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Following is the main story arc and what's happened on the show to date regarding Buffy's saga with vampires Spike & Drusilla. This story arc began in Season 2.

Buffy versus Spike and Drusilla

What with The Master dead, more villains arrived in Sunnydale in the form of Spike and Drusilla. Spike killed the Anointed, and we learn that Spike and Dru came to Sunnydale so that Drusilla might be cured of an illness. It should be noted that Spike and Dru are paramours.

Everytime Buffy would fight Spike, either he would run away, as he did in School Hard, Halloween, and What's My Line, Part 2, or she would escape from him, as she did in Surprise.

Spike's been in a wheelchair since WML part 2, and since that episode, Dru's gained her strength back. Together, they've also tried to kill the Slayer and destroy the world by resurrecting The Judge.

Although the Slayer is a formidable opponent, Spike and Dru now have Angel on their side, so it remains to be seen what happens...but Angel's been driving a wedge between Spike & Dru, also, so there's some tension there. This could be considered another arc entirely, but right now I'm keeping this triangle listed under Buffy vs. Spike & Dru.

Tension between Angel and Spike mounted even more in I Only Have Eyes For You. Dru goes off willingly with Angel, leaving Spike behind. But Spike's got a trick or two up his sleeve -- at the end of the show, after Dru & Angel left, Spike shoved his wheelchair aside as he stood up.

Becoming part I features the backstory on Dru, which you can check out on her character page. It also marks yet another attempt for the vamp trio to bring about Armageddon. This time, it's the demon Acathla, and Angel's found not worthy, so he can't reanimate the demon. The vamps conjure up a plan to distract Buffy so they can kidnap Giles; they believe that he may be of some help to them. Spike still hasn't let on that he can walk yet. And Drusilla exhibited unparalleled strength when she killed Kendra. Next week should be a killer ep. It had better be. I mean, summer reruns are good and all, but yeesh.

Becoming part II has this arc coming full circle, but with a twist. Spike comes to Buffy in order to form an alliance against Angel. They plan to kill Angel, and Spike says he'll take Drusilla and hit the road, never to return to Sunnydale if Buffy helps him. Buffy is at first suspicious, not that I blame her, but she agrees. It's cool to see Spike and Buffy on the same side of things; Spike fulfills his part of the deal by attacking Angel while his back's turned.

Of course, he also has to smack Dru a few times since she's not too happy about Spike's beating up Angel. Anyway, Spike leaves Buffy to deal with Angel, even though it looks like Angel is about to kill Buffy. He runs outside with Dru and they drive off. I say this arc comes full circle because Spike drove into town with an ailing Dru, and now he's leaving with an out-of-it Dru. They didn't go the way of The Master though, and who knows how honorable Spike it's possible that they could turn up next season! But for now, that's all she wrote.

Season 3... Well, so Spike broke his word. Big surprise there. He returns to Sunnydale in Lovers Walk to piss and moan about Dru's leaving him, even smashing one of her dolls and calling her a "stupid, worthless bitch." But hey, that's love talking for you...or whatever. Spike spies Angel and wants to give him something nasty, like boils or leprosy, but basically what happens is he ends up teaming with the Slayer again and giving her yet another life-lesson. So while this may not actually deserve to be on the arc page, I'm putting it on here anyway. Actually, maybe it does deserve to be here...after all, Spike hit Sunnydale to cure Dru in the first place, and now he's back to win her love again. Throw in some kidnapping and a death and fighting some of his own ilk -- sort of a la School Hard -- and it does seem to be arc-like.

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