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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about Revelations...Voter turnout was kinda low due to its being a repeat, I think, so thanks bunches to all those who played!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: Gwendolyn Post's husband probably:

   Never existed; that was a ruse to make her seem stable or something.
   Showed up in a later episode as Balthazar.
   Is Quentin Travers.

The Winner: Never existed; that was a ruse to make her seem stable or something.

Coming in second? Showed up in a later episode as Balthazar.

Y'know, personally, I would've gone with, no, actually I don't know. For once I think I came up with 3 really good choices, so I would've gone the familiar route of indecision.

Music is a big part of this've got your love themes, your comedy strains, and Dingoes Ate My Baby. (Well, sometimes, anyway). But perhaps music means a little more on this show than enhancing the scenes it's used in?

The T'ai Chi theme music reminds me of:

   Those little music boxes you get as bat mitzvah gifts.
   Another reason to show Angel topless.

The Winner: Another reason to show Angel topless. Okay, that was pretty much a gimme.

We've seen the good in the Xander (yes, naysayers, it does exist). And we've seen the bad. We take them both and then we have the Facts of Xan...that's really not working, let's move on.

Judging from this episode, Xander:

   Wanted to get caught smooching Willow.
   Thought Xmas came early if staking Angel was an option.
   Should have known that Faith would play rough with him later in the season.
   Is almost as tactful as Cordelia is.

The Winner:Is almost as tactful as Cordelia is. Gee, is it any wonder they matched up so well?

This episode wasn't the greatest for Giles. I wonder if tea is good for a splitting headache...?

Giles should:

   Remove all blunt-type objects from his office.
   Check in with the Council more.
   Switch to Taster's Choice.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winners (Yes, it's a Tie!) Remove all blunt-type objects from his office. AND Switch to Taster's Choice.

No, I can't believe one person actually selected the "darts" option...I thought more would.

The show's called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, okay?


   Didn't for one second believe Willow's "secret."
   Probably skipped class to go see Faith.
   Needs to get a shirt that fits better.

The Winner: Needs to get a shirt that fits better. Another gimme?

RERUN BONUS -- because we've all had a little more time to ponder the ep.

If Faith has a last name, it might be:


The Winner: Kennedy.

So much for pronunciation jokes.

If Oz has a last name, it might be:


The Winner: Stinpowers.

More indecisiveness, good thing I don't get to play.

If Angel has a last name, it might be:


The Winner: O'Leary.

Color me surprised. Spinoff came in second. And Uvdeth got only 3 votes.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. It makes me wonder what we'd have said if this hadn't been a rerun. Most folks left this space blank. Luckily (or, unluckily?) for you, I'm're some of the answers received this week. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged so I could put more of 'em up...

Skatie said: Faith truly showed that she can't really think more than 1 move ahead at any time. I predict that she'll "stake" herself before the end of the season. Ya gotta think with something other than your fists, feet, or other body parts. -- About that last true! ~dingochick

Rachel said: Okay, boob tube or not, as a female viewer, I *don't* need to see Buffy's bra.

From Mileen: Maybe the watcher council did send Gwendolyn so she could beat up Giles.

My pal CalliAnn said: First Felicity, now Buffy (although, okay, they did air in opposite order but it's a hey)...maybe it's time I visited *my* local library for some action. --I highly recommend the library...being the daughter of a trailblazing librarian, myself. ~dingochick

Rob said: When "Faith, Hope, and Trick" first aired, I was like, ok, I can deal with David's butt. Then "All Men are Beasts" came and I was thinking, "Hmmm... Angel found pants!" And yet, he's not a psycho anymore by the time "Revelations" comes around and he still can't find a darn shirt. Oh no, that isn't suspicious at all or done solely to gain a larger female audience. Gosh no! --Sound theory...I tell you this much...I ain't in it for Angel. Ugh-o-rama. Now Spike...that could be a different story. Heh. ~dingochick

Okay, so it's not *always* about the show itself:

From beegle: I was so looking forward to it since my tape screwed up the 1st time. .

Y'know, I really hope this one is from my brother: I'm not sure. Did I watch it with you?

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