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Reviving the Dead & Changing Graduation Day 2?

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This week's double rerun happened to be on my birthday, so I gave you a birthday-themed question, and other goop to grapple with. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: Willow's birthday trauma might be:

   Someone canceled all her magazine subscriptions.
   Being forced to sing at karaoke.
   Being forced to listen to Kermit's rendition of "It's Not Easy Being Green."
   Oz wolfs, permanently.

The Winner: Being forced to sing at karaoke.

Not clowns, anyway...

Beating around the bush is old hat. So let's get real.

Season 3 was:

   Not as joyous as Spike could've made it.
   All over the damn place.
   A welcome relief from cancellation.

The Winner: All over the damn place.

But mostly in Sunnydale.

Violence on tv?

If one character could have killed everybody, it should have been:


The Winner: vampWillow.

"Isn't that fun, puppy?"

Bored now.

If I weren't watching this rerun, I'd be:

   Mourning Larry's death.
   Wondering why this site doesn't have anything about the new Angel series.
   Practicing my Gaelic.
   Looking for a homeless person to escort me to American Pie.
   Playing darts. Possibly with Angel.

The Winner: Playing darts. Possibly with Angel.

He's quite fun to play with, I hear.

Dru has Miss Edith. But..

A necessity for Spike is:

   Miss Clairol.
   Cable television.
   Jack Daniels.
   Angel's love and nurturing.

The Winner: Jack Daniels.

I heard it from Captain Morgan.

RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Why didn't:

   Giles kill Wesley?
   Buffy see her dad at all this year?
   Joyce date any this year?

The Winner: Buffy see her dad at all this year?


   Might be short for Percival.
   Might have gotten a basketball scholarship.
   Thinks Willow is one tough chick.
   Is contemplating moving in on Oz's turf.

The Winner: Thinks Willow is one tough chick.

Percy can contemplate??

Oz is cooler than:

   Fat Albert.
   The Fonz.
   Charles Nelson Reilly.
   Danny Noonan.
   Chris Makepeace.

The Winner: The Fonz.


Cordelia's Uncle might be named:

   Mr. Weatherbee.
   Roosevelt Franklin.

The Winner: Mr. Weatherbee.

What Would You Change About Graduation Part 2?


Which Dead Character from Season 1 or 2 Would You Bring Back, and Why?

Then you had the option of answering one of the questions above. Many folks said they'd have had Grad. Part 2 air as originally scheduled. Others would have kept Larry alive. For question 2, the big winner was Jenny Calendar, so Giles wouldn't feel lonely. Plenty of interesting responses for this week...let's see what we've got. I know it's a "Duh" factor, but I'll put Grad2 if the folks answered about Grad 2 and Dead if it's about the dead character question. If it's both, I won't put anything.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some answers may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Meg said:

The Master should definitely come back. Not only did he make Prophecy Girl the best Buffy episode ever, but he was also the perfect villain: he was old, angry, ruled all of the underworld, had special powers that Buffy could just barely overcome...

I'm having Master withdrawal myself...

Wombat Princess said:

I think that I would have liked the characters to have more of an emotional introspective than: "Well, we survived. Let's take a moment.(sic)" Didn't it bother them at all that some of their classmates died during the whole fight? Which apparently wasn't necessary if all Buffy had to do was taunt the serpent and then run to the library where she blew them up. Why didn't she do that to begin with? The season finale of Season Two was so fraught with feelings that came through without verbalization that it made Grad.2 seem anticlimactic and well, sort of blase in terms of how the gang reacted to everything. I think maybe if they'd made the whole thing a three parter to allow for more emotional exploration among the characters it would be have been better. I still liked the kiss between Cordy and Wesley though. Sheesh, what a dork and a half!

From Cara:

Jesse...I'm not sure why, I just thought he was going to be one of the regulars. And hey it would create tension between him and Xander when Xander started dating Cordy...Yay character development

KaitlinB said:

Well, first of all, Larry would still be alive. Poor Larry. He was so funny. Great, now I'm crying. Darnit... look what that evil Joss has done to me... Excuse me whilst I compose myself... Sorry.

From Catspaw:

AMY! I wanted to see a little rat in a graduation hat. Doesn't anyone wonder where she's gotten off to? Like .. her parents? teachers? Or did they all die off? If I were Amy (which I'm not, thankfully), I'd want my diploma. Wait. She couldn't do finals. Does that mean she has to repeat? Ouch. Willow better leave her as a rat. Because when she's human again, Amy is going to be one pissed little ex-rat girl and I think she can easily kick Willow's butt ....

Jenn said:

Jenny Calendar....I really would like to know what Faith would have turned out like this season if she'd been around. Jenny wouldn't have taken any sh*t from her, for one thing, and with a strong, self-assured, emotionally-balanced woman around (as opposed to, say, Gwendolyn Post), Faith would have had a much better role model. I think Jenny would've had a shot at turning her around.

From Dennis:

I'd like to see some of the Mantis eggs hatch, just to see the look on Xanders face.

Little Willow said:

They could have had Faith's eyes flicker open at the close of the episode and had me wander in, screaming at Buffy, "What did you do to my sister?", but that would have been fun with casting and I would never be that lucky....*laugh*

Mandat said:

I think they needed to bring Ethan back - he loves chaos so much he would have had a field day at the Ascension OR he would have joined the forces of good <gasp>. But we'll never know will we. Better yet, they could have had Scott Hope eaten alive by the Mayor :)

Dodge said:

Giles and the Scoobies would've invited Angel to play darts.

YEAH! That woulda made the show, alright!

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