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Living Conditions

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Living Conditions. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery My first thought when I saw this week's demon was:

   Thank God the Eyghon days are behind us.
   Definite trend with the hood-wearing demons these days.
   Anya much?

The Winner: Definite trend with the hood-wearing demons these days.

It's a change, anyway.

I really couldn't believe:

   That Cher didn't make a cameo.
   How much Kathy was like my own roomie.
   That everyone keeps doubting Buffy when she's *always* right!
   That Oz had so many lines.

The Winner: That Oz had so many lines.


The coolest thing about this ep. was:

   The Dingoes Ate My Baby poster.
   Lessons on grifting with your meal card.
   Giles's patio thing.
   Oz's exchanged look with the vamp-girl, and the rest of that scene.
   "Gum gnome?"

The Winner: The Dingoes Ate My Baby poster.

I think I'm a groupie.

I fully expected:

   Parker to die.
   Buffy to break Kathy's eggs.
   Some "in-class" scenes.
   Buffy to say, "Got milk?"
   Giles to have a heart attack after his morning run.

The Winner: Buffy to say, "Got milk?"

Or maybe, "Aaron Burr." (Okay, little Got Milk in-joke there.)

I'm surprised that:

   Mr. Gordo wasn't mentioned.
   Buffy didn't call home.
   They're saying bitch instead of bitca now.
   CBS is airing "Survivor."

The Winner: They're saying bitch instead of bitca now.

Guess college really is different.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Probably misses Percy.
   Might just eat all of Buffy's sandwiches.
   Should wear shoes that don't squeak.
   Needs to learn to trust Buffy's instincts.

The Winners: Tie between Percy and Sandwiches. Mmm?


   Needs to get a job on campus.
   Should audit a class.
   Should learn to tie ropes better.
   Probably misses Deadboy.

The Winners: Tie between job and Deadboy. Boy. Folks can't make up their minds when it comes to Willow and Xander, eh? Heh.


   Looked really at home in the student lounge.
   Might date Professor Maggie Walsh.
   Finally got a grown-up car?
   Has plenty of time to bond with Xander.

The Winner: Has plenty of time to bond with Xander.

What Did You Think of These Episodes?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Lots of you thought the ep. was pretty realistic and very good. A few of you were wondering how come Buffy and Willow weren't roomies. Actually a few of you thought that during the premiere episode. Well, now we know why. Also, Star Wars was yet again mentioned. Do I detect a theme? (insert Star Wars theme here.) (But NOT sung by Cher or Celine Dion..please!!)

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a good number. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Kristin said:

Gotta say, this is probably the most true to life episode I've ever seen.

Queen Vamp said:

Wahoo - it picked up - - shades of beginning of season 3. Buff can be soooo catty.

From jessica:

Okay first we have "Demon Hype" a la Phantom Menace. Now we have Demons sporting the "jedi look" and speaking some kind of weird language. What's next? Will Buffy sneak Cinnamon Buns out of the cafeteria by sticking them in her hair?

Heh. Don't know about you, but I'd like to see that scene.

Rachel R. said:

Is anyone else wondering when they are going to start actually selling those nifty Dingoes Ate My Babies poster?? I loved it! I just knew Kathy was going to get it... they can't keep someone like that on the show for that long... *wait a minute... Cordelia comes to mind... and now she has her OWN SHOW!* Maybe Kathy has her own teenage angst show in her own dimension already.... hmm. And when Xander woke up on the floor next to Oz, I kept expecting him to look at him and go "uh oh" then make some mention of alcohol. ^_^

Oh yah, and when the demons spoke, I laughed out loud, they sounded so much like something from Star Wars.

Grub said:

Anyone who can stand listening to that Cher song OVER and OVER AGAIN must be EVIL!!!! She HAD to be banished! Also, Sarah does insane very well, dontcha think?

From Mabel:

I would have suspected Kathy the minute she put up that Celine Dion poster and would have definitely killed her over the whole Cher thing - probably by shoving her nicely labeled boiled eggs down her throat until she choked. Overall, a fun episode!

