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"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw Earshot, hence..episode-themed action. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Jonathan has a complex because:

   He's a short idiot.
   Willow keeps grilling him.
   Eating too many mashed potatoes does that to a guy.
   Hey, you'd have a complex too if you'd peed in the pool.

The Winner: Willow keeps grilling him.

May he never see her "resolve face."

The best continuity for this episode is from:

   Go Fish
   Band Candy

The Winner: Band Candy

To paraphrase Joycie, "It is so cool."

Larry probably:

   Goes to all the basketball games.
   Can't handle caffeine.
   Has more dates than I do.
   Thinks the "Dingoes" suck(s), too.

The Winner: Has more dates than I do.

I wonder where Larry's grandmother lives...

This episode made me wonder:

   About demon hype.
   What happens to demons who don't go poof.
   What Oz is thinking most of the time.
   If Giles got hurt when he walked into that tree.
   Where Buffy got those cool cow pajamas.

The Winner: What Oz is thinking most of the time.


A burning question I'll ponder is:

   What Mr. Beach taught.
   How many shiny nickels Xander owes Willow.
   How the demons could eat pie with no mouths.
   Angel thinks he's funny?

The Winner: Angel thinks he's funny?

He's a funny guy.

NEW EPISODE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of:

   Nancy Doyle
   Mr. Beach
   Freddie Iverson
   Voice Number 12

The Winner: Freddie Iverson.

The niftiest thing about this episode was:

   The plot twists.
   Its handling of the subject matter.
   No Faith!
   The use of Jonathan.

The Winner: The use of Jonathan.


   Would be a better detective than a prison warden.
   Is easily led astray.
   Should get more respect.
   Always seems to be running from the lunch ladies.

The Winner: Is easily led astray.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about this episode. Lots of you could see why the episode was yanked back in April, while a few thought the execs must not have watched its ending. Many of you dug hearing everyone's thoughts, [Buffy's] learning about the Giles/Joyce tryst, and the basic message of the show, not to mention the lunch lady/rat poison scene. (Although a few of you didn't dig that so much.) And so many of you loved the ep's last line! Heh.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a LOT. And I mean a lot. Don't know if I will post lots when the new season runs. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Hitomi Terwilliger said:

...Percy. Destined for Willow hook-upage. Mark my words.

moon_lemming said:

...The burning question (hehe) we are all left with, of course, is... Why *didn't* Angel get burnt when he helped Buffy drink the heart-flavored koolaid? There was *sunlight*, dangit. And did you see how the blanket seemed to be burning, but not Angel? There must be a story behind that... But it has been told by better than I.

From Jenn:

Great plot, great characterizations, great handling of the subject matter, and even the most controversial lines only cut deep because they're so true. And I don't think I will EVER get the image out of my head of Buffy sitting straight up in bed, shocked nearly senseless, demanding, "You had _sex_ with _Giles?!_" Classic scene.

Also -- it was unedited!! Yea!

Paul said:

...I thought Earshot was a bit disappointing. Mostly because of the long wait - it was a fine episode, but nothing spectacular. Best bits were Willow's interogation and Oz's Descartian thoughts. Worst bits - suicide by rifle? They couldn't have found a more convincing red herring? And Angel...nuff said. Thank God he's leaving!

Hm. Descartian? Descartesian? Now it's gonna bug me all day 'cause my dictionary is packed. Heh.

From Skatie:

I really liked the way Buffy talked to Jonathan instead of pummeling him to the ground. On the lighter side of things I really loved Oz's reaction to the review and Xander trying not to think about sex and finding out that Cordy really does say what she's thinking.

Devinistan said:

I loved the brief look into Oz's mind. That just gives every "Huh," from now on even more depth. Oz has retained his role as my hero. I want to be him when I grow up.

From Will Freak:

...this ep was way funny....I was laughing practically the whole time. However, I didn't like the way they handled the massacre. I think it should have been Jonathan. By making it the lunch lady, they made it a LITTLE (not a lot) less serious than if it had been Jonathan. Cuz, you see the rat poison and she comes out with a big chopping thing, it makes it more comical.

Rachel(Cicely) said:

...anything with Larry, Jonathan, *and* Percy cannot suck by defintion. ::sob:: I miss Larry.

You and me both! ::sob!::

beegle said:

I want to know how they made that tasty drink to cure Buffy. Put a little rum in it, and it could be a cool party drink.

From Redbeard:

Somebody really ought to warn Buffy, though--at college parties, DON'T drink the blue glowing liquid: she'll only regret it later...

From *Beep*:

"Look at Cordelia....NO! Don't look at Cordelia!" Enough said.


From mircalla:

Now we all know what Angel thinks--NOTHING!

From foolsguinea:

This was a really great episode! It's such a gyp that this got taken off the schedule the first time. The statement about suicide and insecurity is so good. What lives might have been saved because someone watched it if network execs weren't paranoid? Besides, it's a riot! I loved the last line! ;)

From belle:

Some good lines, but a little broad, especially the ending (in the midst of searching for a murderer, he goes after Jello?! I think Xander's character's oughta've progressed a little farther by now, and has).

From Little Willow:

There was no part of this episode that wasn't good. Willow/Jon interrogation for the funnies. All the side bits with the Slayerettes and their worksheets - and the pre-show with their thoughts being exposed, philosophically (Oz, who thinks, therefore needs not to talk), truthfully (thanks, Cordy), and math-challenged (that would be Xander). And Wesley admitting he is a bad bad man, while Giles ponders fashion and Willow feels lowly. Poor little Willow. *G*

Prophecy Girl said:

I'm just mad about Earshot . . . it's just mad about me.

