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Mentos and Joyce

"...the votes are in, and it's time for my concession speech." -- So said Xander himself.

This past week, we were in double reruns, so I did yet another themed D.A. about..movies, mentos, and mom. Thanks for playing, you nifty people! (er, good dingoes?)..Now, here's what y'all said:

cemetery Buffy's favorite movie from the Ringwald oeuvre is probably:

   Sixteen Candles
   The Breakfast Club
   Pretty in Pink
   The Tempest
   The Pick-up Artist

The Winner: The Breakfast Club

I'd have gone 16 Candles..I mean hey, it mighta been the last decent birthday she's had...

Oz's favorite movie might be:

   This Is Spinal Tap
   Silent Movie
   I Was A Teenage Werewolf

The Winner: I Was A Teenage Werewolf

That pretty much sums it up.

Willow rents this every so often:

   Snoopy, Come Home
   Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown
   The Secret of My Success
   How To Sneak In and Out of Morgues Successfully

The Winner: Snoopy, Come Home

Makes sense, I guess.

Xander's choice moviegoing experience would include:

   A double feature of Footloose.
   Free candy.
   Bottomless popcorn buckets.
   Amy Yip previews.
   Sitting near Buffy. And Cordy. And Willow. And Anya.

The Winner: Sitting near Buffy. And Cordy. And Willow. And Anya.

Y'know, that seating arrangement might work out in a double-feature of Footloose..

The last movie Giles saw was:

   Rebel Without A Cause
   The Hills Have Eyes
   The Shawshank Redemption

The Winner: Rebel Without A Cause.

It probably gave his life meaning...

RERUN BONUS -- the title just breaks it up a little.

Would the gang be able to agree on a movie to see?:

   Yes, but only after violence from Buffy became an issue.
   Yes, but only after violence from Willow became an issue.
   No. They're on the Hellmouth, remember?
   Who cares?

The Winner: Yes, but only after violence from Willow became an issue.

Angel's favorite movie snack might be:

   The ushers.

The Winner: The ushers.

The price of a movie ticket in Sunnydale is probably:

   5 dollars.
   89 cents.
   Your life.

The Winner: Your life.

Mentos and Joyce

This week, I asked you two questions, you could answer either or both. Question 1: The Mentos ads, a time-honored classic, have recently changed. Which character is most affected by this? Why?

Question 2: If Joyce hadn't gone the art gallery route, what career/job/etc. might she be doing instead?

The Mentos ads had everyone from Angel to Oz to Xander to Willow. No one chose Buffy, I believe. Question 2 answers were hysterical as well, if only because a LOT of you said Joycie would be a guidance counselor, or a librarian or librarian's assistant. Too funny. So...let's see what we've got this week, byte-wise. You'll be able to tell which answer goes to which question, as usual...

But first -- Standard disclaimer: Can't post 'em all, but this week I'm posting a lot, mainly because I liked both questions this time and the answers elicited. Don't know if I will post lots when the new season (er, hey, Earshot!) runs. Hope the authors don't mind being put up here, and some may be abridged. And again, no name, no bark byte recognition (even though I still like reading what you thought; make it easy on me and put a name on there, please! Thanks!)

Redbeard said:

Cordy is far-and-away the most affected by the new Mentos ads. She believed heart-and-soul in the old Mentos credo of overcoming obstacles through clever self-reliance and looking really, really good while doing so. The new, sober "what-sugar-rush?" ads mirror the abrupt downturn in Cordy's circumstances, casting further doubt upon everything she has always held sacred and thus upon her own place in the universe, and leaving an aching void where her sense of deserving the best used to sit.

Not to mention the fact that they've gotten really tacky...

StephanieJane said:

...Wesley was probably very upset when the ads changed. Come on. Can't you just see the little dork turning around and smiling holding the roll of Mentos? Remember when he held the holy water up to Vamp Willow???

From Jana:

Willow. Because she probably sings along with the old song ("Fresh goes better with Mentos fresh and fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuullllll of life! Mentos, the fresh maker.")

Will Freak said:

Willow. I can just see her going into school:
Willow: "Guys, they changed the Mentos ads, my world is askew."
Xander: "You mean cockeyed."
Willow: "We went over this before Xander: [slowly and deliberately] askew means cockeyed. Anyway, what am I supposed do? I have been watching these ads since Xander stole my Barbie. What am I going to do without them?"
Buffy: "Breathe, breathe, you are going to be okay. What has my life come to? Remind me why I like you guys again?"

