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Debut -- I Robot, You Jane (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

Fritz is one of Miss Calendar's computer students. When we first see him scanning books in the library, we can tell he's a total loon. This is because in his enthusiasm in extolling the virtues of the cyber-age, he tells Giles that "if you're not jacked in, you're not alive."

Fritz is instrumental in Moloch's plan to get rid of Buffy, to capture Willow, and -- well, basically he's just an impressionable yet dangerous dimwit who falls under Moloch's power.

The Evil That Fritz Does:

Although he's evil, I have to give some credit to Fritz for coining another of my favorite lines:

"I'm jacked in."

Fritz dies at CRD, the place where Moloch has been assembled. Moloch is trying to persuade Willow to love him, and he tells her that he can give her money, knowledge, power. Then he promptly snaps Fritz's neck. So much for being jacked in.

Ford (aka Billy Fordham):

Debut -- Lie to Me (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Ford's an old friend of Buffy's from LA. He's a year older than she is, and they went to school together for 7 years. Apparently, he was Buffy's 5th-grade crush. Anyhoo, Ford tells Buffy that he's just moved to Sunnydale 'cause his dad's been transferred, but we soon learn that that's a big fib.

Ford meets up with Buffy at the Bronze, and he tells Buffy that he knows she's the Slayer.

Later, when Buffy and Ford are walking around the school's campus, they run into some vampires. While Buffy's dusting one of them, Ford tells his vamp-chick that he'll spare her life if she tells him what he wants to know. When Buffy comes back, Ford tells her that he killed the vamp and it turned to dust...

Basically, it ends up that Ford wants to be turned into a vamp because he's dying of cancer. He convinces Spike to change him into a vampire by offering up Buffy to him. Spike agrees, and the plan is set. Ford's set up an all-you-can-eat-moron bar for the vamps. He's told Marvin and Chanterelle that they'll be changed over, too.

Let's face it, Ford's misguided 'cause he's scared of dying of cancer, and he doesn't care that he's leading others into certain death. At least, I don't think he cares. I mean, when Buffy tried to warn the folks, he smacked her a few times.

In the end, Ford did get changed, and Buffy staked him as soon as he stepped out of his grave.

Ford's Fibs:

  • tells Buffy he's enrolling at Sunnydale High.
  • tells Diego & Chanterelle that they'll be changed into vamps
  • tells Buffy he killed one of the vamps that was at the school

Ford Makes Friends:

Ford: "I wanna be like you. A vampire."
Spike: "I've known you for two minutes and I can't stand you. I don't really feature you living forever. Can I eat him now, love?" --
at the Warehouse, their first meeting.

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