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Debut -- All Men Are Beasts (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

Debbie's first seen outside at school with her boyfriend Pete. They're gabbing with Willow, Oz, Buffy, and Scott.

Debbie seems like a decent chick, aside from her looking an awful lot like Harmony. I mean, she knows Oz from band. She also gets some flowers from her boyfriend. I wonder what she did with them during school...Gosh. My plant is dying. I mean, it was fine, but I didn't water it on Friday. Now it's all...okay, sorry.

Anyway, when Buffy mentions that she's gotta see Mr. Platt, like, the school counselor, Debbie says that she sees him too, 'cause she's flunking senior bio and she might have "success issues." For some reason, Platt creeps Debbie out. Gee.

Anyhoo, Debbie pops up again at lunchtime, this time to say that Platt might make Buffy keep a dream journal if he finds out she's having wiggy dreams or whatever. She also says that she doesn't like what he says. Okay, so if this is like a movie I've never seen by the name of A Few Good Men, it might be time to start shouting, "You can't handle the truth!" to Debbie. Hey, it makes sense if you've gotten a feel for the kinda guy Platt is.

Anyhoo, next time we see Debbie, she's with Pete in some kind of little science-like shed thing. When she tells him that she got rid of this liquid green goop, he like, goes mental or something. Basically she gets hit around a lot. Yow. And then she soothes him after he says he's sorry. Can you say "dysfunctional" -- I knew you could.

Debbie gets a nice black eye, but fortunately her hairdo sort of hides it...sort of, because Oz notices it when she goes to meet him in the courtyard to get his notes. Later, she's trying to cover up the black eye, when Buffy and Willow come in to see what's up with her and try to talk some sense into her about Pete. She like, has a fit, saying that he loves her, he loves her, he loves her. Yee.

Next, Debbie pops up at the shed again to warn Pete that folks know about him and that he should leave town. She doesn't really get too far with her argument...Pete pretty much kills her. The chick took a beating. Although on the upside, she doesn't need to worry about flunking bio anymore.

Debbie may be the first person to die by the hand of an actual human being. But this is an offhand statement, I'd have to check to make sure. End disclaimer.

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