The ABCs of Sunnydale

Scott Hope:

Debut -- Faith, Hope & Trick
(Season 3)

Other 3rd season appearances: All Men Are Beasts

Last Seen -- Homecoming
(Season 3)

Scott's a guy who's had a thing for Buffy for a while. Seemingly a shy guy, he possesses wit, self-effacing humor, and the ability to ask out a girl he barely knows...and does so more than once!

In FHT, on a tip from Willow, Scott goes to the Bronze to ask Buffy to dance. When she politely, albeit awkwardly, declines, he tells her where he'll be should she change her mind. It sounds macho, but it's not. More mishaps ensue throughout the episode. He asks Buffy to a Buster Keaton festival and she accepts; however, when he unwittingly gives her a claddagh ring, she freaks and date's off. Fortunately, Buffy later gets herself together enough to ask Scott out on the date; he pretends to leave, but accepts. Ah..young love. Or whatever.

In AMAB (B&TB), Scott's still a decent person. He still likes Buffy and he cares about what she eats..or..doesn't eat. It's in this episode that Scott deals with losing two life-long friends of his in the form of Debbie and Pete. Scott remarks to Buffy that it's weird how you never really know what's going on with someone. Scott=smart. Maybe he won't die..I kind of like him! He's sort of a different level of Oz...

Okay, forget what I just said. In Homecoming, Scott's put on the spot at the Bronze by Cordy to ask Buffy to the Homecoming Dance. He tells Buffy he didn't think she'd be into that, so that's why he didn't ask her. Next thing you know, at school the next day, he kinda dumps Buffy. He tells her that she's not as vibrant as she used to be, and that she seems he throws her over.

See, I know I was upset about that a little. But then I think, well, if he couldn't deal with the distraction-thing, he's really not gonna be loving the Slayer side of her. Plus, while he may be stable-guy supposedly, he's just kind of blah. I mean, at least Owen was up for the morgue-ly distractions Buffy offered him (well she didn't exactly offer, but you see what I'm saying).

Anyhoo, Scott agrees to vote for Buffy as queen, so he's still sort of decent. I think he's a wuss or just a guy who wants the simple life but I can't really fault him for that, now, can I? He's just another kind of jerky guy...which you know, does it make sense that he'd try and try and try to get Buffy to go out with him and then drop her like a hot potato? Erk. Okay, now I'm getting annoyed....Let's just say "eh" as far as he is concerned.

Anyhoo, Scott goes to the dance with this other chick, and when Faith sees him, she interrupts his dance and makes an allusion to some kind of STD, if you don't know, never mind. Heh. So that's how it stands for Scott these days...he may or may not resurface..hard to say.

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Pic of Scott courtesy of Phred, Sunnydale High School.

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