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Where in the World is Sunnydale?

Located in sunny CA, Sunnydale has the grave misfortune of being situated on a Hellmouth, a center of mystical convergence, which seemingly allows great evils and supernatural events to occur on a regular basis. The Hellmouth is sort of a portal between this world & the realm of the demons, and was named Boca del Infierno by the Spanish.

Sunnydale's conveniences include: the local high school, the Bronze, which is the local hangout, one Starbucks, a mini-golf course (as seen in Ted), a mall (as seen in Bad Eggs), and other assorted places. It also happens to be 2 hours on the freeway from Neiman Marcus. -- according to Buffy, in Welcome to the Hellmouth.


[any adjective/verb/verbal phrase] + much -- Example: Frustrated much?

1. Cordelia in Welcome to the Hellmouth, "Morbid much!" (Season 1)

2. Buffy in Some Assembly Required, "Pathetic much?" (Season 2)

3. Xander in Ted, "Having issues much?!" (Season 2)

4. Cordy in I Only Have Eyes For You, "Okay, over-identify much?" (Season 2)

You vixen! -- Example: Self-explanatory. Best said to fellow chicks.

1. As used by Willow in Never Kill a Boy on the First Date upon finding out that Buffy's checked out a book of Emily Dickinson's poems in order to have something in common with Owen. (Season 1)

I love it! -- Example: Self-explanatory. Best said whenever!

1. As used by Spike in Lie to Me when Billy Fordham says he'll turn over the Slayer in return for immortality. (Season 2)

Hello, salty goodness! -- Example: verbatim.
Best used to express interest in someone you find attractive.

1. As used by Cordelia in NKABOTFD when she spies Angel coming into the Bronze. (Season 1)

Bitca -- Example: She's acting like a major bitca.

1. As used by Xander in When She Was Bad in response to Willow's saying that Buffy's acting like a "B-I-T-C-H" , to which Giles replies that they're all past the age of spelling words. It's then that Xander asks, "A bitca?" (Season 2)

I'm back! -- Example: Self-explanatory, verbatim.
Best used when you've been off in your own world!

1. As used by Sid in The Puppet Show; he'd been saying that he should've teamed up with Buffy, who's "limber, nubile....I'm back!" (Season 1)

Deal with my + [any verb form in -ing form] -- Example: See below.

1. Buffy in The Harvest, "Deal with my going," --to Angel after he tells her not to go down to The Master's lair. (Season 1)

Did I just say that? -- Example: verbatim.
Used to exhibit surprise after you've said something.

1. As used by Buffy in NKABOTFD, after telling Owen that she's not free to go out with him.

2. Willow in Invisible Girl, "Did I say that?" -- after offering an explanation that someone might want to harm Cordelia because "they met her." (Season 1)

Witness me + [-ing verb] -- Example: see below.

1. Jesse in Welcome to the Hellmouth, "Witness me prowling." -- to himself, after Cordy rejects him. He says, "Yeah, I'm..on the prowl. Witness me prowling." (Season 1)

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