The ABCs of Sunnydale

Teresa Klusmeyer:

Debut -- Phases (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Teresa's a classmate of Buffy's -- we first see her being bothered by Larry during gym class. She seems to shrink back from him when he's saying, "..I may have to attack you." Buffy steps in to say she's part of their group, and then it's Larry who shrinks back!

The next time we see Teresa, she's walking home alone at night. She hears a noise, looks behind her, and starts to break into a fast walk. She's still looking behind her when she runs into Angel. He's assuming a friendly stranger act, and is twirling a flower in his hand. She looks a little afraid of him until he mentions that he knows Buffy. This information relaxes her, and she allows Angel to escort her home.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Giles are looking for the werewolf when they hear a radio news report about the death of Teresa. At the funeral home the next day, Buffy and Xander go to check out Teresa's body because they've assumed that the werewolf attacked her. But that idea is tossed aside when Teresa rises from the coffin to fight Buffy.

Her last words before Xander stakes her from behind are, "Angel sends his love."

It's too bad that Teresa had to go this way -- she seemed like a decent person..but that's life on the Hellmouth for you.

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