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The Order of Turaka:

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

The Order of Turaka is an order of supernatural assassins for hire. What's especially freaky is that the assassins will keep coming until their bounty is collected. -- see update below. -- If an assassin dies, another steps up to the plate. According to Giles, they have no earthly desires for anything (which doesn't really explain to me what they get for delivering the bounty, but whatever). Anyhoo, this time, they've been called up by Spike to take care of Buffy. What's kind of neat is that Drusilla was dealing her tarot cards and came up with three that represented the different assassins that were coming after Buffy.

One card had a cyclopsian figure; the other had a bug on a leaf, and the third had a tiger coming out of a bush.

Since there are three assassins that we see in this episode, I'm gonna list each one separately.

Cyclops Turakan (aka The One with One Good Eye):

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Cyclops Turakan arrived in Sunnydale by way of the bus. He's got on big clodhoppery shoes, and basically looks like a biker from hell. He doesn't speak at all in this episode, and he manages to find Buffy at the Ice Rink. Angel took her there, okay? Anyhoo, Buffy and Cyclops fight on the ice, and he grabs her by the throat and starts to choke her. Angel appears in vamp-mode and starts to wail on him, but in the end, Buffy kills Cyclops. It's pretty grisly; she grabs onto a net, lifts herself off of the ice, and slashes his throat with her ice skate. That's one ice capade I wouldn't pay money to see. Come to think of it, I wouldn't pay money for any Ice Capades offense.

At the time of the attack, Buffy didn't know who or what the Cyclops guy was; but Angel saw the ring the Turakan wore and knew what they were dealing with.

Buffy on Ice (or Icing a Villain):

Buffy: "The Hellmouth presents Dead Guys on Ice. Not exactly the evening we were aiming for."
Angel: "You're in danger. You know what the ring means?"
Buffy: "I just killed a Superbowl champ?"

Bugman Turakan (aka Norman Pfister):

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

Died -- What's My Line part II (Season 2)

The Bug-Man is seen walking down Buffy's street; he's posing as a cosmetics salesman, and he looks like he's straight out of the 1950s. Creep-factor high on this dude. Actually he reminds me of Drew Carey a bit, but that might be because of the glasses. Anyhoo, he tells Buffy's neighbor, Mrs. Kalish, that he'd like to give her some free samples, so she invites him in. Not sure if this is some sort of commentary on trying to improve your looks...kidding, folks!

He sets up shop in the neighbor's house and drinks some tea, and we see a bunch of mealy-looking grubworms crawling on the floor near him. Then the worms kind of all assemble and form his arm!! In a word, gross. Bug-guy speaks in a monotone, too.

Later in the episode, he goes to Buffy's house and is let in by Cordelia, who's helping Xander look for Buffy, who's missing. You could almost say that Bug-Guy is sort of responsible for getting Xander and Cordy together...they fled to Buffy's basement to hide from him and..well, you know the rest! and if you don't, check out the 511.

Cordy and Xander managed to escape from Bug-Guy, and in part 2, they learn how to get rid of him. Bug-guy can be killed when he's "broken down into all his little buggy parts." At the church, Cordy and Xander lure Bug-Guy out of the sanctuary; he goes wormy to slide under the door, and is trapped in a pool of liquid adhesive. Then Cordy and Xander stomp on his parts. He was the bug-man, coo coo ka choo. (sic) Yeah yeah I know that's not the right Beatles lyric, but that's how Xander said it I think...

Good Quote Continuity from Teacher's Pet:

Buffy: "You and bug people, Xander. What's up with that?"
Xander: "No, but this dude was completely different than Praying Mantis Lady. He was a man of bugs, not a man who was a bug."

Police Lady Turakan (aka Patrice):

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

Patrice appears in the background of part 1 -- she's in a scene at the school, signing someone up for Career Week. She doesn't appear again until part II. She's calling out the names of the kids who've signed up, and she starts with, "Buffy Summers." When Buffy answers her, Patrice pulls a gun on her and she begins shooting.

The two fight, and she's got knives up her sleeves and her pantlegs.

Her bullet is what gets Oz in the arm. Kendra assists Buffy in fighting off Patrice, who eventually takes a hostage in the form of Jonathan. She lets him go and takes off running.

Later she appears at the church, and fights with Buffy and Kendra. She's the one who rips Kendra's "..favorite shirt. That's me only shirt!" Kendra beats the heck out of her, and I don't think Patrice dies, but I gotta check my tape. Wouldn't wanna give out false info., y'know. For me, Patrice embodies the phrase "armed and dangerous."

The Fourth Turakan? (aka Kendra):

Debut -- What's My Line part I (Season 2)

When Kendra first arrived in Sunnydale, she was stowed away in the cargo area of an airplane. She looked very suspicious, and many folkses believed her to be one of the assassins. She showed up at the Ice Rink and saw Buffy with Angel, and later we saw her beat the heck out of Angel and lock him up. We learned at the end of the first part, though, that she was, "Ken-dra, the vam-pire slayer."

Good job on the writers' part for throwing that one at us!

Turakan Update:

In Ted, Willow asks Buffy if any more assassins are coming after her, and Buffy tells her that Angel's sources said that the contract on her was off.

Also in WML part 2, Willy delivers the Slayer to Spike who wonders why Buffy isn't dead. Willy said that the terms of the agreement were just to have her delivered to him. So it's very likely that the contract was, in actuality, fulfilled. Either way, the Order's no longer a threat...for now.

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