Larry Gets Wild Wild at Heart

Season 4, Episode 6 (Episode 63 of entire series)

Oz, dude...where ya goin'??

Larry Speaks:

Whoa! I'm dead a few months and all hell breaks loose? Jeez! So like, first off, this chick Veruca -- where's an Oompa Loompa when you need one? -- starts givin' my buddy Oz the eye. She looks like she's got some kinda head problem...chick, it's called a MASSEUSE...take that crick right outta ya.

Anyhoo, I never thought Oz would go for this chick..sure she's a singer, he's in a band but like, he's got Willow. That chick's smart. I sure would love to get me some of that Buffy'n'Willow action, if y'know..oh yeh, I'm out now. Never mind. So anyway, Veruca's all comin' onto Oz and Willow's all mopey about it. Guess I'd be mopey too if someone started goin' after my beau. If I weren't dead, and I had one, that is.

But I guess you go for people who are like you, maybe you can't help it. I mean, I know I tried to go after people who weren't like me...namely, chicks...but then I realized what I was, and who I had to be, and so I guess maybe that's what Oz was doing..right, buddy? I dunno. I'm tryin' to make sense of this.

The worst part was seeing Oz and Veruca get all over each other in the werewolf state. Dude, that's a bit much. Try to control your damn urges, y'know? And then having to see Willow catch you and Veruca together...I mean, I felt like I was watching Steel Magnolias with my mother.

Everyone in this town is screwed. Will starts up some kind of brewpot spell, she almost gets attacked by Veruca, Oz comes in to fight with Veruca, they get wolfy, Buffy gets knocked over by some Commando-Dude (rowr, btw), it LOOKED like weapons got switched, but they didn't, and then like, it's all over. Literally. Oz packs up to leave, and hits the road. Says he's gotta find out stuff about himself. Dude, it's called a self-help book, and I'm totally sure the bookstore has one. You didn't have to abandon Willow, dude. Or did you? Anyways, alls I know is, this town is screwed. Speaking of which, Xander...when ya gonna dump this Anya charade and get on with your life? Huh? Huh? Whatever.

Stuff That Impressed Me:

1. Mr. Giles hit the Bronze! I knew that guy was cool.
2. The werewolf suits. C'mon, they GOTTA be suits! Right?

What I Learned Recently:

1. Lip synching is an art not easily mastered.
2. That guy Devon is never around.
3. Buffy's gonna have her hands full with those commandos.
4. Willow could go haywire with the wicca stuff.
5. I hate being dead.

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