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Giles, Giles, Giles!

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we were in double reruns so I opted to do a theme-based action about Giles. Thanks to...oy, I forgot who suggested it! Sorry! But thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery dingochick: Next year, Giles will:

   Call up Ethan, just for kicks.
   Meet someone who looks like Ms. Calendar.
   Have dinner with Joyce.
   Take Buffy to an ice show.

The Winner: Have dinner with Joyce.

Probably without blueberry scones.

Of the ones here, my favorite Giles scene:

   Took place in The Puppet Show.
   Was when he joined the swim team, in a Speedo.
   "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty?"

The Winner: "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty?"

Okay, that was pretty much a gimme.

The reason Giles doesn't have a grown-up car is:

   They're harder to hotwire.
   Librarians and money aren't as close as they are in this sentence.
   He spends all of his money on tweed.
   He spends all of his money on sauce.

The Winner: Librarians and money aren't as close as they are in this sentence.

Which reminds me of that bumper sticker: Librarians are novel lovers. Heh.

In his spare time,:

   Giles has Ripper moments.
   Giles thinks about Lurconis.
   Giles never cross-references.
   Giles thinks about Dr. Gregory.
   Giles thinks about inviting Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Giles thinks about inviting Angel to play darts.

Or maybe just about throwing darts at Angel??

I'd love to see:

   Giles dance.
   Giles at a hockey match.
   A woman in a supermarket hit on Giles.
   Giles meet Ira Rosenberg.
   Giles lose his temper with Oz.

The Winner: A woman in a supermarket hit on Giles.

The dancing thing...oh yeah.

SHORT RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.


   Is gonna miss Angel.
   Prefers corn dogs to pie.
   Could teach Giles to dance.

The Winner: Prefers corn dogs to pie.

And twinkies to corn dogs.

Giles, Giles, Giles

This week, I asked you two questions about Giles, you could answer either or both. "Did you like Giles the very first time you saw him? Which ep. was that?" Question 2: "Which quality of Giles's do you most admire and why?"

Many of you also listed your fave Giles scene. The "Do you like my mask..." scene came in big time! Overall, it seems that lots of you dig the sort of paternal relationship he has with Buffy. You're also big fans of his wit and his loyalty. So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a lot. It's difficult choosing what to put up here, next time I'm doing the straw method. Jk. Anyhoo, hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

BTVSFreak1 said:

I love how Giles can be so calm and tame one minute and the next he can be like blowing up at people.

Natrad said:

His extensive vocabulary ... so very amusing how fruitless it is when he's trying to inform the Scooby Gang of some great evil. He should really stick to monosyllables.

From Winnie the witch:

I love the fact that Giles is an amalgram between this one sweetly stuffy ultra-bookish guy and his alter ego Ripper who is the quintessential bad boy! I would like to learn more about his relationship with Ethan Rayne "who's a great villain!" and you may think I'm a pervert for saying this but does it strike anyone but me that Ripper and Ethan may have [been] more than friends at one point? Though maybe I'm reading way too much subtext.

Er..the subtext is rapidly becoming text.

Wiccan Cat said:

I know that the first episode I saw was "Angel," but I really can't remember what I thought of Giles at the time since I was really hungry and bugging my friends about how soon we could go get hamburgers. I've done a lot of maturing since then. (Yeah, right.)

LOL about the hamburgers thing..a few years ago, my friend and I were talking about multi-meaning sentences. My example started out as a complaint about my brother..."He wouldn't take me for hamburgers." (My fave meaning was that he wouldn't mistake me for a pile of hamburgers.) Heh. Er, sorry, back to you now.

I most admire Giles' self-control. He can always keep Ripper leashed until that side of him is needed. (I loved him convincing Snyder to let Buffy back in school in DMP--"Would you like me to convince you?")

From Satan's Bunny:

You'd think the hip and trendy California kids would always get the better of him, but then he hotwires cars, smashes windows and kills vamps and you are forced to rethink your position. As with everyone I meet, I admire his withering sacrasm the most.

~Syko Slayer~ said:

I admire his compassion. He cares a great deal for Buffy and the gang, and is always there for them. Also, I admire the fact that he's pro-British and hangs out with American teenagers. You gotta give him credit for that.

From Pixie:

I admire Giles' ability to be Giles. That's gotta be hard, what with all the tweed and his books being taken by MOO and all. And it's gotta be hard to hang around the Scooby Gang and manage to keep the Ripper in him from coming out when they all go to party at the Bronze.

Wyatt said:

Oh, the ole so droll British sense of humor....His ability to be the absent minded librarian then the angst ridden Ripper, then the tough guy facing a vamp or Snyder, or the nervous guy going to the Monster trucks with Jenny. Giles is perhaps the most complete character of the whole show.

Bunny Summers said:

I admire how Giles has become like Buffy's second father. Quentin may have been a total...ok, I can't think of any bad enough words, but you understand I'm sure. He was still right about Giles's feelings for Buffy. But I honestly think that the watcher should bond with the slayer. The more he cares, the more likely it is that he'll protect her.

From Ed N.:

I liked the first time we saw the caring side of Giles, at the end of NKABOTFD, where he gave Buffy that great speech. At that point he ceased to be a starchy, nagging supervisor, and became more of a mentor to Buffy.

Felicia J. said:

...his caring for the gang. It is good to know someone cares for them.

moon_lemming said:

The first episode I saw was the one where Snyder (I was a late bloomer. Hehe.) was going on about the students being like locusts. [When She Was Bad] I thought he was freakin' hilarious. Giles was just kind of standing there. Then Miss Calendar started talking to him - or something - and he got nervous, and I thought it was cute....I like him a lot more now that he's loosened up, even though it kind of sounds like there's a little desperation in his humor.

From Cara:

I think I have to admire Giles' dry wit the most. It's great and he just delivers it so easily, and while a lot of the time it doesn't serve as a tension breaker it's almost always one of those quotes you write down and wish you had a place to use it

GypAng said:

I admire his fashion sense. Only a British Librarian could get away with that much tweed. I admire how he looks after Buffy, like helping her study for the SAT's. And that Ripper thing. Have to see more of that from him. Oh, and that he would have sex with Joyce, on the hood of a police car. Both are very daring. He knows how to look unmenacing and a second later kick some @ss. He knows how to raise demons, how to hide books, and how to take torture and never give in.

Berry said:

I loved Giles when I first saw him (season premiere). After having seen the movie beforehand, he kicked Merrick's ass as watcher!

I love Giles for being able to keep the group on track (even if he is "The Ripper" and all)

From Dodge:

...okay, I know you didn't ask, but I gotta say my fave Giles scene is in Halloween--his reaction to Ghost Willow walking through the library wall. Fun!

The whole libidinous lot of you! Heh...

From Serendipity's evil twin, Ytipidneres (ha!):

God DAMN what an accent. I melted during Band Candy. All that and a bag of chips, sugah.

And lastly...

From katie:

Must you question EVERYTHING?!

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