, and then it's a bunch of make-out scenes. Remember how in Nancy Drew books, she was always dating Ned, and occasionally he would go on a trip with her or help her out, and like it was really romantic in "The secret of the Pine Trees" (sorry, I can't remember the title correctly) when Ned dressed up an an Indian to "kidnap" Nancy from a crowd as a way of getting her outside to show her the secret he'd uncovered; but you never had to read a huge love scene, like, she found the treasure in the windy staircase! and then she and Ned toppled to the floor.... I was thinking it might be better if they could present Buffy and Riley more Carolyn Keene-esque.

Also, this might just be me being totally uptight, but I worry that all these young girls are going to think it's ok not to have sex when you're in high school, but once you get to college, everybody just sleeps together right off. I remember what I was expecting when I left for college, and I was so sure that I would never have a boyfriend because all college boys would be sex-fiends, and it wasn't like that at all. I'm not saying they should keep Buffy as virginal role-model and make all sex evil/full of bad consequences, but I wish they wouldn't put so much emphasis on it. And come on, Riley?!?! Ugh.

Okay, I did actually like this episode though. I'm glad they finally pinned down Professor Walsh as evil, and I was glad that Giles and the kids were doing stuff together again, even if buffy wasn't really in on it. My main disappointment was that Forrest and his fellow commandos didn't bust into Giles's house, cause I wanted to know what they planned to do. Do they think they're "above the law"? If a vampire has friends and isn't a killer, are they allowed to cart him away anyway? Plus it would have been cool to watch the gang fight back.

And that Xander/army thing, they're really milking it for all it's worth, and then some.

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