buffy in blue Welcome to the Hellmouth

Season 1, Episode 1 -- originally aired as 2-hour premiere; later replayed as two parts, WTTH and The Harvest

This episode marks Buffy Summers' arrival into the seemingly sleepy town of Sunnydale. As the show opens, we see that Buffy's plagued by nightmares; only much later will we come to realize that everything she's fearing will come to pass -- if you look closely, you can make out the monsters that will appear in later episodes. Buffy's mom drives her to school for her first day, whereupon she immediately is spotted by Xander, who takes a liking to her. She's befriended by Cordelia, and seeks out Willow to get caught up with the schoolwork. Buffy meets Giles, her Watcher, but tells him that she's given up slaying in her pursuit of a normal life. This episode marks the first time that Buffy meets Angel and sets the stage for Buffy's seeming acceptance of her role as the Slayer.


Basically, Giles tells Buffy that something is going to happen and that she's the only one who can do anything to stop it. She's reluctant to take on the role of Slayer again since it got her kicked out of her old school and caused a lot of problems. What Buffy must prevent from occurring is: The Harvest. It's on the harvest night that The Master can rise from beneath his entrapment within the confines of the Hellmouth and wreak havoc on the world. This episode features Buffy's secret being discovered by Xander, who at first thinks she's crazy; and it also showcases Buffy's motto for living: Carpe Diem!

At the Bronze, Buffy spies Giles and goes upstairs to speak with him -- he tells her that she should be honing her skills as the Slayer, and asks her to spot a vampire in the crowd. She does, most notably by noticing the out-datedness of the vampire's wardrobe. When Buffy sees Willow taking her advice (the carpe diem advice) and talking to the vampire, she runs downstairs to save her, but misses. It's at this point that we see Darla, another vampire who appeared in the opening segment of this episode, talking to Jesse. In her quest to find Willow, Buffy mistakenly attacks Cordelia and ruins that relationship. Then she leaves the Bronze, runs into Xander, and the scene shifts over to Willow.

Willow's being taken on a walk through the cemetery by the vampire, and he shoves her into a mausoleum. Darla comes in with Jesse in tow...she's already bitten him. Finally, Buffy and Xander appear. Buffy dusts Thomas, the guy vampire, in front of Willow and Xander. Jesse's too out of it to notice. Buffy tells Willow and Xander to get Jesse to safety and she stays behind to deal with Darla. It's then that Luke, one of the strongest vampires, appears. Darla goes in search of their prey while Luke deals with Buffy. The last shot of this episode shows Luke jumping into a tomb to attack Buffy.

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy dusts Thomas in the mausoleum using a stake.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. How vampires make more of their own kind -- "It's a whole big sucking thing," -- Buffy to Giles.
2. That Cordelia is a self-absorbed bitca. -- "Hello, Miss Motormouth, can I get a sentence finished?" -- Cordy to one of her "friends" at the Bronze.
3. That Xander isn't too smooth with the ladies. -- "Very suave...very NOT pathetic." -- Xander to himself after babbling in front of Buffy.
4. That Angel is a cryptic, mysterious person. -- "Let's just say, I'm a friend." -- Angel to Buffy in the alley.
5. Sunnydale's a pretty small town. -- "We don't have a whole lot of town here." -- Cordy to Buffy.
6. Willow's been carrying a torch for Xander since childhood.
7. Willow's not too smooth with the gents. -- "..I can usually make a few vowel sounds and then I have to go away." -- Willow to Buffy.
8. Giles is very much into his role as Watcher. -- "What, you like sent away for the Time-Life series?" -- Buffy to Giles upon seeing his large collection of books on the occult.
9. Buffy was kicked out of her old school in LA for setting the gym on fire.
10. Principal Flutie is a touchy-feely, gentle guy. -- "A clean slate, Buffy. That's what you'll get here."

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. Buffy's house
3. The Bronze
4. The Mausoleum & Cemetery
5. Some Dark Streets (alley)
6. The Master's Lair

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Joyce Summers
3. Darla
4. Willow
5. Jesse
6. Xander
7. Giles
8. Cordelia
9. Luke
10. The Master
11. Principal Bob Flutie
12. Angel
13. Thomas
14. Aura
15. Aphrodisia

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