Disclaimer the First

Where'd the pics and soundfiles come from? I don't have the equipment (or talent) to do screen captures, etc., so in the spirit of Blanche Dubois, I must depend upon the kindness of strangers. Basically, if the pics, etc. aren't from The WB's official site(s), they're from some other generous souls (mostly Zak Zandarah!). Please read below for more details. I've made every effort not to swipe things from people if somewhere on their site said Do Not Use These Pictures, Soundfiles. I'm not trying to start any trouble here, after all....

Disclaimer/Credits the Second

Most of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" images used on these pages were taken from the WB's 1997-1998 websites, maintained then by Ultimate TV. No infringement is intended. Some official WB images and shots from the show, as well as that cool Buffy moon gif, were taken from YTV's site. All other graphics were taken from websites long ago, so I'm not sure who to credit. I do know that recently I got a few pics from Domain of the Slain, and I recently garnered 2 pics from Punch's BtVS page. Thanks to Paula Finch for allowing the use of 2 of her pics, too. But I think that these and also the other stuff are in the public domain, and if they're not, I'm really sorry, but don't sue! Let me know if something's from your page so I can credit you!

Scooby Pic update: Turns out that I got this last year from Kim P.'s site! And that was probably before I even knew her. So, thanks a bunch, Kim! Update: Kim P. answered my plea and sent me the Giles/Buffy bookish Scooby pic! yay!! and thanks!

Credits the Third

Thanks to Michelle for use of some soundfiles, and pix. Visit her at The Buffy Cross & Stake.
Thanks to Techzero and Tom's Buffy Page for use of some soundfiles.
Thanks to Serendipity for use of her manipulated collage pics. And special thanks to Sere for making banners!
Thanks to Zak Zandarah for the use of some pictures. Zak's made it possible for me to have pictures of some one-episode characters, and that's pretty nifty! Check out Zak's Very Suave, Very Not Pathetic Slayerette Site!
Thanks to Cynthia for the use of some of her pics; she runs Star-Crossed Lovers.
Thanks to Phred for the use of some of her screencaps; she runs Sunnydale High School!

I also tried to credit the person on the pages where the soundfiles/pics were used, but you know, like Buffy once said, it "is a job of work."

whew...too much legality.

Disclaimer the Third

On rare occasions I may have the chance to update parts of this site immediately following a new episode; if you don't want to see any info. that could be regarded as a "spoiler" -- check out the What's New page to see which areas to avoid.

Rerun hell is over, so this is a moot issue. (Okay, I just like using the word moot.)

Credits the Fourth

Many thanks go to Little Willow for being my backup source when I'm too lazy to recheck tapes, whether for closed-captioned spellings of names, outcomes of fights, or just sloppiness on my part, heh. Also for her encouragement in getting me to start this site and take it public!
Also some gratitude is thrown Big Al's way, for a coding trick or two!
And lots of appreciation goes out to my brother Hoyt for his input about everything from typos to links to whatever!
Gratitude to Anime Nut of Domain of the Slain for quotage when I'm lazy and character names when I can't decipher them, etc.
Finally, some thanks to Nikki, for letting me yammer on and on about "buffy, buffy, willow, willow." there, your name is in lights..now you gotta start watching the show, okay?

A Plea

If you have any pictures on your site that you think people would like seeing here (since I've had to reuse so many since I'm not a big pilferer), please let me know. I'd be happy to give you a link, credit, etc. i feel a happy coming on.

drop me a line.


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