The ABCs of Sunnydale

buffy and the ick factor expression Mr. Whitmore:

Debut -- Bad Eggs (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Mr. Whitmore's the Teen Health teacher, and he starts the ball rolling for some good dialogue in his class. Unfortunately, he's also in my least favorite episode. Sorry, had to say that.

Anyhoo, he begins talking about the negative consequences of the [teenagers'] sex drive, and Willow names pregnancy as one of them. Whitmore gives the class an assignment that deals with the responsibility of parenting. Everyone gets an egg-cum-child. (or is that child-cum-egg? I never did get that straight).

Whitmore's responsible for giving out the eggs that contain the parasitic children of the Mother Bezoar. It's a whole big thing, let's not get into that now. Suffice it to say that Whitmore survives the episode, though he's not been seen since.

An Amusing Exchange:
Mr. Whitmore: " how many of us have lost countless productive hours plagued by unwanted sexual thoughts and feelings?"
Xander (raising hand): "Yes! Mm hmm."
Mr. Whitmore: "That was a rhetorical question, Mr. Harris, not a poll."
Xander: "Oh."

buffy in the graveyard silhouette Mr. Miller:

Debut -- I Only Have Eyes For You (Season 2)

Other Episodes: Anne (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Graduation part 1 (Season 3)

Mr. Miller's one of Buffy's teachers. While he's droning on about things like The New Deal and the stock market crash of '29, Buffy's attention wanders...into 1955. When Buffy shakes herself out of her reverie, she sees that Mr. Miller's still talking about "child labor and collective bargaining", but what's he writing on the chalkboard, "Don't walk away from me, bitch" doesn't seem to be part of his lesson plan. He notices his mistake when the kids start laughing and he begins to erase the board. According to Xander, this phenomenon is known as: "Chalkboard Tourette's."

Mr. Miller pops up again in Anne. Here he's making a comment on the first day of school, and it's sort of reminiscent of what Principal Snyder was saying on the first day of school last year. Only it's not as negative...

Anyhoo, Mr. Miller notices a student who's making some time in the hallway. Calm yourselves, I just mean he's sort of running. Jeepers. Here's what he says...

Teacher's Feature:
Mr. Miller: "Whoa, slow down, people. Summer is over. Be somber." -- add an eye-roll and you've got this guy down.

My guess is he'll show up again at some point. If not, well...I have a day job. I'm not about to quit it and start telling fortunes. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Woo hoo, I was right! So okay, they put him in the first episode of the season, and sort of the last! Heh.

Mr. Miller pops up again in Graduation part 1. This time, he's the lucky teacher who gets to sort of pick on Xander. Well, kinda sorta. When Xander tries to slink into class -- late -- Miller takes the opportunity to single him out, kinda like, you know, thanks for joining us, that kinda thing. Then he goes on to tell folks that they haven't graduated yet, etc., and that there's still work to be done.

That said, he asks Xander to be the first participant it turns out, a game of hangman on the chalkboard! LOL! Okay not just because I wasn't expecting it, but hey..should this guy even be near a chalkboard, given his history?? Snicker. Big time.

Miller Sucks 'Em In..And He's Not Even a Demon:

Mr. Miller: "They always go for the 'E'." -- to himself, after Xander unsuccessfully chooses that letter in Hangman. He seems way pleased with himself for tripping up the kid. Snicker.

(will check for exact quote later, and revise if necessary. It was either "e" or "e's".)

buffy in tank Mrs. Taggart:

Debut -- Bad Girls (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Mrs. Taggart is the chemistry teacher, the one who's having a test that Buffy needs to pass. Okay, she has to pass all of her tests, but you get the idea. Anyhoo, in order to pass, Buffy's got to have a study session with Willow.

But since Buffy flaked out on the study sesh, she doesn't think it will do her much good to take the test anyway, so she bags out on the test to leave campus with Faith.

Back to Taggart, though,...she basically does the passing out of the tests, tells folks they have one hour to take it, where the periodic table is, etc. And she also reminds the students that they're on the honor system. Pretty standard.

When Buffy keeps yammering to Willow and Xander about her slaytime the other night with Faith, she gets shushed by Mrs. Taggart. I'm guessing Taggart probably flunked Buffy on this one....especially since Buffy kind of slipped out through the window anyway.

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