The ABCs of Sunnydale

The Judge:

Debut -- Surprise (Season 2)

Died -- Innocence (Season 2)

A large blue demon, The Judge's sole purpose is to rid the world of the plague of humanity. His method allows him to burn his victims -- be they human, vampire, or otherwise -- by merely touching them, or, if his strength is high, looking at them. The Judge is reanimated by Drusilla in her quest to destroy the world. Why reanimated? Because many years ago, The Judge had been dismantled by an army and his pieces laid to rest in various remote areas of the earth. The body parts needed to be kept near each other if The Judge was to rise again, so Spike sends his minions to retrieve the pieces of The Judge. Once reassembled, though, The Judge needs to wait to gain his strength back. He kills one of Spike's vampires, Dalton, whose love of knowledge is considered to be human.

When Buffy and the gang learn that no weapon forged could kill The Judge, and it took an army to stop him, Xander comes up with an idea on how to take down The Judge. He thinks that if they were to secure a modern weapon from the army, they might be able to vanquish The Judge. He thinks this will work because even though it was written that no weapon forged could stop The Judge, the time in which that verse was written needs to be taken into account. Since it was so long ago, it could very well be possible that a weapon forged in these times could be enough to get rid of The Judge. Fortunately for Buffy and Co., the flamethrower-type weapon does serve to blast The Judge to bits. The pieces were retrieved and kept separate by Cordelia, Giles, Willow, Xander, and Oz. It's probably safe to say that The Judge won't be back anytime soon.

As a side note, The Judge was played by the same actor, Brian Thompson, who played Luke in Season 1's Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest. See pic below

Famous Last Words:

"What's that do?" -- to Buffy, before she shoots the large flame-thrower thing at The Judge.


Debut -- Welcome to the Hellmouth (Season 1)

Died -- The Harvest (Season 1)

Jesse is introduced as Xander's other best friend. He's got a sense of humor, but is not too smooth with the ladies. Jesse has a thing for Cordelia, and she's constantly insulting him, walking away from him, turning him down. Jesse meets Darla at the Bronze and leaves with her. When we next see Jesse at the mausoleum, he's already been bitten.

Buffy fights off the vampires and then goes to find Willow, Xander, and Jesse, who've left the mausoleum but are still being hunted by the vamps. We learn that Jesse got dragged off by a vampire.

In The Master's lair, Jesse's fate is decided -- he's to be bait to lure the Slayer down to the lair. And the next day, Xander and Buffy go down to look for Jesse. When they see him, they're relieved, but it soon becomes apparent that Jesse's now a vampire!

That night at The Bronze, when the vamps go hunting for The Master, we see Jesse wearing his normal face while he dances with Cordelia. Then he goes vampy. Xander's been told by Giles that Jesse is no longer Jesse, but is in fact a demon wearing Jesse's face and retaining Jesse's memories.

Jesse tells Xander "I'm a new man!" and is ready to kill Xander. Xander's holding a stake out to fend Jesse off, and in the panic to get out of the Bronze, someone runs by and bumps into Jesse, causing him to impale himself on Xander's stake.

Jesse is the first friend Xander loses to vampiric activity.

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