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Graduation part I

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about the episode Graduation part I...Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: The word or phrase in Mr. Miller's game of hangman was probably:

   We gotta get out of this place.
   Don't walk away from me, bitch!
   Be somber.

The Winner: Don't walk away from me, bitch!

Thank you for getting the joke! (Check out Mr. Miller's character page for the in-jokes here. Except for Redrum, which is a season one Xander joke from The Puppet Show. Er, and that first option song title. But it keeps with the ridiculous nature of these, I guess.)

Here's an interesting, I think.

If Oz hadn't walked up when Percy was talking to Willow:

   Percy would have asked Willow out.
   Willow would have gone skanky and kinda gay.
   Larry would have.

The Winner: Percy would have asked Willow out.

Can you dig it? The chick who doesn't know what a running back is (SAR reference), dating a basketball player!

Hm. What motivates a brooding vamp?

Angel let Buffy walk out of the professor's apartment first because:

   He didn't want her to see him trip again.
   He likes watching her back.
   He wanted to watch Buffy slip in the hallway.
   Soul Boy's got manners.

The Winner: Soul Boy's got manners.

Well, he's had plenty o' time to learn, I guess.

So has she, sort of...

Anya should:

   Write a book about her gory days. I mean, glory days.
   Feel like yakking whenever Xander appears.
   Rival Cordy in the tact department.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Write a book about her gory days. I mean, glory days.

..."A horrible conversation piece?"

Speaking of guys with manners...again, uh, sorta...

The Mayor:

   Probably never needed Kaopectate.
   Probably watches what he eats.
   Talks a lot because he might lose the ability to speak when he becomes the giant beast.
   Probably prefers Icees to Slush Puppies and Slurpees.

The Winner: Probably prefers Icees to Slush Puppies and Slurpees.

I know I do.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The best lines in this episode went to:

   The Mayor.

The Winner: Xander, with The Mayor a close second. (And Amy got more than Cordy. Heh.)

The whole Amy rat thing:

   Makes Willow look bad..hey, she coulda asked Giles for help.
   Is disturbing when you think about it.
   Just doesn't wash.
   Better have some significance in next week's episode.

The Winner: Better have some significance in next week's episode.

And can you believe how long it took most of us to find out didn't?

This is how Snyder will be paid back during the Ascension:

   The Mayor will see to it that no one's selling drugs.
   He'll be eaten first.
   He'll get to watch Buffy die.
   He'll be the last one to become a demon.

The Winner: He'll be eaten first.

SEASON ENDER PART ONE EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The question or issue that's been troubling me the most is:

   Has anyone filled in Hank Summers about his daughter?
   Where the heck was Jonathan in this episode?
   Where the heck was Larry in this episode?
   Where the heck was Oz in this episode?
   WILL anyone invite Angel to play darts?

The Winner: WILL anyone invite Angel to play darts?

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about this episode. Most of you answered only by pointing out that I am dumb to have "missed" the whole "E" thing. Yeesh. Ow. My ego! My self-esteem! Heh. The rest of you mentioned the "Angel's leaving soon, thank God" idea, and touched on the fact that Faith might not be dead. Willow's loss of innocence resonated in the answers as well...Now....Check out below for some of the thoughts:

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all but I did post lots cos of ..season endery feelings. So here're some of 'em. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Hitomi Terwilliger said: She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...She's not dead...

So..what're you trying to say? Heh.

Goddess Minerva said: Faith=Scary
   Angel getting shot=That sucks... pathetic answer much?
   Mayor=Will he have indegestion from the spiders?
   Faith/Buffy fight=Is Buffy still a twinkie?
   Oz/Willow=Yuck! Yuck!... did I say that already? :)

The Mattmantis said: Why do I sense a heroic, last minute, saving of the day by Anya?
   Why do I sense a weird Xander, Cordy, Former Demon(Anya) love triangle in the making?
   WHY DID WILLOW AND OZ HAVE TO HAVE SEX??? (Can't kids have innocent relationships anymore? Though I must admit that I did not see it coming... Interesting...)
   Do giant spiders taste like chicken?

Because, because, because, and yes.

From Devinistan: ....On the Amy front.... Too bad she's still a rat. And she must not have been to thrilled to have to watch Willow and Oz (for lack of a better phrase) get it on... But now I'm worried about Oz and Willow. 'Cause the last two times we know people did it, both times, one of them went evil! Oz must not be allowed to turn to the dark side.....

From Alye: ...the Mayor seems more of a Slush Puppy guy to me.

Rachel said: Hey, in Mr. Miller's message there was no "E"... yet in all your choices there was the letter E! Did you know a man wrote an entire book not using the letter 'E'? That's freaking amazing, considering I just used the letter 'E' 20 times in the last two sentences. By the way, this weeks episode was brought to you by the letter E. Ironic?

Hm. I didn't know that about the book. I guess some folks will do anything...(I wonder if this is the same guy who made a copy of the Mona Lisa using only toast. Um. I think.)

Winnie the Witch said: Very good. The fight scenes between Buffy and Faith kicked ass! High time one couple on BTVS lost their virginity without negative consequences by the way!

Lisa said: Maybe it's the lack of sleep tonight or the brainfreeze I got from my Icee, but don't they always seem a bit too cold to Wesley? I know, I know, he has his bad points, but it's not like he's been through everything with the Scooby Gang such as Giles had. I mean, at the beginning, I was like "what a stupidhead" but now I just kinda feel sorry for him because no one but Cordy likes him and he really does seem like a nice guy..sometimes.

From inlovewithoz: I don't really know if I like how Buffy stabbed Faith, but it definitely was a shocker!!!

Ari said: So, what happened when Xander and Cordy skipped class together?

diane said: Poor snarky Snyder... clearly dreading any interaction with the Mayor, yet somehow hoping against all odds that his "payback" will be something pleasant.

JillS said: Does anyone else notice that ever since Giles got fired from the council that he has gotten a sense of humor. He has come up with some great one-liners this season. The council should fire Wesley - then maybe he'll get a personality

Nels said: ...all we can do is wonder what the new slayer will be like (if there is one, I favor the idea that no new slayer will be called because the one killed the other).

"D" said: I think the most important thing was actually Faith jumping into the truck, she was evil and selfish after all with no good left in her at all. My big question, however, is now that Faith is dead there will be a new slayer again so Buffy's speech about how the council is out of luck untill the new slayer is called is sort of a short term threat by her own action. Furthermore, what will the council do about Buffy killing Faith. Will Wesley have to do with the van and the handcuffs thing again, he's not very good at that.

MadHatter said: Editing error! Notice how when the camera was directly on Angel in the bed o'sickness, he was doused in sweat. (Purr...) BUT when the camera was on his profile, no sweat to be seen! Ha! Maybe I'm too obsessed with Angel sweating...

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