CandRach2 said:

Loved it!!! This episode had some great camera tricks with the sounds of the nail clippings and pencil and I thought Buffy's eye thing- first with Kathy then Willow was HILARIOUS!!!! Great job Ms. Noxon!!!

From Queen C:

Kathy drove me nuts. Perkiness 24/7? She's gotta be evil! I liked the evil toenails. Buffy measuring them and stuff made her look nuts, but as usual we found out she was right. Wonder if she went around saying "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah"? I liked Willow's mention of Cordelia. Cordy, gone but not forgotten. But now I'm paranoid that the gum gnome is stealing the gum out of my purse. The ep was kinda strange overall. I have that take it or leave it feeling about it.

Jonathan M. said:

I just hope Buffy and Willow don't have any conflicts!... Xander, still the food mooch!!!

From Jane, the Frog on the Wall:

Heh. So, when Buffy didn't have a soul, she was like Cordelia. Is this some kind of underlying message from Joss that Cordelia really *doesn't* have a soul?

And about the gnomes. I think that'd be an interesting episode. The UC Sunnydale campus is plagued by milk-stealing and gum gnomes, and there is an unexpected cow shortage in the surrounding area. Other reports have included sightings of little green men, carrying cartons of milk...or maybe that's just me.

And what is with these college guys? I mean...they all have personalities. Unlike any guys I know, or Buffy's previous boyfriends, *cough* Angel *cough* Scott *cough*

From Redbeard:

Questions: 1) Are all the books from the school in Giles' apartment? If so, how can he get around in there? If not, where are they?

2) Does Buffy ever knock first when she goes into someone else's place?

Did they really have to show the close-up of Kathy clipping her toenails? Talk about unsuitable for television...

I love Willow, and Aly is the cutest thing going, but Oy!--that is one unflattering haircut.

From belle:

Well, as tempting as it is to quote and quote from what is among my top-ten favorite eps of all time, I have to comment on: fashion, or lack thereof. Willow! What were you thinking?! Do us all a favor and go all the way, a nice pixie cut, say....And Buffy is having a very good hair year, thanks very much. Also Xander, I like the long look.

Kathy didn't remind me of previous roomies, but Buffy's Linda Blairesque ranting reminded me uncomfortably of (gulp) my own when confronted with some of my first roommate's less charming idiosyncrasies...

Too funny, the whole thing. Some of the facial expressions, especially during the "intervention" scene...priceless.

I feel very sorry for Xander--dammit, heartless parents who don't support you at all isn't *that* comic. I guess I don't want to make it all heavy, but I hope they will deal with his story a little more centrally later in the season. The whole theme so far seems to be, "Hey, college peeps? You think *you've* got problems..." Except he doesn't really complain or seem to envy his oblivious friends...poor Xander...

Okay, I'm finally starting to get the Oz mystique...did he bargain for some real scenes or what? The dialogue about enforced mimes... vintage BTVS writing. "On the plus side, you killed the bench, which was looking shifty..."

From Wombat Princess:

So why would a demon like Celine Dion and Cher? Because that's what they make you listen to in Hell. Hee hee.

Poor Kathy. I think Buffy should have taken her under her wing and instructed her on how to be hip. I do have to say that my own roommate and I were wondering throughout the entire epi why Buffy and Willow weren't rooming together to begin with. Although maybe Buffy was a little leery of sharing a room with Amy the rat and foul smelling herbs. Understandable.

From Qennouindagnas (Sheesh. I know that's you, Gyulah. Wiseacre.):

It was okay, I guess. Not among my favorites. Just once I'd like to see Buffy suspect someone of being a demon and be WRONG about me that would have made this episode really great. But hey, I suppose that would just make our hero look bad. Ah well.

I did, however, absolutely love the zoom on Willow/Buffy's eyes when Willow ate the sandwich. Heh.

And I must admit that Kathy was so much like an ex-roommate of mine it was scary. Playing the same song over and over ("My Heart Will Go On (and On and On and On and...You Get The Idea)" by Celine Dion), labeling food...I don't think she ever ironed her jeans tho. Ah well...guess my ex-roomie wasn't a demon after all. Good thing I didn't kill her.


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