The ABCs of Sunnydale

Lance picture Lance:

Debut -- The Pack (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Lance is first seen at the Sunnydale Zoo, being teased by a group of 4 mean-spirited kids. They take his notebook and make fun of him, when they're caught in the act by Principal Flutie, who asks Lance what's going on. Lance quickly realizes he'll be better off if he just says the gang wasn't bothering him, so he does, ultimately scoring points with them. They then go into the off-limits Hyena House, and are spotted by Xander, Willow, and Buffy. Realizing that the gang is up to no good, Xander follows suit -- but when Willow and Buffy try to go along, they're caught by The Zookeeper. The gang is still tormenting Lance when Xander arrives, and a transformation takes place whereby the kids have unwittingly performed a predatory act, thus enabling them to become transpossessed by the hyena spirits. Lance escapes unscathed. The next time we see Lance is during a dodge ball game in the gym. He's one of the last players left standing, as is Buffy. Rather than attack her, though, Lance's teammates turn on him, pelting him with the dodge balls, and then leave. Lance hasn't been seen since this episode.

Larry gym pic Larry:

Debut -- Halloween (Season 2)

Other 2nd Season Appearances: Phases

Death -- Graduation part II (Season 3)

In Halloween, Larry is introduced as a Neanderthal-type guy who lusts after Buffy. He first makes rude comments about her to Xander, and as Xander tries to defend her, Buffy appears, slams Larry up against the soft drink machine, and tells him, "Get gone." He does. Later he runs into Xander; both are decked out in their Halloween costumes as they prepare to take the kids out trick-or-treating -- Larry's in pirate garb and Xander's in fatigues. Larry's next seen as the incarnation of a real pirate, due to Ethan Rayne's spell, which turned anyone who bought a costume from him into the persona that the costume represented. As a pirate, Larry corners Buffy in an alley and tries to force himself on her, but Xander-as-military-man is able to subdue him. That's the last of Larry we see in this episode.

Larry makes a return appearance in Phases. When he sees Willow and Buffy walking down the hall, he approaches Oz and says, "Man, I sure would like to get some of that Buffy'n'Willow action..." Then he spots a girl wearing a short skirt and manages to knock her books onto the floor, causing her to bend over to retrieve them. As she does, he bellows, "Thank you, ThighMaster!" His boorish behavior continues in gym class, where he terrorizes a classmate named Teresa. Before that, though, Xander has asked Larry why his arm is taped up and is told that a stray dog attacked him. Larry's seen later in the boys' locker room...Xander's gone to shake him down in a quest to find out if Larry is the werewolf that's been running around Sunnydale. Larry doesn't realize this, and unwittingly admits that his secret is he's gay. He believes Xander is also gay, but promises not to let anyone know. Larry's unburdening of himself leads to a great change in his character...the next time we see him, he's helping a girl pick up some books -- some of his classmates have knocked them over in an attempt to see up her skirt. Then he goes over to Xander to say thanks for talking with him. His behavior confuses Buffy, but she's glad to note the change.

Most Amusing Gesture:
Larry gives Xander the "thumbs up" sign because he believes they share a secret about being gay.

Season 3 Appearances

Anne; The Wish; Earshot; Graduation part II

Even though Larry's only seen briefly in Anne, he makes an impact. I think it's because he proves here that everybody isn't as "deeply stupid" as the Sunnydale Police. He's talking to a pal of his, probably someone on the football team, and he remarks on the mysterious deaths that happen in Sunnydale. I put that quote on the Episode's classic! But if we ever wanted to know how Larry keeps his rock-hard physique that way, he shares...

Larry's Body Beautiful:
"It's all about egg whites." -- to his pal, on how he's kept in shape.

Hopefully, Larry will appear in more episodes; he's kinda growing on me.

Well how about that? He did appear in another one...

In The Wish, Larry's seen in the Alternate Buffyless Sunnydale. He's in with the "white hats", made up of Oz, Nancy, and Giles. The group basically works against the vamp faction. Larry helps hoist Cordy into the van after she's met up with and is on the run from vamps Xander and Willow.

When Nancy asks why Cordy was wearing that outrageous "here, vampires" outfit, Larry mentions that Cordy believes fashion is more important than being alive. Later, when hell breaks loose at The Master's Soylent Green factory, Larry grabs Willow vamp, basically contributing to her death factor.

Larry's Alter Ego?:
Larry: "Okay. The entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
Giles: "..."
Larry: "I just want it clear." --
in the library, after Giles has explained what's going on.

Nice scene between Larry and Xander in Earshot, and good continuity from Phases. Here Xander's yet again questioning Larry, this time to find out if he's the one who's plotting a mass murder at the school. Larry's so not about that...when Xander refers to the pressure of having a secret (i.e., the "I'm gay" secret), Larry surprises him by saying that he's out. Way out. So far out he's in. Too funny.

I especially like how Larry keeps saying "Dude" a bunch. Larry also tells Xander that his grandma's fixing him up on dates, and that if Xander is having trouble with coming out, Freddie Iverson, the school newspaper guy, would probably let him place an ad in the Sunnydale High Sentinel about it. Heh. Too funny. Larry's into crisp, clean things, I guess. That explains the 7-Up. That's about all we learn about Larry this time out.

In Graduation part II, Larry's helping the Scooby Gang get together their makeshift volcano. He and Jonathan are pushing this wheelbarrow full of fertilizery/explosivey stuff...they plan to take it all into the library for big fun later. Larry's later seen doing his thing as blowtorch/flamer guy, turning the heat up on the MayorMonster. The part that really really really sucks is that his equipment stops functioning, and while he's fiddling with it, the Mayor's tail catches him and knocks him a few yards, where he lands on the pavement and...dies.

Larry's was a death I took to heart and really was upset over. I'm still upset. I mean, this guy went through his adolescent changes, was on board with the gang, was just kind of amusing. And for what? For some reptilian beast to snuff him out? Cruelest hour! At least Larry was able to come out and be gay and merry and play football. He seemed pretty happy, I guess that's what matters. (He'll be alright..he'll be alright..he'll be alright.) Denial much? I really would've loved to have seen him in college. Sigh. If anyone feels my pain about this character's demise, then good. (Misery, company, you see what I'm saying.) Anyhoo....So much for the egg whites.

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