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Debut -- Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Owen's the first student besides Buffy, Xander, and Willow that we've seen in the school library so far. He's come to replace his book of poems by Emily Dickinson, and tells Buffy that he didn't expect to see her in the library. We can tell Owen's kind of shy, and it's fun to watch him interact with Buffy. He doesn't exactly babble like Xander does, but he does seem to keep tripping over his words. Buffy thinks Owen's a studly and decides to pursue him. One good thing to note about Owen is that he doesn't seem to be too impressed by Cordelia. Owen asks Buffy to meet him at The Bronze but when she gets there late and sees him dancing with Cordy, she leaves. The next day at school, Owen asks her why she didn't show, and then makes a date with her for that night. Generous soul that he is, he even gives her his watch so she'll know when he's coming for her. This is because Buffy rambled on about not showing up the other night due to a shortage of working clocks in her house....

Owen serves as the first real threat to Xander where Buffy's affections are concerned. Probably the most interesting thing about Owen is his observation about Buffy. He tells her, "'s like you're two [different] people." Since this is pretty much the identity crisis Buffy faces every day with only a few people aware of her unique status, it's neat to see that someone else picks up on it, even if the exact circumstances surrounding her 2 identities are unbeknownst to him. See? So Owen really is an intellectual. Or at least more observant than most people in Sunnydale. Anyhoo, Owen basically ends up following Buffy, Willow, and Xander to the funeral home and is attacked by Pork 'n' Beans vamp. Owen's okay, and the next day at school he tells Buffy he thinks she's the coolest. Unfortunately, it's only due to the rush of being in danger. Buffy gives Owen the "let's be friends" speech -- and he leaves.

Owen's not the only Owen in school it turns out; he's Owen Thurman, and we learn in Phases that there's an Owen Stadeel. Buffy mentions that she saw Owen Stadeel on a date with some chick. I guess if he pops up in the flesh I'll make another Owen page...

Most Unoriginal Line:
"She's the strangest girl." -- Owen to Angel after Buffy takes off from the Bronze.
It's the same line Giles said to himself about Buffy earlier in the episode.

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