The ABCs of Sunnydale

buffy in tank Marvin (aka Diego):

Debut -- Lie to Me (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Marvin's one of the sheep who worships vampires. He's been told by Ford that he'll be changed over soon. Marvin's obviously got some issues. I mean, first of all, he keeps reminding Ford to call him Diego. Secondly, he keeps pestering Ford to tell him the plan, tell him the plan. Okay, I guess I can sorta understand that, I mean, this is pretty much a life-change! Or would that be death change? Thirdly, Marvin, oops, I mean, DIEGO, dresses the part of the vamp. Or at least what he thinks is the part of a vamp. He wears a cape, frilly shirt, and black pants. Actually, the frilly shirt's okay, but that cape! Plus he's totally hyper, which is probably why Ford tells him, "Ritalin."

When Buffy comes to talk sense into these total loons, Marvin scoffs at her. He's pretty lucky she didn't beat the hell out of him....Marvin escapes unscathed, I believe, from the vamp attack led by Spike. Let's hope he got a new fashion sense, too.

Most Ironic Line:
Marvin: "She's a non-believer. She taints us." --about Buffy.

On Diego's Dress:

Buffy: "...and my God, could you have a dorkier outfit?"
Ford: "I've gotta back her up, D. You look like a big ninny." -- Buffy ends her tirade about what's really going to go down when the vamps arrive.

spike with a cross Magic Shopkeeper Lady:

Debut -- Lovers Walk (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

It probably seemed like a slow day for this lady before Spike arrived on the scene.

Anyhoo, this lady's all in pink, and she seems to be the customer-friendly type. Much more so than the folks at that upscale store I went to today...not mentioning any names, but hey, I could've been looking to buy something at Barney's! Anyhoo...she's dressed in pink and looks hippieish. She also seems to know her customers or get a vibe from them. When Spike's talking about getting boils for Angel, she says, "I'm hearing a lot of negative energy."

Shop Lady excuses herself from Spike when Willow comes in...she helps Willow get some things for her love spell, then helps her more when she learns Willow's actually gonna do an anti-love, de-lusting spell. It's all about raven feathers.

Anyhoo, she goes back to help Spike, who's stayed even though the lady's already told him, "We don't carry leprosy." Basically, this woman's job is to be Spike's first happy meal on legs. She does it pretty well. Blessed be.

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