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Debut -- The Puppet Show (Season 1)

Died Same Episode 

Mark appears in The Puppet Show as one of the students who's in the talent show. He's a magician, and the first time we see him practicing, he's trying to make his assistant disappear. After he puts her in a box and turns it around, he opens it to find that she's still there. "You were supposed to leave," we hear him say.

After dancer Emily is found dead, Mark is one of the people questioned. Giles is the one talking to him, and Mark says all he knew is that Emily "was a really good dancer." During this talk, Mark wants to keep practicing his magic tricks, and he keeps bugging Giles to pick a card, "not that one, pick this one."

Later, when the show's about to go on, Mark asks Giles to help him out with something since his assistant's sick. He straps Giles into a contraption that will chop off the top of his head, leaving his brains to come pouring out. Elsewhere, Buffy and Co. have figured out that Mark's the demon they're looking for, and run to kill him before he can kill Giles. Giles has also realized, too late, that Mark's a demon. Buffy and Co. get there in time to free Giles (Willow hacks at the lock and Xander catches the rope that the blade's attached to.)

It turns out that Mark is of a demon brotherhood that can assume the form of young humans; however, every number of years (I think 7), the demons need to procure a strong heart and a healthy brain in order to keep living as human. Buffy fights Mark, who's now in his demon form, and he lands on his contraption. Xander lets go of the rope and the blade effectively chops off demon Mark's head. But, as Sid tells Buffy, beheading the demon isn't enough, and he'll come back unless the heart's stabbed. So Sid takes the knife and plunges it into Mark's heart. Subsequently, Mark doesn't win the talent show....

Biggest Tip-Off Line:
"Gee, Mr. Giles, you're really smart."
-- said to Giles right before he straps him onto the table to get his brains.

Mark's Demon Form:  

Marcie Ross:

Debut -- Invisible Girl (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Marcie Ross terrorizes the people who are closest to Cordelia; it's easy for her to do since she's invisible. We learn that she probably became invisible due to some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, since no one paid attention to her, and because she felt invisible, she literally became invisible. Things like that are easier when you're living on a Hellmouth. Marcie exacts her revenge on Cordelia, who's seemingly the most visible person in school. She attacks Cordy's latest boyfriend, Mitch, with a baseball bat, pushes her friend Harmony down the stairs, and tries to kill her favorite teacher, Ms. Miller, by suffocating her.

Cordy comes to realize that these things are happening because of her, and she goes to Buffy & Co. for help. The gang's uncovered who Marcie is, and Willow and Xander are horrified to learn that they don't remember her even though they shared some classes. Willow even signed Marcie's yearbook: Have a great summer.

Marcie leads Xander, Giles, and Willow into a trap so she can deal with Cordy and Buffy. Basically, she plans to give Cordy a face people will always remember: she has surgical instruments and both Buffy and Cordy are strapped to their seats. In the end, some FBI-types come to get Marcie and take her away. The last we "see" of her, she's in a room with other invisible kids, learning infiltration techniques, etc. For all we know, Marcie's lurking on the Hellmouth during her summer breaks...

Marcie has the misfortune to be in my 2nd least favorite ep., so she gets no quotes. Sorry 'bout that.


Debut -- Reptile Boy (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Makita is a big snake-like creature who sort of reminds me of Moloch the Corrupter. This is because Makita, like Moloch, promises great fortune to those who serve him. Well, okay, he doesn't verbally promise it, because he doesn't talk at all, but it goes along with that whole "make a deal with the devil thing."

Basically, there's a fraternity whose members worship Makita. They wear black robes, do some scarification, the whole nine yards! And in order to ensure their good fortune for the coming year, they must make a sacrifice to him. The sacrifice? Three young girls. This time it's none other than Cordelia, Buffy, and Callie.

Frat dudes Richard and Tom have chained the chicks to the wall and are calling Makita up from this well-looking thing in the frat house basement. Makita, looking much like a mummy, hovers and gets ready to chow down, but Buffy breaks free of her chains. She grabs a sword and splits the snake. As a result of Makita's death, a bunch of people who had been in the frat -- they're now big powerful executives -- are jumping out of windows because their fortunes crumbled. As for personality of a villain? I'd say Makita had...none. What do you expect from a spineless creature anyway?

I don't think snakes have spines, but I've been wrong before...

Makita's Impact & Some Insight:
"Starve a snake, lose a fortune. Boy, I guess the rich really are different, huh!"
-- Xander to Willow and Buffy, upon reading about the suicides of boardroom execs who've lost their fortunes after Makita's demise.

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