Although who told Angel he could be funny?

From GypAng:

Ah, about time Jonathan got the spotlight. It was perfect!

From Cathren:

Is demon hype an allegory for The Phantom Menace? PS: Where's the dart action in the dingo Action?!

Ah, 2 good questions that I don't know the answers to. Sorry. Heh. Angel and his darts may be gone for now, but they'll be replaced, or resurface somehow...

Cara said:

I loved the Deep Thoughts From Oz. I don't see why they waited for school to start up again to show it. You'd think after all that hype they'd put it on in the summer. Personally I think the prospect of Buffy going insane was pretty cool. Two psycho slayers in one season, what are the odds?

rubyluna said:

I loved it... Although, after hearing others suggest that the end seemed changed (suicide...with a scope on his gun, as oppossed to mass murder) it all does seem a bit fishy. Hearing the Scooby gang's thoughts was worth the whole episode. I LOVED Oz's thoughts. I loved to hear Xander still thinking of Buffy. It was great... Good general thesis of life... Everyone hurts, etc.

Craig said:

I can't believe Giles did it with Joyce Summers (twice)
I can't believe Giles did it with Joyce Summers (twice)

Beautiful continuity with Cordy's professed dislike for tact - whatever she thinks, she says. Xander has the attention span of a squashed gnat.

Why is it that for all the other 'thoughts', we hear the characters speak in their normal voices, but for the lunch lady, we hear her talk like a man...I guess its always possible that that's because she is a man, and the whole 'extremely ugly woman' thing is just a front.

From Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer:

I really liked it. Freddie was an intriguing character of whom I would like to see more. It also clarified why Jonathan gave Buffy the award at the prom. I liked Buffy's whole monologue when she was stopping Jonathan.

Xcaly said:

I don't think this was a stand-alone ep. Why on earth did Jonathan go up to kill himself with a telescopic rifle..?

Okay, I have to admit I didn't much think about the type of weapon J. was packing, but there are obviously a lot of you who did wonder about it...

Connan said:

...I've got one question: How was Jonathan going to shoot himself with the rifle? It looked too long to turn around on himself.

Althea said:

I kept trying, through the whole episode, to backtrack and put my mind where I was before Prom aired. That was a little distracting, not to mention counter productive. But I have to point out that this does give a special poignance to Jonathan's being the one who gave Buffy her umbrella thingy at Prom.

....what Buffy said affected and moved me and that is an experience I don't often get from television. I believe this episode should be shown in high schools, there's so much truth there that we too often forget. We are never alone, there's more than enough pain, and trauma to go around and no one really has it easy.

Wiccan Cat agreed:

I really, really loved Earshot. I downloaded it off the internet (and I'm not sorry, I'm very much against censorship, with the exception of kiddie porn and snuff films), but it was great to see it on the big(ger) screen.

Aside from this episode being hilarious (which we all know it was!), I thought it had a really important message for youths. When Buffy was telling Jonathan that people don't notice you or your feelings because they're all too busy with their own lives and pain, I thought this episode should be shown in high schools everywhere. Especially in these strange times, with all the violence in both schools and the workplace, everyone needs to realise that people all feel the same things, and have similar problems. This is the sort of show that could *prevent* tragedies, not cause them.

We're taking a moment...and we're done. (Hey, I needed a transition, okay? To ease out of the heavy.)

Gracie said:

I keep flashing on the image of Xander happily galoomphing off to get some jello; and how he just stood there about to bite into it for a loooong time, making up his mind whether or not to panic. Plus, of course, the Lunch Lady was spot on perfect. I figure they hired her straight out of a local elementary.

CalliAnn said:

Do you ever wonder why rat poison in TV shows always says "rat poison" in really big letters on the side of the box (or jar, or whatever...)....errr, me neither.

Dangit, I had SuperG's answer here, which sort of was a rejoinder type thing to CalliAnn's, but dangit, it got eaten. Sorry, SuperG!!! (It mentioned the large RAT POISON letters and being fabulouso.)

katie said:

pretty good.......except it sort of gave me a headache, too.

From Allie:

IT WAS THE LUNCH LADY!!!! Sorry, I CANNOT get over it!! This episode was cool and the ending, in my twisted form of humor, was hilarious. The way she held the rat poison over the pot, all squinty-eyed...

From Joseph Brogan:

The bit with Jonathan was pretty good (glad they finally used him for something other than comic relief), although the twist at the end seemed to be a bit dippy. ("You vermin all come in here and eat filth?" You COOK filth! What the hell are they supposed to do, starve (well, I never ate lunch in HS (which would be a good thing that day...although naturally that would be the day that someone gave me their cake because they didn't want it...gettin' rambly here...)? Was the lunch lady some sort of ultra health nut before getting the job at Sunnydale High?

Doubtful, I think Gracie was onto something up there with her answer...

Goddess Minerva said:

I'll never trust a lunch lady ever again... but I know that a search for jello can save the day. See, Buffy provides those little tips to help you through life. Although, they should really start showing the wonderful lesson of inviting Angel to play darts. :)

My gosh, I put up sooo many...last bite below. (And yeah to the dart mentions this week, thanks guys!)

Jessica said:

If I never submit annother Dingo Action again understand that it is becuase the Sunnydale Lunching Staff has taken residence at my school and I'm too insane with all the weird voices in my head to figure out which one is putting rat poision in the french fries (after all no sane person eats the jello at my school...)

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