The ABCs of Sunnydale

Drusilla (aka Dru):

Debut -- School Hard (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Becoming part II (Season 2)

In School Hard, Drusilla is introduced as the nutty yet childlike (and vampiric) girlfriend of Spike. Even though her appearances in this episode are somewhat brief, we can tell that Dru's coo-coo because she talks to her dolls, particularly Miss Edith, as if they're alive. There also seems to be some sort of psychic talents that she possesses; she can "see" that Buffy's in a dark place, and can sense when certain events are going to transpire. Although Dru appears to be a weak crackpot who consistently asks weird questions, there's something frightening about her. It's also clear that Spike will do anything to take care of her.

A Nutty Line:
"Miss Edith speaks out of turn..."
-- said to her dolly as she puts a scarf around its mouth and turns it towards the wall.

Other 2nd season appearances -- Halloween; Lie to Me; What's My Line parts I, II; Surprise; Innocence; Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered; Passion; I Only Have Eyes For You, Becoming part I, II

In Halloween, Drusilla tells Spike she has a vision and she says, "Everything's switching." She alerts Spike that someone new has come to town and things will be changing -- things that will make the Slayer weak.

Lie to Me marks the first time that Drusilla speaks with Angel. She's been in the park, apparently looking for food, and starts speaking with a little boy. She sings one of the songs her mummy used to sing to her, and Angel arrives to tell the little boy to run home. Dru tells Angel that she knows he's in love with Buffy. She also tells Angel he can't hurt her anymore. It's later revealed that Angel drove Drusilla insane before making her a vampire. In a later scene, it almost appears as if she has some power over Spike; she tells him not to kill Ford because Ford may be of some use to them. We also see that Dru's caretaking skills are lacking; she forgot to feed her bird and it died -- what's amusing is that she has no idea that it's dead. Later, Buffy uses Dru to barter with Spike -- she says she won't kill Dru if he stops his vamps from attacking some people.

What's My Line parts 1 & 2 showcase more of Dru's psychic talents. We learn that she's in need of a cure to restore her back to good health. And since Angel was her sire, he'll be needed for the ritual that will empower her. Dru tortures Angel before the ritual takes place, and later, after the organ falls on Spike (and possibly Dru), we see Dru emerge, looking very strong, and carrying a weak-looking Spike. This episode marks the first time that Drusilla is wearing a black dress instead of her usual white ones.

Surprise first features Dru in a dream of Buffy's -- in the dream, she's going to kill Angel, and tells Buffy, "Happy Birthday." Buffy is surprised because she had thought Spike and Dru were dead. We see Dru as the strongest she's been since her health has been restored. She's going to throw a party and is receiving "gifts" -- she still is emotionally unbalanced, as is evident when she freaks out over a flower arrangement. Once her gifts have been assembled, we see that it's The Judge and it's revealed that Dru wants to bring about Armageddon.

Innocence marks yet another vision of Dru's -- she senses something happens to Angel. Later she and Spike find out that Angel has changed back to Angelus; his humanity's gone and he is nothing but demon. Dru's happy to have her sire back in the family. This episode marks the first time we see some tension between Spike and Angel over Dru....Anyhoo, Dru rounds up The Judge, Angel, and a few other people so they can begin destroying the world. One of the most amusing scenes is when Dru begins screaming and freaking out after The Judge has been blown to bits. She scrambles up off the floor and takes off running.

In Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, Dru receives Valentine's Day gifts from Spike and Angel. Spike got her some jewelry, and Angel gave her a heart that he found in a quaint little shopgirl. Dru likes the jewelry, but seems more impressed by Angel's gift. This chick definitely drives a wedge between Spike and Angel. Later, we see Dru under the spell that Amy Madison cast in an effort to get Cordy to fall in love -- or be obsessed -- with Xander. It's funny to see her making a big play for Xander in front of Angel.

Passion again shows Dru as having some psychic abilities -- she senses someone is up to something and she goes to investigate. She finds out that Ms. Calendar went to a shop to purchase an Orb of Thessala, which would be used to restore Angel's soul. Dru also is shown with a dog she's named Miss Sunshine, and she tries to take care of Spike, asking him to eat.

I Only Have Eyes For You features Dru getting cozier with Angel in front of Spike -- since Spike's been wheelchair-bound, we've seen Angel torment him by flaunting the fact that Drusilla likes being around Angel. Things will come to a head soon on this front.

Becoming part I shows pre-vampire Dru and very-much-the-vamp Dru. We first see Dru in London, 1860, in a church. She's going to confession, but has no idea that Angel's killed the priest and is assuming the role of confessor. We learn that Dru's always had visions, the ability to see things, and that she wants to be good, and serve God. Angel tells her that her visions mark her as Satan's child; he also tells her that she can't get away from doing evil. Finally he gives in to her pleas of wanting to be pure and when she asks what to do, he advises her to do 10 Our Fathers with an act of contrition.

This episode features the first time that Drusilla goes to Sunnydale High School. While there, she hypnotizes Kendra before killing her. She uses her fingernails to slit Kendra's throat. Also, this episode shows Dru's disappointment when Angel fails to bring the demon Acathla to life.

Becoming part II again showcases Dru's psychic-type talents. In an effort to get some information from Giles, Dru says something like, "See with your heart." She now appears to Giles in the form of Jenny Calendar. She smooches Giles, and the man, who's been tortured plenty already, spills the secret about how to awaken Acathla. Later when she sees Spike attack Angel, she rises to the occasion and attacks Spike. Spike easily subdues her, and then he runs out with her to their black-painted special. She's last seen lying down in the car's front seat as Spike drives them out of Sunnydale. Pretty interesting, since she was in poor health when they arrived, and after Spike subdued her, she again looks a little worn out! The door's open for Drusilla's return, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her in season 3...

Season 3 Update

Well, apparently Dru threw Spike over after they'd left the country. In Lovers Walk, Spike tells anyone who will listen about how he caught her making out with a Chaos Demon and that she kind of cast him off 'cause she thought he was weak or something. That's pretty much all we know of her at this point. Spike left Sunnydale to go win her back by being the man she loved. (It involves some torture, but hey.)

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