From Wiccan Cat:

Xander by far would be most affected by the Mentos ad change. They're messing around with his *candy*! I feel that pain. I loved those ads--they were so stupid, they were hilarious! Why did they have to change them! WHY?????

Sniffle..thank god someone finally understands how I feel!

Ed N. said:

Angel, cuz now he has a lot less to brood about.

From Hitomi Terwilliger:

Though you couldn't tell by looking, or talking to him, or anything else for that matter; I see Oz being majorly wigged by the deviation in Mentos ads. I mean, where'd the cheesy pop background music go, anyway? And they've killed the cool buildup to the freaky but effective solution to the problem at hand. What's this world coming to?

althea said:

Oz, definitely....Look everytime I've met an alterno-slacker-oz-type person they have been into the strange and foreign things that the mainstream thought was lame. He has probably lost one of his few beloved things on television. Thank god, he still has conjunction junction.

Ophelia the Fruitfly Slayer said:

Seeing as how he has nothing better to do all day than sleep, brood, and watch TV, Angel is definitely most affected by the change. He used to get so excited when the ads came on and he would sing along. Now, he just dejectedly broods about how everything good changes. :-(

From Kyla:

Xander. I can just tell he defines his place in the universe based on his knowledge of the pop culture around him. And when that knowledge suddenly no longer holds true, his world is shaken...or, at least, he knows that something is very very wrong here, and he needs to check that Cordy hasn't made another wish.

From Video Elf:

Giles. They're losing that Euro edge they used to have. Becoming too American. This simply won't do.

From MadHatter:

The time honored Mentos commercials were naturally a favorite of Oz, who was infinitely fascinated with the premise: Where were they based? Finland? Germany? Do people like this really exist? And really, is there anything better then a roll of peppermint Mentos? Now, they're less weird, more hip, it's really a disgrace. He's very affected. He almost furrowed his brows. You could tell he was really upset.

Okay, Joyce-a-rama Career time.

From Jeff:

I can see Joyce selling futons....I think she would make a good salesperson for futons, and really do any of us have enough?

From Tacy:

If Joyce hadn't gone the art gallery route, she would probably be a school guidance counselor with a permanent facial tic, ulcer, and addiction to prescription medications.

From katie:

Joyce would probably be making fertility statues.

Queen C said:

Joyce should have been a lawyer. Her talent for speaking and such things was demonstrated in Gingerbread ( not my favorite ep, but she did a good job rousing the crowd and stuff. Ok, back on track ). And she'd be able to defend Buffy with all the trouble she gets into. Those pesky murder charges? Fuggedaboudit. Joyce the Prosecution Slayer. Don't sound all that bad. ( actually it's really not too clever, but I'm in the habit of deluding myself )

From sugarushed:

Joycie could be a guidance counselor- she's almost as clueless as the ones at my school, and she's certainly read all the books

From Allie:

Avon lady. Wouldn't it be funny to see Joyce ringing doorbells and saying, "Good afternoon, Avon calling..." I know they don't do that anymore, but...I'm just strange...

kristin said:

A caterer. I dunno, she'd just look cute in the little hat.

Principal Flutie said:

I see Joyce in sales, a la Amway...until she meets Ted. After that experience, she flees the profession and goes back to her Juice Newton-loving, flower child roots. Using the organizational and activist skills she demonstrated in "Gingerbread," she becomes a community activist or environmental lawyer. She spends a lot of time going door-to-door, so sometimes she uncovers more Sunnydale weirdness, and Buffy has to save her.

Bri said:

I could picture Joyce as a mannequin. She modeled that Juice Newton jacket pretty well, and she has about the same amount of lines and personality as a mannequin. . . Although that's the writers' fault, not hers.

Woo hoo! 2 Juice Newton references in a row!!

From Isis:

Joyce would have probably been a psychiatrist, I mean how many mothers can cope with their daughter being the slayer? She's one tough woman! And besides it would have done Faith some good if she had some pyschiatric help.

Winnie the witch said:

Joyce would probably have become a guidance counselor in the sense that she is well intentioned but clueless.

Rachel D. Barks said:

I can see Joyce as a politician's wife (think: right wing), or a featured pastry chef on PBS, or a morning news traffic reporter (Chopper Joyce -- it has a ring, no?), or even as a fashion designer (imagine the new line from the House of Joyce).

Bunny Summers said:

...she could work at a waffle house. Ya know she loves em. Or possibly a company that makes cheesy chips. An unlimited supply would be good. That way she doesn't hafta bogart them anymore, and Xander can eat all he wants. Sounds good, no?

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