buffy and ice pack The Harvest

Season 1, Episode 2 -- originally aired as 2-hour premiere; later replayed as two parts, WTTH and The Harvest.

I actually count it as episode one, but make the distinction here since everyone else does.

The second half of this 2-parter begins with Buffy's struggle to get out of a coffin -- Luke had knocked Buffy into an old coffin and jumped in after her to kill her. Luckily, the cross that Angel had given her serves to distract Luke long enough for Buffy to escape. She returns outside to fight off some vamps that are overpowering Willow and Xander, and the 3 of them are able to escape. Jesse, however, is not so lucky.

Buffy knows that it's her responsibility to save Jesse, and she figures out where the entrance to the vampires' lair is. Willow uses her internet sleuthing skills to get into the city plans and learn the electrical system tunnels, and later aids Giles in doing research on the Net regarding the Hellmouth, The Master, and the Harvest. It's also during her research time that Willow is able to repay Cordelia for saying nasty things about Buffy...she "helps" Cordelia save a file by telling her to hit "deliver." Principal Flutie shows up to deter Buffy from leaving the schoolgrounds, and he locks the front gate to keep her inside. Of course, as soon as his back is turned, Buffy easily jumps over the fence and takes off for the mausoleum.

It's in the mausoleum that Buffy runs into Angel again. They exchange a few words, he tells her how to reach The Master's lair, and she's off. Meanwhile, Xander's role as (unlikely?) hero starts to develop in this episode -- unable to let Buffy go off by herself, and feeling a responsibility for his best friend Jesse's safety, Xander ditches school and meets up with Buffy in the mausoleum tunnels. So Buffy and Xander begin their descent into the bowels of the earth. While there, they run into Jesse, who seems to be normal, but actually has been set up as bait -- he's already become a vampire and Xander and Buffy are left to fend off the vampires and make their escape, which they do.

When Buffy and Xander return to the library, Giles and Willow have more information for them. (see What We Learn below for some of it). Xander believes that the Harvest will take place at the Bronze, so Giles, Willow, Buffy and Xander plan to meet over there and put a stop to it. Unfortunately, while Buffy's at home getting supplies, her mom grounds her, telling her she can't go out. Buffy sneaks out anyway, meets the gang, and tells them to get the people out and let her handle the vamps. Buffy kills a few random vampires and finally takes down Luke. The next scene takes place at school, Xander wonders why nobody's up in arms about it, and Giles tells the gang that the fun's only just begun -- there's a world of possibilites as to what the next threats they face may be...

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy throws a cymbal to behead a vamp near Xander.
2. Buffy uses a long pool-cue to jab into a vamp's heart.
3. Buffy uses her basic stake to get Luke from behind.
4. Willow tosses some holy water onto Darla's face.
5. Jesse impales himself accidentally on a stake held by Xander.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. How The Master got stuck in the Hellmouth -- An earthquake got him as he was trying to open the Hellmouth, and he became stuck in that realm.
2. That the Harvest occurs very infrequently, and allows the Master to be fed from one of his minion's feedings. "Every soul you take will feed me." -- The Master to Luke.
3. Holy water, beheading, staking..will kill vampires.
4. The stage is set for Willow and Xander to become the Slayerettes.
5. That Buffy's mom has no idea that Buffy's the Slayer. "..Mom, I have to go!" "I know, if you don't go out, it's the end of the world. Everything is life or death to a 16-year old girl!" -- Buffy to Mom, Mom to Buffy

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. Buffy's house
3. The Bronze
4. The Mausoleum & Cemetery
5. Some Dark Streets (alley)
6. The Master's Lair
7. The electrical plant (outside)

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Joyce Summers
3. Darla
4. Willow
5. Jesse
6. Xander
7. Giles
8. Cordelia
9. Luke
10. The Master
11. Principal Bob Flutie
12. Angel
13. Harmony
14. Bronze Doorman/Bouncer

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