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Debut -- Reptile Boy (Season 2)

Last Seen in -- Reptile Boy

Richard Anderson is the latest of Cordelia's boyfriends -- he's a college man with good looks, a car, and is obviously wealthy...thus making him a prime target for Cordelia's affections. Richard drives over to Sunnydale High to invite Cordy to a party; also in the car is a fraternity brother of his named Tom. They spy Buffy on the steps and ask her to come to the party too. It turns out that Richard's involvement in the fraternity leads him to commit acts of murder in the form of holding young women hostage and offering them up as sacrifices to the snake-like deity Makita, whom they serve. Richard is most probably rotting in jail right now.

Rodney Munson:

Debut -- Inca Mummy Girl (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

We first meet Rodney while the gang's on a field trip to the museum -- we know right away he's a delinquent and not too swift, just from things Xander says about him, such as, "What he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in lack of smarts."

When the gang notices that Rodney's scratching a mask, Willow goes over to talk to him. Apparently she's his tutor, and they're discussing the element table. Xander's observation is confirmed when Rodney tells Willow that he's got all 14 of them memorized!

After the tomb of the Incan Mummy Princess has been visited and the group moves on to another area of the museum, Rodney comes back to steal something. Unfortunately, in doing so, he reawakens the princess who then proceeds to grab him and suck the life force out of him. Rodney's left, mummified, in her place in the tomb. At least he won't have to worry about memorizing the other 80+ elements!

Random Cheerleader (aka Joy):

Debut -- The Witch (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Some Assembly Required (Season 2)

Actually, this chick might be the head cheerleader. She's first seen during tryouts in The Witch, when she begins tryouts by introducing Amber. We see her again during the various phases of the tryouts -- she explains when the list will be posted, and she has the misfortune of being near Buffy when Buffy's under Amy's spell. Buffy first steps on the cheerleader's foot, then tosses her into a wall. Yikes.

In SAR, cheery is seen briefly. Because Cordy's in danger, Buffy's frantically searching for her. She sees the cheerleaders coming down the stairs, and asks if they've seen Cordelia. It sounds like Buffy calls her Joy, but I'd need to check the tape to be sure. Anyhoo, the chick makes a snide remark to Buffy, so Buffy puts her arm out, blocking the cheerleader's path. Cheery knuckles under, and tells Buffy where Cordy is. That's all we've seen of Joy/head cheerleader/long-haired chick. Rah rah. Maybe someone will kill her next season? Not wishing harm, just suggesting. I'd rather see her go than Teresa!

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