The 411 -- Story Arcs

Following are pages on the main story arcs and what's happened on the show to date. Although the first story arc of Season 1, Buffy vs. The Master, is resolved, it must be mentioned since it's central to the development of the characters, their relationships with one another, and their actions in Season 2.

The Master's All Blue

Buffy versus The Master

Buffy's Blue, Too

seriously, buffy

Buffy and Angel

Angel Does Brood

buffy in the light

Buffy versus Spike and Drusilla

spike wants a meal

The 511/Relationships

The 611/Slayerships

The ABCs of Sunnydale

The Episodes

Dingo Action


Main Entrance

Missing Lynx

What's New

This page last updated on January 31, 1999.

Pics of Buffy vs. Master courtesy of Phred, Sunnydale High School!

I'm sorry, I can't recall where I got Buffy vs. Spike pics..If it's you, drop a line.

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