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The Freshman (& Angel's "City of")

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we saw the season premieres for Buffy and Angel, hence..episode-themed action. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery The worst thing about Buffy's being kicked out of the "Images of Pop Culture" class is:

   Now she won't have a reason to watch The X-files.
   She won't get to analyze the similarity of Gap and Banana Republic ads.
   She'll never understand how pervasive Max Weinberg's influence has been.
   Hey, she prefers the subtitled Hindu movies, anyway.

The Winner: She won't get to analyze the similarity of Gap and Banana Republic ads..

W-ell..did she even have a tv in her dorm room, anyway?

When I saw Sunday, my first thought was:

   I can't handle her as the season's main villain.
   ...I think I actually prefer Faith.
   Buffy as a vampire?
   Please don't let Xander fall for her.

The Winner: Please don't let Xander fall for her.

Thank God.

I couldn't believe:

   That Giles still has friends who call him Ripper.
   That Celine Dion poster...
   How fish-out-of-watery I started to feel just watching Buffy trying to adjust.
   The size of that dorm room!
   That Larry is dead...

The Winner: The size of that dorm room!

Quite possibly the only benefit of living on the Hellmouth...

This episode made me wonder:

   About human bondage.
   About a possible Xander/Buffy hookup.
   If there were fertility statues in any of those crates.
   Why no one really mentioned the mayor.
   Why Buffy didn't hear that vamp in the cemetery. (Fine, it was part of the theme, but hey.)
   If anyone will play darts, ever.

The Winner: About a possible Xander/Buffy hookup.

I really want to pun with "Knights in White Satin" (sic).


   It was cool to see Buffy's Prom Umbrella.
   It was cool to hear about Mr. Gordo.
   It was cool to hear about Mr. Pointy.
   It was cool to see Xander's hair back in first-season.

The Winner: It was cool to hear about Mr. Gordo.

He probably misses that quality time with Angel...

ANGEL PREMIERE BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

The biggest difference between this and Buffy is:

   The camera work.
   The time slot.
   Finally, a real Irish accent!

The Winners: Tie between Camera Work and Real Irish Accent.

The niftiest thing about this episode was:

   Angel's impressive 3-computer investigating.
   The way that Russell Anointed One here!
   Cordy's realization that Russell was a vampire.
   Angel's catch of the falling coffee cup.

The Winner: Cordy's realization that Russell was a vampire.

If Xander ever came to visit:

   He'd be jealous of Doyle.
   He'd take Angel out for darts.
   He might end up working in a strip joint.
   Why would Xander come to visit??

The Winner: Why would Xander come to visit??

What Did You Think of These Episodes?

Then finally, your non-dingo-guided opinion about the Buffy and Angel premieres. Surprisingly enough, way fewer players this time out. Weirdness. Anyhoo, let's just jump in to what you thought of the episodes.

So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise.

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a good number. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

StephanieJane said:

Buffy: It was weird and kind of disappointing. Plus, college is so not like that. That dorm room was bigger than my friends' 2-bedroom apartment, no one cares what you're wearing, and that prof was totally ridiculous. Also, did everyone (both shows) get personality transplants or implants (in some cases) over the summer?

Angel: It was awesome, and not even because I'm an Angel freak. If Angel stays this good, and if Buffy stays this bad, well I don't know, but let's just hope that they can both be as good as Angel was tonight.

FurryRabbits said:

BtVS: I was disappointed, quite frankly. What's up with the new "mellow-guy" Xander (but, yes! I've always thought Xander and Buffy were meant to be - need to be)? What's up with Giles's abrupt 180? Why is Joyce so strange and callous sometimes? I love the phone call tie-in to "Angel." I liked the Buffster's hair in the graveyard, but in the rest of the ep -- nah. Isn't it cheaper for Buffy to live at home since UC Sunnydale is only 5 mi away? Also, I just want to say: Cordy rules Cordy rules Cordy rules.

Angel: Cordelia is going to make this show, I'm telling you. And the way that dufus schmuck of a vamp-perv got shucked out the window, bursting into flame halfway down like a parachute of death was attached to his flailing self? Well, oyster, you've been dusted! Gotta love Angel's efficiency. HATE HATE HATE those cuts from scene to scene. Didn't they focus group this to screen out the ugly?

From Angry Rabbits:

BtVS:Very good overall, but Buffy seemed a little too out-of-place at college, and did the hallways at UC Sunnydale look a lot like the hallways at Sunnydale HS to anyone else?

Angel:The choppiness between scenes made me seasick, but I like the little tie-in to the Buffy episode.

That's a lot of Rabbits, eh?

Jennie said:

BtVS: Good ep for the start of the season. A lot of the college sets look like they're just re-vamped from the high school sets, though. Looking forward to a great season.

Angel: Yay! I can't wait for the next one. (The flashy scene changes are a bit much, though.)

Anne said:

BtVS: Oh my word!!! What happened to Willow's hair? It's like she hit college and life gets good so they have to give her a hideous haircut and a wardrobe to match. Can't Willow be the "star" and look good at the same time. I think that she has been hanging out with OZ too much.

Angel: When did Angel become Mission Impossible Guy?

This is just a guess, but...maybe when they didn't kill him off first season? Heh.

From MadHatter:

BtVS: ...Am I glad college is over!!!! I was writhing out of my seat watching all that freshman angst. The ep was good, SO much better than "Anne" so I guess we should be grateful...Dig the phone call, fer sure, LOVED Sunday....One thing, though. How much did you want Buffy, in the height of her freshman torment, to run into Felicity? All those college angst scenes doubled with the gi-normous dorm room and freaky roommate made me think I was watching the wrong show!!! Whassup wit dat???

