The ABCs of Sunnydale

John Lee:

Debut -- The Wish (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

John Lee's Cordy's main distraction...okay, not exactly. When Cordy spies Xander coming down the hall towards her, she intercepts semi-good-lookin' (hey, he's not my thing, okay?) John Lee to put on a show for Xandman. She asks JL if she's got anything in her teeth, then carefully turns her head a bunch so from Xander's p.o.v. it looks like they're smooching. Xander looks hurt and retreats...mission accomplished!

John Lee's kind of a jerk though. He tells Cordy that since coach (not Coach Marin, I guess!) put him on the second-string, and since she's Xander's castoff, he shouldn't be seen with her. I wanted to kick him when he said that. But I wanted to kick him even more when he said he'd be up for meeting her somewhere "private."

In Bizarro World, John Lee's still alive. And much more in awe of Cordy. He bashfully kinda asks her to go with him to the Winter Brunch with him, and he's ecstatic when she says she'll get back to him. That's all we see of John Lee in this ep. Who knows, maybe he'll make first-string -- or whatever they call that in sports -- and become more decent. Till then...nah...

I'd just like to mention that when I said I wanted to kick him, I didn't really mean it. I'm not violent after all...but I wanted to state that he's a first-class, a-one jerk. Okay? Thanks!

Jungle Bob (aka Daniel Boone):

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode, Presumably Dead

Jungle Bob's been invited by Mr. Trick to participate in SlayerFest '98. He's decked out in his frontiersman get-up, and he's brought plenty of traps for the setting. Maybe he should've read a little more O. Henry -- the irony factor. More on that later.

Anyhoo, Jungle Bob is the first assassin-for-hire that Buffy and Cordy meet. When Buffy pulls her leg out of a trap and throws it, it lands in Bob-O's direction and he kind of ends up setting off one of his traps on himself. Yow. Anyhoo, Jungle Guy, thinking he'll get help from her if he answers her questions, gives her the 411. He tells her about the other participants and what their weapons are, mostly. It's because of this knowledge that Buffy later figures out how Frederick & Hans Gruenshtahler keep tracking them.

Anyhoo, we're led to believe that Jungle Guy died out there, but it wasn't shown on camera or anything. So I'm not saying it's definite.

A Little Help From His Friends?:
Kulak of the Miquot Clan: "Want me to cut that leg off for you?" --
to Jungle Bob, who's caught in his own trap.

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