The ABCs of Sunnydale

graveyard The Anointed One (aka Colin):

Debut -- Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (Season 1)

Other first season appearances: Angel, Nightmares, Prophecy Girl

Death -- School Hard (Season 2)

We first learn of The Anointed One's existence when Giles reads a prophecy in NKABOTFD. It's written that five shall die and from their ashes the anointed will rise. The anointed is to be The Master's greatest weapon against the slayer. The Master reads, "...and in this time shall come The Anointed...and the Slayer will not know him, will not stop him, and he will lead her into Hell." When there's a bus accident, 5 die, and Giles wonders if that's related to the prophecy. In this episode, Buffy and Giles believe that they've killed the anointed one, but we realize that they haven't..the Anointed One is actually a small boy who was on the bus.

In Angel, we see The Anointed One again...this time, he's being taught by the Master about how the vampire family functions, and he also serves to console the Master when Darla, the Master's favorite vamp, is killed. He tells the Master that he'll get rid of the Slayer for him when the time comes.

In Nightmares we see The Master teaching the Anointed One about fear and overcoming it. He tells the Anointed, "If I face my fears, they cannot master me." We learn that when the Anointed was a human, he was scared of monsters.

The Anointed One's purpose is served in Prophecy Girl. The Slayer has flouted the prophecy of not knowing who the Anointed One is, and she willingly goes with him to the Master's Lair. After the Anointed One drops her off there, we don't see him anymore. Apparently, he wasn't the Master's greatest weapon, since it's in this episode that Buffy vanquishes the Master.

Season 2 Appearances

When She Was Bad; School Hard

WSWB features The Anointed once again. This time, he's trying to resurrect The Master. He has his minions round up those who were with The Master at the time of his death. But Buffy thwarts his plans when she saves the gang and pulverizes the Master's skeleton.

Most Amusing Line:
"I hate that girl!" -- to himself, after he sees the Master's bones crushed to pieces.

School Hard marks the last time we see The Anointed. He's still in charge of the local vamps, but is thrown for a loop when Spike arrives. He strikes a deal with Spike, saying that Spike can kill The Slayer for him. But when Spike fails and the Anointed would have him killed, Spike suddenly grabs the Anointed, throws him in a cage, and raises it up to the sunlight. We hear the Anointed scream and hear a hissing noise, even though we don't actually see him burn. When the cage is shown again, it's empty.

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