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8 May 2005

Making a few updates to some pages...mostly for my e-mail address, since the Angelfire acct. was snuffed about a year ago. If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to e-mail me...especially if we haven't e'd in some time. (I miss my old 'net friends!) :)

27 March 2004

Cleaned up the Missing Lynx page. Jeez, why did I ever stop updating this site? I'll never catch up...never....

13 October 2002

Fixed broken links for Dead Larry's Capsules and some from the Dingo Action! Archive. In honor of Angel's recent season premiere, I'm relinking my original Angel goodbye page. Enjoy.

17 April 2001

Last week's Dingo Action! is now closed. Thanks to those who played. Check back soon for an update (for a new d.a. perhaps.)

8 April 2001

New theme Dingo Action! is now up: In Memoriam: Joyce Summers (or: Remembering Joyce Summers, etc.) Exciting! (Folks on the listbot update thing found out sooner, such are the perks of joining.) :)

13 October 2000

1. Dingo Action! Results up for the episode "Real Me." Go check!

27 September 2000

1. Greetings all! Hope you enjoyed the premiere. Since my updates have been really pathetic of late, I've decided to go ahead and do one of those listbot things. Now you can sign up to find out just when the latest dingo action! has been posted. I promise not to spam. Actually you'll probably hardly ever get mail, since my updating is of the meager type...but anyway. I do plan to keep up the D.A. part of the site so thanks for your patience and all.

NOTICE: Tripod is not allowing other sites to access .jpg files (which explains some of my broken images on angelfire. oy.) What this means is that if you have a banner up to my site, and the banner is not saved to your hard drive or uploaded to your own directory, an annoying broken image thing will appear. So if you're a webmaster, please change the .jpg to .gif in your code; I've uploaded .gifs of all my banners into my directory, and that should remedy the problem. Thank you for your support!

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