Angel: 1. Can the comedy, Boreanaz. Leave it to Doyle and Cordy, cause, well, they do it better. 'Kay?

2. Digging the Batman vibe. Digging the bleakness. Digging that he didn't save the damsel in distress. Digging the car, Doyle, Cordy, the opportunity for so many leather pants shots. "Yeah, yeah..big hit with everyone."

3. NOT digging the gross sunlight anomalies. Okay, so sunlight doesn't count if it's coming through a window!?!? 'fraid not.

Allie said:

BtVS: The show has changed so much! The ep kinda disappointed me. I yearned for Buffy to go whine to Angel about college. (Old habits die hard.) Call me evil, but I liked it when that t.a. dude couldn't remember her name.

Angel: I think I'm gonna like this show.

From Redbeard:

BtVS: Kathy must die...

Angel: I especially liked how they brought home immediately that Angel ain't gonna save 'em all. That makes this series as potentially unpredictable as Buffy has been....Angel's gonna be a whole lot less annoying from now on...

Bri said:

BtVS: Overall, better than I was expecting. Although I have to wonder about Willow's hair -- did she cut it with a weedwhacker or what? And hey -- Oz spoke! And had facial expression and everything! And may I say that I *really* wished Xander would finish his story. . . That may have been the most entertaining thing all night!

Angel: Again, better than I was expecting. If we're lucky, Angel will have personality this season. (Okay, laughing that one off, wiping the tears away slowly as I continue to giggle at the absurdity of what I just said.) Cordy was the best part of the whole thing-did we ever think we'd see her wearing anything but Prada? And her realization of Russell's "condition" was probably the funniest, and most true-to-character, scene of the whole show.

From Pat:

BtVS: I don't understand why Buffy and Willow aren't roommates!

Angel: Angel was in his office in broad daylight at the end of the episode! What's going on?

From Biz:

BtVS: I really loved it. Joss did a great Job of making us feel like Buffy did (really really out of it) Then as soon as Xander shows up, we feel no longer out of it (Again, like Buffy) But that Pop Culture teacher HAS to die!

Angel: After the first scene I was most impressed. Then it just kept getting better. I'm so glad I didn't read spoilers because the episode would have been ruined for me. "Can you fly?" blew me away!

What was up with those office windows? Angel tapped the chair, the guy breaks through a window :)

From Althea:

BtVS: ...I totally understood Buffy's uncomfortable feelings. (I went through it and now I am trying to help my roommate through freshman burnout this year.) But, there was a lack of Willowage, Xanderage, Gilesage, Ozage and *sigh* Larryage. I'm sorry I seem to still be grieving. Understandable.

Angel: Bravo. I didn't think I'd say this but, I liked it better than this week's Buffy. I liked everything about it, the camera work, the style, the writing. I was not a big fan of Angel/David but I loved him in his own series. It's Jossish but not Buffyish, it was something else. I loved it, I am so thrilled. Plus it reminds me of the 90's Batman cartoon, which I just love.

From mlejane:

BtVS: I thought it was painful to watch, but I kept telling myself to have faith in the writers to give it a kick-ass ending. Everything in Buffy's life got worse and worse (and I thought they did a really good job of expressing this), and then I was like, hey it's 8:55! why hasn't she gotten her act together yet? I just wish good things had happened sooner, it was like there wasn't enough time left for a really cool redeeming ending. It was like if you were out working in the snow all day, and when you finally got home instead of getting tomato soup with grilled cheese for dinner you just got hot water and bread. I hope that's not too weird. [I hope not too, 'cos I completely get that. Should I be worried? Heh.] Also it made me wonder if there's enough funny stuff to write about in college. High school is something more people can relate to.

Angel: I was dreading it and then I actually liked it, except for the little scene segues with fast-motion-LA-life. And I thought Doyle was kind of annoying, but everyone I've talked to seems to like him, so maybe it's just me.

From Anna:

BtVS: I like that for once, Xander is the hero, but I didn't like how unrealistic Buffy's drastic change in fighting ability was. I liked that Giles returned to be the same old faithful Watcher, but their reunion in his apartment implied that they hadn't seen each other in a while. Yes, he renounced his apathy later on, but if he was fired from the Watcher's council for being so paternal toward her, how could he even conceive of letting her go that easily?

beegle said:

BtVS: I'm glad someone else noticed how large and nice and clean Buffy's dorm room was. I was a little disappointed with the episode. It seems that all shows I have tried to watch that deal with college since I have been in college annoy me due to the lack of realism. The dorm room aside, I've had mean professors, but none that would kick me out the first day of class. (Not that a freshman would be able to get into that class.)

Did we have flashbacks to Xander in a Speedo from 'Go Fish' at the mention of the strip club, or what?

Actually, I didn't...but that's not a bad idea. Heh.

From rubyluna:

BtVS: As far as setting up the new season...I thought it was great. I LOVED Willow's speech about knowledge, the power of it, etc. very cool. Also, the Angel/Buffy connection phone call almost made me cry. How many of those have we all made,eh?

Did anyone think Joyce was acting a bit strangely??? ...and one more thing...I've always been a big Xander fan, but now I truly see the light. He is the GLUE that holds that show together. The ep plodded along...Buffy moped..Willow and Oz frolicked around, yet something was just missing... Xander shows up, and everything falls into place.

Angel: Slick...very slick. Angel as Super Hero...OK, why not. It's nice to see him smiling, emoting a bit more. Liked Doyle...I don't know, I guess it's too soon to really say. I enjoyed it, but it's not the Scooby Gang.

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