The ABCs of Sunnydale

Lyle Gorch:

Debut -- Bad Eggs (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Lyle Gorch is your basic nightmare; he's a vampire from Texas. We first see him in the mall, with a girl. Buffy's riding the escalator down while he and his girl are riding the escalator up. She notices that he has no reflection, and goes off in search of him. Buffy finds Lyle and the girl in an empty arcade, playing pinball. The vamp's about to bite the girl's neck when Buffy interrupts, saying, "But you promised you'd never cheat on me again, honey."

The girl leaves, and Lyle and Buffy start fighting. Lyle sort of reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld. This is because he says "giddyap" a lot. Lyle escapes unscathed, telling Buffy "This ain't over yet."

Later, we see Lyle and his brother Tector in the cemetery. They're observing Buffy and Angel. Lyle is definitely the brains of this operation.

Giles tells Buffy that Lyle and Tector are from Abilene, Texas, and that they were responsible for the massacre of a Mexican village in 1886 -- before they became vampires.

Lyle shows up later at the school when Buffy's trying to take care of the Mother Bezoar. He sees her kill it, and takes off running, and that's the last we've seen of him.

..However, Texas vamps are like bad pennies...they just keep turning up. Anyhoo, it seems that Lyle, newly hitched, has been summoned by Mr. Trick to participate in SlayerFest '98 in Homecoming.

He and his new sugarlips wife Candy stake out their territory in the library. You know, I almost felt for Lyle when he had to watch his wife get the short end of the spatula, but...I didn't.

Anyway, since Buffy's kind out of it, Cordy, who's been mistaken for Faith, scares the undead daylights out of Lyle by saying that Buffy was purely runner-up material and she strongly implies bigger threats. So...he takes off yet again. Will he resurface? Not if he's smart. So odds are good. Heh.

The first Giddyap:
Lyle Gorch: "Alright, sugar lips -- giddyap!" --
on urging Buffy to fight with him in the arcade.

Vamp Dress Comparison

Okay, we've compared Absalom's, Dalton's, and Pork 'n' Beans Vamp's ways of dressing. There's even dress descriptions for The Three and Mr. Trick. But what about the Gorches?

Well, they wear shirts, but they're not frilly. They wear t-shirts, jeans, belts with large buckles, and cowboy hats. Lyle also sports an earring, and facial hair. Tector's the same, but no facial hair. And no earring.

Tector Gorch:

Debut -- Bad Eggs (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Tector is Lyle's brother, and arguably, the dimmer of the two. We first see him in the cemetery with Lyle; the two are checking out the slayer, and wonder what she's doing with Angelus. Tector wants to know how come she ain't killing him, and "how come he's about to make me blush?" Tector wants to kill the slayer and get it over with, but Lyle tells him to wait.

Later we see the two of them in the sewers, eating dead rats. Tector wants to know why they can't stay in a motel that has an ice machine. And he bugs Lyle with all of his questions. He pushes Lyle over the edge by saying that he thinks Lyle is afraid of the Slayer. The exchange is below.

Tector meets his death when he gets close to the Mother Bezoar. He thinks it's cute, and leans over to look at it. The Bezoar reaches up a tentacle and grabs Tector, drags him into her, and kills him. Lyle blames this on Buffy, but it's not her fault. So much for Tector. At least he doesn't have to eat rats anymore, though...

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Exchange:
Lyle: "I'm gonna beat you like a redheaded stepchild, throw your ass out into the sun."
Tector: "You think you can?"
Lyle: "Giddyap, son!" --
fighting ensues.

Vamp Dress Comparison

Same as Lyle's, but no facial hair or earring.

Dead But Not Forgotten: He was mentioned in the episode Homecoming; Lyle's wife was gonna kill Buffy in his memory.

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