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All Men Are Beasts

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about All Men Are Beasts...Voter turnout was still kinda low due to its being a repeat, I think, so thanks bunches to all those who played!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: The most striking thing about Debbie is:

   Her resemblance to Harmony.
   That shirt she stole from Ernie on Sesame Street.
   Her bad taste in men.

The Winner: Her bad taste in men.

Y'know, personally, I would've gone with, um, maybe option 1. Or not. I don't know, okay? Yeesh.

But leave us not forget about Pete, the second half of this week's oh-so-charming couple. (Not.)

Pete's problems probably stemmed from:

   Having one too many G.I. Joe dolls.
   That bad haircut he was sporting.
   Debbie's taste in shirts.

The Winner: Having one too many G.I. Joe dolls. But I still think it coulda been her shirts.

So Oz yet again gets to think he's a killer. And some high schoolers just worry about grades....sheesh.

Judging from this episode, Oz:

   Probably wanted to be in the marching jazz band, but those hats...
   Probably added one more reason to his "I hate Xander because" list.
   Won't agree to lend his notes to anyone anymore.
   Liked having Willow yank his tail.

The Winner:Liked having Willow yank his tail. Aw.

It could be that Faith listens to satanic music on that walkman of hers, but she probably doesn't...gee. I should have asked what music she listens to. But instead I asked the following.

Faith should:

   Calm the hell down.
   See Mr. Platt about her issues.
   Invest in a shirt that's not a tank top.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winner Calm the hell down.

It's probably too late for that now. And hey, a few more folks voted for the darts option this time. Interesting!

Mr. Platt, we hardly knew ye...or did we?

Mr. Platt:

   Shouldn't have been smoking in school.
   Didn't need that eye anyway.
   Would've called the nice doctors for Buffy had he heard her story.

The Winner: Shouldn't have been smoking in school. This has been a public service announcement.

RERUN BONUS -- because we've all had a little more time to ponder the ep. and what coulda been.

If Snyder had been in this episode:

   He'd have busted Platt for smoking.
   He'd have busted Giles for having a tranquilizer gun.
   He'd have busted Buffy for eating jello.
   He'd have busted Oz for destroying school property.

The Winner: He'd have busted Buffy for eating jello.

Y'know, this is one that could've gone any all probability, he'd have busted them all, I bet.

Willow's fascination with doughnuts:

   Makes me wonder how she feels about pie.
   Exists because they're symbolic of end and no beginning.
   Needs to be explored in an upcoming episode, along with her frog fear.
   Means zero is her favorite number.

The Winner: Needs to be explored in an upcoming episode, along with her frog fear.


After Pete and Debbie died and he finished crying, Scott:

   Went for doughnuts.
   Decided he should dump Buffy; it was probably her fault anyway.
   Went for jello.
   Went to class.

The Winner: Decided he should dump Buffy; it was probably her fault anyway.

Is this cheating since we knew he would dump Buffy later? Heh.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Lots of you commented on the Oz Wolf Suit. This week there were plenty of fun answers. Here're some of 'em. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged so I could put more of 'em up...

Violet said: Who in their right mind would start a rumor around school about a guy chugging down his mom's birth control pills??? That's two nasties in one!

Rob said: Oz looked like a monkey in that werewolf suit, LoL I tried not to say it but I had to... the second season werewolf suit definitely looked better...Tough choice...I still groan when I see the OzWolf emerging from the mist into the alley...That suit! His sad expression? ~dingochick

Take heart,'re not alone...

Principal Flutie said: Oz needs a new weresuit! Wonder if Oz's fur color changes with his hair color...I also wonder where Oz's clothes go--I mean, the Incredible Hulk had some clothes consistency. Is it too much to ask that Oz does too?

Gypsy concurred: Not the best. I never was impressed with this epi. And is Oz supposed to be a werewolf or gorilla. Can't tell from the suit.

From Tlarix: Pretty good. The moral of the story was delivered with a sledgehammer, and I like the theme to be a bit more subtle. That reminds me of that show Sledge Hammer. Which btw, I kinda liked!

Cara said: As much as I like Angel's chest you gotta wonder. I mean if he went out of his way and found pants you'd think he would have grabbed a shirt. It was fall, it gets chilly at night. And God, Pete's eyes remind of this beagle I used to have. --Maybe the Gap wasn't open at night? Do you think Angel would fall into the Gap?

Goddess Minerva said: I liked it... dull answers are my specialty. :)

Allycat103 said: Should Mr. Platt have a good long talk with Willow about that frog thing? -- Probably. But too late now...

From Wyatt: Better the second time around, Buffy is clued in on how hard having a vicious killer around is going to be.

And of course, some folks just have a knack for telling it like it is:

princesscloud said: I felt sorry for Debbie...but boy was she annoying!

Little Willow let the truth be known: hilary, YOU just want to see what Willow thinks of pie because YOU have the pie obsession...sigh. Not only is the truth out there, but it hurts. sNicker.

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