The ABCs of Sunnydale

zookeeper Zookeeper:

Debut -- The Pack (Season 1)

Died Same Episode

Buffy and Willow first meet the zookeeper outside of the hyena house, which is off-limits to the zoo patrons due to a "quarantine." Later it's discovered that the zookeeper was actually trying to invoke the animal spirit of the hyena into himself as a form of transpossession. As soon as he's possessed, he tries to slit Willow's throat but is thwarted by Xander and Buffy. He's knocked over into the hyena pit and is torn apart.

Most Fitting Line:
"It bothered me." -- said to Giles upon Giles's discovery that it must have irked the zookeeper that the students were able to become possessed when he [the zookeeper] was unable to accomplish that feat.

Zombie Demon Zombie Demon (aka Ovu Mobani):

Debut -- Dead Man's Party (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

It starts off innocently enough..sort of...the Zombie Demon's spirit is trapped inside a piece of Nigerian artwork that Joyce got from the gallery. I guess she thinks it's aesthetically pleasing or something, but Buffy thinks otherwise. Anyway, the mask's eyes glow every so often, and in doing so, call recently dead things back to life. Again, well, sort of.

Giles discovers that the zombies are all crashing Buffy's party in hopes of retrieving the mask and putting it on, thereby unleashing the demon incarnate..Ovu Mobani, or Evil Eye. Buffy learns this on her own...after Pat dons the mask, she does the "eye trick" on folks and Buffy realizes she has to poke its eyes out or something. Her implement of choice? A shovel. Ouch. As soon as Ovu Mobani's attacked in the ocular region, it disappears into a blinding light, and all of the other zombies disappear, too. See, this is why most of my walls are bare, save for a batik from Niger...uh...

Zombies I Have Known:

Words to Live By?:
Joyce: "You have no appreciation for primitive art." -- to Buffy, who's just said that the mask is "angry at the room."

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