The ABCs of Sunnydale

Rickie Thomas:

Debut -- Anne (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Rickie is Chanterelle/Lily's boyfriend, and we first meet him at Helen's Kitchen. Turns out he blew all of their cash in order to get matching tattoos -- each person sports the other person's name in half of a heart. Anyhoo, he's the guy who takes care of Lily, and he seems to be decent. Even if it did sound like Lily told Buffy that he skipped out on his parole [officer, I guess?].

Rickie had big plans for his future -- he was gonna get a job in a carwash, and he and Lily were gonna get their own place. And it would've happened, if Rickie hadn't gone off with that evildoofus Ken to the Family Home. Apparently, Rickie was in good enough health to be considered slave-worker-in-Hell material, so he went off to do just that.

That's not the only problem Rickie had, though; it seems that there's a great disparity as to how his name's spelled. On Lily's arm, it's Rickie, but in the blood bank records, it's Ricky. I can relate to that. Sometimes people deign to put an extra "L" in my really bugs me.

Anyhoo, Buffy finds Rickie dead in an alley...his body's aged and he looks pretty un-Rickielike. That's what happens when you're a slave worker in Hell for a day...down there, a day can be equal to many years, so that explains the aging process.

Rickie was pretty neat, and not too hard on the eyes, and he really wanted to buy peach pie for himself and Lily. That makes him a good guy in my book.
Rickie's Last Meal?:
Rickie: "....We gotta eat healthy. We can't have cake. Can we get pie?" --
Rickie answers Lily's question about ordering cake.

Random Truckers:

Debut -- Anne (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

The random truckers are Buffy's, I mean, Anne's, customers at Helen's Kitchen. They sort of provide the first real insight we have as to how Buffy's changed since Becoming part 2. They make lewd innuendoes to her and slap her on the rear. Instead of summoning up her slayer strength to smack the bejeezus out of them, she simply stops for a minute, freezes, and then continues to walk off. No smart remarks, no fighting back...just an acceptance.

Come to think of it, these two guys sort of reminded me of The Gorch Brothers.

New Form of Tipping?:
Trucker 1: "Sure you don't want me to work it off for ya?" --
to Buffy, when she hands him the bill and tells him to pay up front. (yeesh)

Random Party Stoner Guy:

Debut -- Dead Man's Party (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

This guy's a party maniac, dude. Well, sorta. Basically this guy's into smoking -- ooh, bad teen element, especially when you consider the millions of "no smoking" posters that adorn the walls of Sunnydale High! -- and drinking and goading others into doing same.

Dude guy wears some lime green shirts, one of which has the letters versit on it, so I have to wonder what university the shirt's for. He kinda reminds me of a smarter Keanu Reeves, although that might not be saying much. She joked. Anyhoo, he explains the party like this: "I heard it was for some chick who just got out of rehab." Laughworthy...even if RSP Guy doesn't know that the scene immediately shifted over to Joyce Summers after he made this remark. And lest you think I mean to say that Joyce is a drunk or recovering alkie, I'm not. Although I've learned not to rule anything out on this show. So maybe it's Xander's folks who are the alkies. Digression much? Anyhoo, when Giles phones Buffy to warn her about the Zombie Demon mask thing, Stoner answers the phone. Instead of concentrating on the phone call, he keeps poking his friend, saying that this other guy who knocked over the fiesta thing needs to do a shot. He keeps yakking about doing shots.

Stoners R Us?:
Stoner Guy: "Party Villa. Can I rock you?" --
his basic phone greeting.

But to his credit, Stoner does in fact try to locate the person Giles is calling for. When no one answers to "Buddy," he reports back to Giles, "You've got the wrong house, Mr. Belvedere."

Stoner Guy goes by way of neck snappage, courtesy of a zombie. But we should remember that he was probably the guy on everyone's party list. Party on, Guy.

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