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The Prom

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

Yee-ha, new ep. again increased turnout. I kinda hope the summer rerun actions will have a good turnout. (promote, promote)...Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: When Joyce saw Angel's place, the foremost thought in her mind was probably:

   "Now this stuff would look good in my art gallery."
   "Were those chains ever used on Buffy?"
   "Those chains better not have been used on Buffy!"
   "So this is how the other half lives."

The Winner: Those chains better not have been used on Buffy!

It does seem to make the most sense, but...did you see her eyeing his art?

Well, the great inevitable happened. Again. Why, I'm talking about the long-awaited Buffy/Angel breakup. Again.

The breaking-up scene would have had more impact if:

   It hadn't taken place in the sewers.
   I'd never heard word one about the Angel spinoff.
   Willow had been there.

The Winner: Take a guess. Okay, it was: I'd never heard word one about the Angel spinoff.

Cart before the horse, anyone?

Angel, Angel, Angel. Does every dingo action we do have to come around to that freak? Er...not yet, anyway.

Xander and Cordelia:

   Were way too civil to each other in this episode.
   Made me yearn for Bucky's Fondue Hut.
   Probably won't ever get back together.
   Might have danced together once at the prom.

The Winner: Might have danced together once at the prom.

Maybe...but that might have been pushing it, eh? No?

Xander and Anya? Well...she's no mummy..but..

Xander should:

   Look into getting his sock puppet of love a sock puppet girlfriend.
   Have known the VCR remote control inside out.
   Shove a sock puppet into Anya's mouth so she'll quit yammering about her past.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Shove a sock puppet into Anya's mouth so she'll quit yammering about her past.

Too bad. I had just the sock puppet girlfriend for him, too!

Finally, for the first time in a long time, a monster o' the week that didn't sound like Eyghon!

The hell hound creature:

   Seriously tops the weresuit in the costume department.
   Looked like Oz will in about 40 years.
   Probably prefers Beggin' Strips to Snausages.
   Probably bowled Buffy over with its dog breath.

The Winner: Probably prefers Beggin' Strips to Snausages.

It's bacon!! -- Actually this was a very close one, Oz choice not far behind, weresuit trailed close, too.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The best lines in this episode went to:


The Winner: Xander.

Judging from his problem with taxes, Cordy's father:

   Doesn't have enough shirts left to qualify as a white-collar criminal.
   Was a politician.
   Couldn't deal with his wife's Epstein-Barr.
   Really just wanted to teach Cordy a lesson in economics.

The Winner: Doesn't have enough shirts left to qualify as a white-collar criminal.

'Tis a sad day, indeed.

Her classmates gave Buffy a neat surprise because:

   They're still alive to do so.
   They figured she'd kick their asses if they didn't.
   They felt like jinxing themselves with the Ascension looming large.
   They knew everyone's a sucker for an emotional scene.

The Winner: They knew everyone's a sucker for an emotional scene.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about this episode. Most of you wondered where the heck Snyder was. Many of you also thought the awards thing was cheesy. And a few of you even went so far as to explain to me why they chose an umbrella, what an umbrella does. (Snicker. Oy, I'm in trouble if I didn't get that on my own...I just thought they could've picked out something better is all. But thanks!) Anya was a big hit with everyone, much like Buffy's dress in Prophecy Girl was. You laughed. You cried. Some wish that Wesley had died. Funnier still was when you started waxing about your own proms...Heh. Now....Check out below for some of the thoughts:

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all. But here're some of 'em. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

MadHatter said: ....If my high school had given out awards, I would have been "Most Likely to be Seen Crossing the Canadian Border on "America's Most Wanted.""

gummibear said: I personally cannot handle any more of Buffy's heartache.

Snicker! Well, we're almost outta the woods. (Ha.)

StephanieJane said: It was GREAT! ....One question though, I had my hair professionally done for my prom and it didn't look 1/10 as good as hers which she probably either fixed outside or in the bathroom, what's the what? I know, I know it's TV!

..Hm..well, I'm sure you looked SMASHING! Heh.

Lydia said: I think that the cast of Buffy are pioneers in finding romance is the weirdest spots. The make out in graveyards and broom closets and break up in sewers.

Talk about resourceful!

Some of you made suggestions as to character "developments":

From Cathren: I think Xander needs to invite Angel to McPlasma's.

Some talked about the great unseen but oh-so-powerful forces that be:

pie-en-argent said: Whoa! That was harsh even for the IRS! (I work for a CPA firm, so I know this stuff...)

And some saw the forest for the trees. Or would that be..trees for the forest. Oh never mind, read on:

Wyatt said: Really just sets up the Angel spin-off, sets scene for next season. I appreciate continuity but trying to tie up all the loose ends before the season finale two-parter is boring. WE went 5 weeks without a new episode and now they just want to set the scene for next year.

Rachel said: ...couldn't have Buffy danced with Giles JUST once??! Acknowledged the poor guy so he wouldn't have to talk to those ugly she-male teachers all night?? (did anyone else see those broads?? Woof!!) Has anyone else noticed how little he's in the show now, save for the occasional sly jab at Wesley or the "Buffy, you can't...nevermind. Do it."????

From GypAng: ... The absolute best part was Jonathan giving the award. Made me think all of Sunnydale has a little Oz in them. They all know about the weird stuff, hyena people and zombies, but they aren't going to worry about it.

Gyulah said: Gosh, I sure hope those parent groups that are saying that movies are the root of all evil and that kids can't distinguish between right and wrong because they watched "The Basketball Diaries" don't notice that the hellhounds were trained by watching hours and hours of cheesy prom night disaster movies...;)

Silly! They're too busy watching soccer games & chewing out the refs to notice! Heh.

From Erin: If Wesley is a blueberry scone and Cordy is the dip is it no wonder their little tryst gives Giles heartburn? Did no one think to bring amyrat's cage to the prom?

Theyoung1 said: I think that we finally got to see how truly heroic Xander can be. He was not only very considerate not to spill Cordys secret, he spent some of his road money on someone who has shown nothing but contempt for him. He realized that doing what could be perceived as the right thing is more important than any pettiness. He actually showed more emotional maturity than the blueberry scone watcher.

And lastly, from The Mattmantis: Will Buffy be able to stop the mayor? Is this Anya's chance to discover a good side? Will Wes and Cordy engage in an unlawful teacher/student relationship? And... What about poor Amy? Is she doomed to live as a rodent for the rest of her life? For all of this and more... Tune in next week:
Same rat time...
Same rat channel...

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