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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about Anne. Thanks bunches to all those who played!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: The one good thing about this episode was:

   Oz's peep show t-shirt.
   No Faith!
   The reappearance of Chanterelle.
   The mention of pie.

The Winner: No Faith!


I can't believe I forgot to put Kathie Lee as an option for this next one...

It wasn't specific what the hell slave labor really was used for; the "no ones" probably really worked for:

   George Lucas.
   Dr. Evil.

The Winner: Microsoft.

Or as cbf said: I think they were slaves for Nike. Heh.

Well, faces in the crowd, much?

They showed Mr. Miller. They showed Larry. The person most missing from the first day of school montage was:

   Principal Snyder.

The Winner: Jonathan.

Well...Principal Snyder ran a close second!

Everyone makes a bad decision now and then...including Buffy!

Buffy should have:

   Removed her eye makeup before going to bed.
   Decked the guy who slapped her on the rear.
   Done her impression of King Henry VIII.
   Dreamt of inviting Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Decked the guy who slapped her on the rear.

Yeah, but...eye makeup overnite? C'mon..

Cordelia is Cordelia is Cordelia.


   Secretly enjoys being the bait.
   Probably asked Pedro the Cabana Boy to get her more towels.
   Really does care about her hair.
   Seems to have crappy summer vacations.

The Winner: Secretly enjoys being the bait.

Heh. I love not giving the option of "all of the above."

RERUN BONUS -- where we ponder the imponderables.

I think Rickie's name was really spelled:


The Winner: Ricky.

Where's Weird Al when you need him?

The pie at Helen's Kitchen was peach because:

   How else could they do a subtle reference to 90210?
   Helen is from Georgia.
   The menus say their pies are peachy.
   Must you question everything??

The Winner: Must you question everything??

Gee, I guess it really *doesn't* go without saying...Heh.

During the homeless/runaway montage, I:

   Started humming: "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage."
   Thought Charlton Heston was going to come on and ask me for money.
   Felt sad.
   Wondered if the upcoming episodes this season would have a message, too.

The Winner: Wondered if the upcoming episodes this season would have a message, too.

Well...I kept thinking of damn dirty apes, myself.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. Many of you felt that the episode wasn't a very good one, or that it shouldn't have led off the new season. Some of you liked the Angel/beach scene, and others thought the Slayerettes in action was kinda cool.

This week there were yet again plenty of fun answers. Can't post 'em all, unfortunately. But here're some of 'em. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged so I could put more of 'em up...

katie said: I think this was a great episode. The highlight of it was when Cordy and Xander fight, slay the vamp, then make out on the grass....Also I was watching some Buffy tapes a few days ago, and I suddenly realized how annoying Faith is. I think she should invest in something that isn't leather and look up a word that isn't 'screw' or 'screwing.'

Rachel (cicely) said: Okay, since this episode sucked, the only thing that kept my attention was the costumes. Did anyone else notice that the red peep show tee sported today by Oz was worn by Xander in the last 5 minutes of Out of Sight, Out of Mind (the invisible girl)? I didn't think those two boys were chummy enough to be exchanging clothes.....

Heh. Well...if it's any consolation, I noticed the clothing swap..hence the first option on question one above. I guess maybe Xander and Oz must share a few things besides their interest in Willow...

From sarah: Enough with the angst! Wasn't Buffy originally supposed to be a comedy? On the other hand, I liked Buffy's impression of Ghandi.

Ophelia observed: Ahh, life before Faith, and when Xander and Cordy were still an item....BTW, I think Rickie's name was really "Rocky", as in Rocky Horror (Picture) Show (no, I'm not obsessed, just, well, obsessed).

People underestimate the value of a good obsession...

Erin said: Really the most classic line of the season (secondrunner up giles' blueberry scone) "I'm Buffy the Vampire slayer ... and you are" it signalled the return of the buffster in full force. Ken did, however, remind me a lot of Ted... leading me to wonder was Ted really was initially a deamon or is Joss hinting that maybe the 50's were a living hell ...we should ponder.

Hmm..well, according to my mom, the social sitch was molto better than it is now...Heh. (Okay, she really didn't say "molto" but I'm trying to raise the level of these pages by throwin' in some fancy -- yeah you know it's just goin' by Italian these days -- it working much?)

From belle: I like the dark, grungy L.A. look, am looking forward to more in "Angel." (Okay, the ooh-ooh music over the shots of dirty-yet-strangely fresh-faced teens was a bit much).

Cara said: It would have been better with more Oz,more Angel and Spike dropping into LA, but that's just my opinion.

Katherine said: Okay, nice to see Buffy rip that phone from the wall! I don't know why, it was just so cool.

Mabel said: I thought the premise (with the whole hidden work camp thing)was pretty lame. However,it was good in the way that it showed Buffy's thoughts and feelings about returning home. Episodes are definitely better with the whole Scooby gang together, but they had to start the season with her as a runaway making it back home. In that sense it was good.

And sometimes, it can just all be summed up with the following:

from Lydia: When Buffy woke up with all the makeup on the first time I saw the episode I thought she was a hooker.

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