The ABCs of Sunnydale

Mr. Trick:

Debut -- Faith, Hope & Trick (Season 3)

Other 3rd season appearances: Homecoming; Band Candy; Bad Girls

Death -- Consequences (Season 3)

Mr. Trick, Mr. a new kind of vampire, one we haven't seen. We thought Spike was no traditionalist? This cat beats him out, big-time. He's business-savvy. He puts on a big glove before making a kill -- at least he did for the pizza guy kill -- he's into computers, networking, and diet soda!

Sure, he seems like he's just a henchman of Kakistos's, but he's gotta be the brains behind this operation. Like he says, it's all about seeing "the big picture." He says this twice..first while they're in the car at the Happy Burger...he's commenting on the great death rate Sunnydale -- the 'dale-- has going for it, and Kakistos reminds him that they're there for the Slayer. His reply? He says something like, yeah, but...big picture!

The next time he mentions it is when he realizes that Buffy and Faith could actually kill Kakistos. He expounds on the virtues of being a modern vampire. Actually, this is pretty interesting..the closed-captioning is absolutely nothing like what he actually says! But either way, he splits, leaving Kakistos to die.

Trick kills the pizza guy, it looks like he kills the motel guy, and he already killed the Happy Burger Guy...he's in it for the food and lodging?

Working for him, Trick's got a master sense of hip, computery-type lingo. He's a sharp dresser. (see vamp dress comparison below). Also of interest is that he's the first black vamp we've really seen since Absalom bought it in When She Was Bad. But unlike Absalom, he doesn't speak Biblically...he employs more slangy language; like I said, he's hip. I can just see him and Spike together already! Yikes!

Trick's Threads:
Like Dalton, he wears a sort of work-type outfit. Only, he's more stylish. His threads are your nice business suits, complete with ties, jackets, the works. Like some of the other vamps we've seen, he sports a mustache.

For more Vamp Dress Comparisons, see: Pork 'n' Beans Vamp, The Three, and The Gorch Brothers, Dalton, and Absalom.

Trick or T(h)reat?:
"There's a reason the vengeance crusades are out of style; when you're a modern vampire, you see the big picture!" --
to a female vamp of Kakistos's, as they make their exit leaving Kakistos to die.

In Homecoming, Mr. Trick goes all out to promote his new event, SlayerFest '98. He gathers a host of willing participants, such as Lyle Gorch, Kulak, and Jungle Bob/Daniel Boone guy. Trick's still got his sense of humor and jive way of talkin' -- I think that no amount of jive talkin' (Bee Gees, anyone?) will get him out of working with or for The Mayor.

In this episode, Trick is carted off to the mayor's office and is probably going to be sucked into forming some type of partnership with him to rid Sunnydale of the Slayer. At the end of the episode, Trick believes that Buffy and Faith may already have been destroyed.

Trick Speaks the Truth:
"Clothes make the man." --
to the mayor, after the mayor compliments him on his suit.

In BC, Trick's called in by the Mayor to help him pave the way for paying tribute to the demon Lurconis. Trick decides to subcontract since he's no spell-caster, and calls in Ethan Rayne. It looks to me like Trick doesn't enjoy working with the Mayor very much. Can't say I blame him. Anyhoo, Trick snaps the neck of one factory worker, and later tells Buffy he's looking forward to fighting with her. Trick is still stylin', and that's cool. I love this guy...Even if he did toss teenGiles into the watery pit down in the sewers. Plus, I think Trick may soon end the alliance with the Mayor; catch the look on his face when the Mayor threatens him at the end of the 'sode.

Trick on Trick:
"I'm a very delicate person." --
to the mayor, after the mayor says that this task is of a delicate nature. I think, gotta check tape.

In Bad Girls, Trick is still doing the Mayor's bidding. This time, he's dropped off a bunch of artillery that the latest vamp squad in town is using so they can figure out what's the latest demon thing they're up against. There's a little bonding, what with cartoon/comics discussion (which I'll fill in after I check out the 'sode again). Later, Trick watches the Mayor go through this ceremonial type thing whereby the Mayor becomes kind of invincible until his ascension. Whatever that means. (May need to check that again; forgive any errors.)

In Consequences, Trick's with the Mayor, in Allan's office. Trick doesn't get why the Mayor is uber-suspicious of what Allan might have been up to, and he kind of questions the Mayor's shredding of all of Allan's documents. Trick's also with the Mayor when they notice Buffy and Faith on the videotape...they've been caught in Allan's office, and they obviously overheard the Mayor's convo with Trick. Trick appears at the docks to whup up and basically kill the Slayers. He's almost gotten Buffy, but Faith stakes him from behind. What a way to go, eh?

Watch this space for More on Mr. Trick..his words, his mission, etc. Okay, just his words.

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