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Band Candy

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about Band Candy (instead of the anticipated part 2 of Graduation). Thanks bunches to all those who played!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: The reason that the WB decided to air this instead of Graduation part 2 is probably:

   Because they love us and want to give us something to look forward to this summer.
   Joss & Co. needed to reshoot some Angel/darts scenes.
   They're nostalgic for those old-time serial cliffhangers.
   Hey. Whatever.

The Winner: Hey. Whatever.

Upside? New ep. during the summer! Plus, we got that great "Bootleg the puppy" quote from Joss. Heh.

I don't know about you, but I find tv to be very educational.

The one thing that I learned from this episode was:

   How to lie.
   How to bash in a store's window.
   How to victimize police.
   How to do Tai Chi.
   How to play footsie.

The Winner: How to play footsie.

It's a skill...

Okay, I have to say I enjoyed this next question...

When Joyce mentioned Juice Newton, I:

   Immediately thought of "Angel of the Morning."
   Immediately thought of "Queen of Hearts."
   Immediately thought of "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard On Me."
   Wondered who the hell Juice Newton is.

The Winner: Wondered who the hell Juice Newton is.

!!! Okay. This distresses me. Please go visit her site. You can also go here for lyrics to all 3 songs above..even though I think the ones for Love's Been...are a little off. Anyhoo, they kinda fit this show!

I for one was glad to see a kinda Joyce heavy episode..."she is so cool." (Like, the way she said it to Ripper.."You are sooo cool."

Joyce should:

   Definitely keep up the "sweater around the shoulders" look.
   Find out why Giles is called Ripper.
   Let Buffy drive more often.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Find out why Giles is called Ripper.

Yeah, well...only because she'd sooner invite Spike to play darts!

You know, I sorta wondered what he's been up to. Anyhoo,


   Should have given Joyce the eye, too.
   Looked freaked a-plenty when Trick killed that worker guy.
   Really loves it when Buffy turns her back on him.
   Is almost as self-serving as the WB..whoops! I mean, Snyder, no I don't mean that either.

The Winner: Is almost as self-serving as the WB..whoops! I mean, Snyder, no I don't mean that either.

Heh. Well...Ethan does what any box of farm-fresh chicken would do, eh?

OLD EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The best lines in this episode went to:


The Winner: Snyder!

And you know, he is so stoked!


   Could be a worse driver than Cordy is.
   Must have been on drugs when she told Angel to smell her.
   Should have kicked Snyder's ass just for fun.
   Should have told Miss Barton where the nachos were.

The Winner: Could be a worse driver than Cordy is.

So she can't drive. She can run pretty damn fast though.

A burning question this episode left me with is:

   Why does Buffy sit next to Cordy in study hall? Alphabetically, that's wacked.
   Why did Giles suddenly look Clockwork Orange when he put on that hat he stole?
   Was Snyder the one who really wrote 'Kiss Rocks'?
   Did Miss Barton ever find her nachos?

The Winner: Was Snyder the one who really wrote 'Kiss Rocks'?


What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Probably the biggest issue was the whole Giles/Joyce liaison! Most of you were grossed out by it and wondered what really happened. Uck.

This week there were yet again plenty of fun answers. Can't post 'em all, unfortunately. But here're some of 'em. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged so I could put more of 'em up...

So..again there were some great ones I wanted to use, but I can't if you didn't put some name on there or something. So...leave a name for me, 'kay? Thanks!

willow dear 101 said: Loved Band Candy. It's nice to see Giles wild and crazy. The only question is did Giles and Joyce do it?

SuperG said: This is the only way I would go back to being a teenager because you can drink away the angst legally.

Gosh, now that makes me think about poor Anya's sitch in Doppelgangland. Heh.

Rachel (cicely) said: Grrr. Really that's all I have to say. grrrrrrr. (well and the 'Oz must die' thing I do every week)

Heh. That's true, you do. Except that one time, I think...

From Rachel: Woo!! Giles sure was a saucy little bastard when he was young.

Saucy! "I love it."

Rob observed: Hey, after the ep., did anyone else notice that the "Angel" promo's background sounded a lot like Darth Vader's breathing? Let's pretend we all saw Grad. part 2... YAY! God, it was SOOO good! Ok, that didn't work. I need to find some sugar.

That reminds me of the sucky ad campaign Equal did some years ago. They used the Archies' tune "Sugar, Sugar"..and said, there's Equal...bleah.

Winnie the witch said: I would like to see Joyce with Ethan!

From The Reverend Dharma Roadkill:I wonder how much that candy sells for on the street now.

Maybe we should ask Rob...perhaps that was the source of the much-needed sugar...Heh.

Principal Flutie said: Gotta love Joyce! So perfect, the eye-roll, the taking out the gum, kinda makes me wonder if the actress doesn't have a teenager at home.

She does have a daughter, I'm not sure how old though...

Jonathan M said: Is the new Sid quote an Alice Cooper reference?

Indeed! Although when I change it, this will make no sense on here. Oh well. That's living life in the moment I guess.

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