The ABCs of Sunnydale

Buffy and evils Cain:

Debut -- Phases (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Phases pits Buffy not only against a werewolf, but a werewolf hunting sexist guy named Cain. Cain's from the old school -- because Buffy's a chick, he thinks she's clueless and incapable of doing "a man's work." He also is the first character to question Buffy's relationship with Giles! He alludes to their being romantically involved, which offends Giles and grosses Buffy out. Cain does a serve purpose though. He tells Buffy and Giles that werewolves are suckers for that whole sexual heat thing, and this gives Buffy a good idea of where to find the werewolf. Cain later is seen making silver bullets and trying to trap the wolf, but Buffy shows up to teach him what chicks are capable of doing. She bends his gun and sends him on the way out of town.

Most Amusing Line:
"First they tell me I can't hunt elephants for the I've gotta deal with People for the Ethical Treatment of Werewolves." -- muttering to himself on the way out of the Bronze after hearing of Buffy's approach to save the werewolf. I may've mangled this line a bit..I'll correct it later.

xander buffy etc Callie:

Debut -- Reptile Boy (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

We first see Callie running away from a group of frat boys. She's strong -- she jumps out of a 2nd- or 3rd-story window and manages to run clear across a yard, climb over one of the cemetery's walls and -- get caught by the frat boys anyway. Part of her school identity bracelet is left in the cemetery, and Willow uses it to figure out where it came from and who it might've belonged to. We later see Callie chained to the wall in the basement of the Frat House. She explains to Buffy and Cordelia what's going on and who to watch out for. She may be in a scary situation, but she doesn't let that keep her from making a snide remark to Cordelia. She's saved from being sacrificed to Makita, but who knows where she is now. She may be back at her girls' school, Kent.

Most Informative Line:
Callie: "There's one who's different from the rest...nicer."
Buffy: "Tom."
Callie: "He's the one to watch out for."
-- whispering while they're chained to the wall.


spike Debut -- Lie To Me (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Anne (Season 3)

Chanterelle's first seen giving Ford a glass of water so he can take his pills. She's dressed up kind of goth-like, and says she needs to be "blessed." She's part of a society that reveres and idolizes vampires. The society obviously has no idea what vampires really are all about; instead, they choose to refer to them as "The Lonely Ones."

Later, when Xander, Willow, and Angel go to find out more about Ford, they run into Chanterelle. She quickly spots Xander and Willow and refers to them as newbies, and she shares her romanticized feelings about vampires. Angel comes by to tell her she's a fool, and she becomes distressed and leaves.

Later in the episode, it seems as though Chanterelle finally gets what vampires are all about. Her facial expression changes from excited to horrified when she sees Spike's face and realizes that the vampires are going to kill them.

In Anne, Chanterelle's going by the name of Lily. She and her boyfriend Rickie are at Helen's Kitchen, trying to find something cheap to eat. Buffy's their waitress, and Chanterelle lets on that she thinks she recognizes Buffy, who's now going by the name of Anne.

chanterelle Anyhoo, she turns to Buffy for help when Rickie is missing, and she remembers that Buffy saved her in Lie To Me. Lily comes off as a weak person at first, since she always talks about needing someone to take care of her...she seems like a slightly saner Drusilla, but when push comes to shove -- literally...I mean, did you see her shove Ken off of the platform?! -- she's up to the task of saving Buffy, and I guess, herself.

Lily's now going by the name of Anne and working at Helen's Kitchen...

A Lily By Any Other Name...:
Lily: "That's not very polite." -- to the old guy who's just bumped into her and who didn't apologize. If you recall, she busted Angel for being rude in Lie To Me.

cordelia Chris:

Debut -- Some Assembly Required (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Chris is a top science student -- his projects always place first, ahead of Willow's. He seems nice enough, but his plan to animate or make a girl with his friend Eric sort of makes him freakish. He loves his disfigured brother Daryl and feels that he owes him something, so he begins collecting body parts of dead girls to make his brother a girlfriend so he won't be lonely anymore. What's ultimately bad is that Eric wishes to begin killing live girls in order to procure the body parts. We can see Chris struggles with this a lot during the episode. His mother doesn't pay much attention to him at all because she loved his brother more, and it's no wonder that Chris has no idea what to do. Fortunately, he's able to give in to sanity and agrees to tell Buffy where the lab is and let her take control of the situation.

We haven't seen Chris since this episode and I have no idea what's become of him.

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