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Lovers Walk

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, you told me what you thought about Lovers Walk...Sigh, low voter turnout, the product of reruns. Except for those of you good dingoes (egads) who are nifty enough to drop by and play! Yay! Thanks bunches!...Now, here's what y'all said:

dingochick: Dru:

   Was probably still whooping it up in Brazil.
   Must have oatmeal for brains if she dumped Spike.
   Probably had a vision that Spike was coming to torture her.

The Winner: Must have oatmeal for brains if she dumped Spike.

Y'know, personally, I could go either way with choices 2 and 3. It's just hard to imagine a vampire like Dru whooping it up..anywhere.

They're becoming the staple, nay, benchmark! of great tv moments. Right?

The only scenes better than Spike 'n' Joyce ones:

   Are the ones with Cordy and Oz.
   Are the ones with Snyder in them.
   Are you crazy? There are no better scenes.

The Winner: Are you crazy? There are no better scenes. Wow. By a landslide! And I think we all can pretty much tell what I think...

Oz..somehow he makes the ridiculous seem..normal. Wouldn't you just love to see him in scenes with Drusilla? Heh. I mean, back to the action.

Judging from this episode, Oz's idea of a wacky cartoon dog might be:

   Huckleberry Hound.
   Scooby Doo.
   Sam the Sheepdog.

The Winner:Scooby Doo.

Sigh, should I have expected anything else? I would've maybe gone with Huckleberry Hound...

So Joyce really is the mom who goes the distance? Embracing a vamp who tried to kill her daughter and all, I mean...Anyhoo,

Joyce should:

   Go find Hank and torture him until he likes her again.
   Bond more with Spike.
   Find out if Xander is a witch too.
   Invite Angel to play darts.

The Winner: Bond more with Spike.

Except, that's probably not going to happen...No, I would've gone with option one. That could be a real storyline, right?

Seems like we never get enough answers in these episodes, so..

A burning question this episode left me with is:

   Do the cops ever pull over those black-paint-job cars?
   Do florists really sell sunflowers or whatever in a bouquet?
   How many books has Angel read over the years?

The Winner: Do the cops ever pull over those black-paint-job cars?

That's the thought that coursed through my mind while watching the ending scene. Although, I kinda do wonder about Angel's reading repertoire...

RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Willow probably filled her Pez witch with:

   Strawberry candy.
   Orange candy.
   Grape candy.
   No candy.

The Winner: Strawberry candy.

I kinda think she'd just sit and admire it, but hey.

The best lines in this episode went to:

   The Mayor.

The Winner: Spike.

Did I even need to ask this question?

If the bowling date had actually happened:

   Willow and Oz would have won.
   Xander and Cordy would have won.
   They would have had to wait an hour to get a lane.
   Cordy wouldn't have worn the rented shoes.

The Winner: Cordy wouldn't have worn the rented shoes.

Yep, I would've gone with that too. Amusingly enough, no one selected option 3. I just love when that happens.

What Did You Think of This Episode?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the episode. This Spike ep. was a definite hit, no kidding. Bunches of you dug his love speech. Also, I got some inquiries about that Angel/darts option. I like to call it my own personal running gag, what can I say, it amuses me. Maybe one day it will change, that's the fun, you just never can tell...Anyhoo, most of you proclaimed this ep. as your favorite of the season, or of all time...

Here're some of the answers. Hope the authors don't mind. Some may be abridged so I could put more of 'em up...

sunnysaid: SPIKE!!!!!!! SPIKE!!!!!!"... They seriously need to get Spike back. I'm sorry, but he kicks any other vilain's arse. He's the best. He's the best. I worship at the altar of Spike:) --I fear you...(heh) ~dingochick

Sher said: ....I think Spike ought to boink Joyce once to get her blood moving. She'd never be the same. Then again, she's had Giles....hmmmmm....--Um, I fear you too...(heh)

Jae said: Wow... I hadn't seen this one the first time around. I'm glad they reran it, because to quote a certain vampire, "I'm here to tell you I'm impressed."

From Rob: DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN!!!!! If I have to see one more seen with 'ol Angel lighting a blazing fire and the next scene Buffy coming from outside wearing a spaghetti-strap baby t-shirt, I am going to literally explode. Why why why? It's obviously about 80 degrees in Sunnyhell, so WHY does Dead-Boy need a friggen INFERNO in his place? Whew... ok, I'm done venting.

MorgBlack said: It was great! It sucks that there has only been one Spike episode this season! --I really agree.

The Reverend Dharma Roadkill said: Spike should rent Buffy's room after Buffy goes to College. --I'm going to pretend that's not a spoiler. ;-)

Cordy's Toy said: ..."Burning Question" answer, Cops always pull over the black-paint-job cars. Always, Always, Always. Although since this episode some Pepper-spray canisters have been filled with holy-water. --Um...yikes.

Aviendha admitted: I loved Xander and Willow kissing. And for like 5 seconds during the the cemetery scene I believed Cordelia had died.

From alegrady:...Like many, I love Spike and was thrilled to see him back. I wish they could come up with a way to bring him back for a longer stay. Maybe once Angel is gone, Spike could become the sometimes helpful vamp. --Aiee! If this is a spoiler, I don't wanna know anymore...Heh.

Okay, this didn't really pertain to this particular episode, but I have to say it amused just rings true!

Little Willow said: And the darts. Always there and kickin', just waiting for someone to play with them. I think the Mayor'd have fun with them. He's get so sidetracked poking his invincible self ("Look at my hand, Faith. *poke, withdraw* No wound! *poke, withdraw* All healed!") that he would completely forget to play the game.

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